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What did you do to your rig today?

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The Cookie Monster is now sitting 4" higher :-)

I finished the bod work on the car! Just super impressed with how it turned out and I wanted to share :)   What I started with: 20150820_151132 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr 20150823_114502 by Mitch

Cleans up pretty good

Posted Images

One day last week/weekend before I started cleaning unused vacuum hoses and electrical wiring from the engine compartment.


Then some stuff I removed. First, the vacuum pot from the cruise control

and the wiring harness. I need to buy a one piece speedometer cable before I can pull

the speed sensing box, which sits in series between two short speedo cables!


And a vacuum / electro device for some sort of choke control. Both this device

and the cruise control are missing too many parts and too many parts not serviceable

anymore to bother trying to make work. I want a simple clean engine bay!


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So I had some time to do some TLC to the Scout this weekend. Basically the first item on the list was check the transmission fluid.

Warm, idling in neutral.

And she just died while idling!

Lots of fuel in carb. Starting checking the ignition circuit. (Had re-built the starting circuit last winter and it works flawlessly now.)

No power to the ballast resistor. Started troubleshooting the circuit from the ignition key onwards. WTF, WTF.

Ripped the wire out of the loom heading back to the key from the resistor. It heads down to the transmission. WTF

Ripped the wire out of the loom heading towards the coil. Well, should have headed towards the coil! It heads back towards the taillights...........


The wire from the transmission to the back-up lights had the ballast resistor miss-placed into it! Ah, the wonders of a PO. (Previous Owner!)

And without the ballast resistor the electronics in the distributor fried.....

During all of this troubleshooting I took out the AC controls from under the dash for ease of access, and then the AM mono-aural radio to check the hole size, then the 36yr old

speaker, and the dash pad that needs repair, and the unused anymore electronic choke pull off, and and and.

And will replace the wire looming which was faded to white and crumbling everywhere I touched it. And lots of oil on a 36 yr old engine.

Now to order in a new electronics module - Mallory Part # 605.............

eugene.... could you have used the petronics ignition conversion ...its an electronic upgrade from the older style distributer module .....i have one swapped into my boat (cause its a 1978 350,...had points ) and works wikkedd

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Typically yes, but the previous owner put in a Mallory distributor instead of just switching out the points. So Mallory distributor with Mallory ignition module inside. The newest style replacement module is only $50. Anyway parts are sitting in Dartmouth at the gf's and I'm in PEI looking after my father for another couple weeks at least. You sure are a wealth of knowledge Dave. I never knew any of this stuff before the Scout and the Internet!

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I don't think that counts! I've had credit card issues, no on line shipping to International addresses, etc. Package on the door step is proof!

lol, that is a fair comment, however, I'm just waiting for my cc bill to be posted so I can hit that final "confirmation" button. Being a banker I have this down to a science; the day the bill is posted and you make a purchase and you have 6 weeks+ to cover the balance. I could pull from the savings account, but that is for emergencies, not for sliders!

I'll be sure to post the confirmation page to satisfy your requirements Eugene :p and I agree that a precursor to a purchase does not follow the thread heading. Please forgive me as I made the post in excitement/anticipation!

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Whilst on a work trip to Orlando, I took the opportunity to get an OEM 25072 spindle tool from Auto Zone - Tracey & the kids got flips flops & candy, I get tools LOL.

I was holding off buying the parts to get the axle fixed up until I got a set of radius arms sourced, since the C mounts on my axle are cast, which makes things a little awkward for making up custom brackets.
DuffTuff in the US sells a really nice extended set with caps for $1000+ which isn't in my budget.
I came home from my trip to some good news about a set of OEM radius arms for sale. The seller was having trouble removing the 36 year old bolts.....well he did it!! :) Now I've got myself a $40 set of stock radius arms and mounting brackets :)
Depending on condition, I'll probably just use them stock, and maybe extend them at some point.
Now to tear into that broken hub.....
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I don't think that counts! I've had credit card issues, no on line shipping to International addresses, etc. Package on the door step is proof!

There, Have I satisfied your concerns with the following?

Black Widow Gear


Email: [email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>

Invoice# 0000001176
Invoice Date: 07/13/2015 12:18:06
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I'll believe you! Congrats, I think! I can't see the e-mail or the invoice on my mobile, just a Ren and Stimpy link to you tube. I don't do R & S personally. Lol.

Hopefully your new 'kit' won't sit on shelves like some of mine! I've had my rock rails on the shelf over a year. Rear disc conversion, about 3 yrs, maybe even 4! And lots of other stuff on the shelf. I need a clone!

And hey, I just learned how to edit on the mobile app!

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R & S was an acquired taste...just like Bevis & Butt Head (hehe hehe), South Park and others lol.

The sliders will only sit in my yard long enough to bedline & mount: that is a promise! As for the re-geared rear axle sitting in my shed...that will still be on hold until I figure out wtf I'm doing for the front driveline ;).

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I still have rocker guards to finish cleaning up, paint and install, sitting in the garage for well over a year, and now a new cat-back exhaust sitting there too :P . I can't wait to find the time to install it all...

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There is a noticeable difference above 3 grand for sure! I was looking for more low end torque, but over all I'm happy.

I think there's an exhaust leak where the header meets the rest of the exhaust, I've just been too lazy/sunburnt to crawl under and check! It doesn't sound any different in the cab until you get to the higher rpms though!

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This was my second Scout TLC purchase (and delivery Devin, ;-) ) back just over two weeks ago! June 29th! Just posting now!

1) Transmission filter and new double thick gasket, with longer bolts. Old TF727s known to leak.

2) Steering Brace. It's actually an extra cross-member at the steering box using existing steering box holes, both sides. Scouts were also built in RHD, so the bolt holes are there both sides. Scouts don't have any cross members between the transmission and front bumper. It's not good to rely on engine mounts/engine to hold 'er together. They are notorious for flexing at the steering box, esp after 36 years and larger than stock tires. In my first TLC purchase I got a frame plate for the steering box area as well. Now we spread the steering box load along the LH frame rail, then the cross-member keeps it from not only spreading the frame rails but from twisting the LH frame rail. I've done similar upgrades to the 'Burb, which are known to crack the frame under hard use with oh-so-large tires. There are two style cross-members, this one might be better I hope, it is made from three pieces with welded corners, not just bent steel, and with a small cut out for the lower radiator hose. It's also overkill at 1/2" thick!

3) Thermostat and gaskets. The IH motor has a separate thermostat housing and thus requires two gaskets.

I guess I need to post pictures of all the parts sitting on a shelf waiting for installation!



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Thanks to Jonathan at the NSJC, I found a set of radius arms including mounting brackets and (rough) spring perches :)

All I need now to complete the arms is a bushing kit for the C bracket and frame mounts.
I'll probably just throw them on and see how it sits.....then decide to extend them LOL
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The ignition parts for the Scout that arrived a week or so ago. And of course decals/stickers! I'm going to have to get a sticker board for the Scout, I'm not putting stickers on the dash or windows.



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Worked out how to get the stuck axle mechanism out - the hub was slightly bent and had a flat spot on the lip which was preventing the mechanism from sliding out.
Hubs are off, now to get the hub carrier off.
Surprisingly these bolts came right off after loosening with my long torque wrench.
These are stuck on pretty badly despite me pounding on them - I've got them soaking in Liquid Wrench....
...and tips to get them off?
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