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  1. That is an early 86, so it's the Datsun truck with Nissan badges
  2. Went for a little self isolation tour, checked out some mild trails, breaking the little truck in. Mini me had fun, we found a real soft thick gooey spot along the way, the truck did well I think for what it is
  3. Got some new skins on, Did some checking out for mvi, few minor details needed, adjusted torsen bars slightly, installed matching mirror heads on the arms , did some cleaning of the inside.
  4. Plans are to drive it as is, needs some minor love for the road, tires, u-joints and things like that. Then drive and enjoy, maybe further down the road a Toyota front axle sas
  5. Daily/ mild trail exploring fuel sipper. It is a Nissan 720 king cab 4x4. Stay tuned for more. It takes a better pic than seeing it in person, but overall solid. Some minor cancer to repair.
  6. Awesome, yes manuals off road have pros and cons , I prefer to wheel manual, Nice looking jeep out in the natural habitat
  7. Iv only ever wheeled long box ext cab full size trucks, hasn't been a trail I haven't fit on yet, or wait.....does self clearancing the body panels between trees mean I don't fit?.... Anyway, your Toyota will be fine, It's really not that long of a vehicle, and a great platform to start, and as you get more familiar with how it responds in certain situations , you can modify or improve its capaby accordinly, don't just throw a bunch of parts at it and expect to follow the built rigs, add each part or stage of the build one step at a time, so you can see what it does for you.
  8. Powerram

    Van died

    Somewhere close to 400,000 kms on da van, there more issues and underlying issues that added to the final decision to let it RIP, nope , sold the sas Xterra a couple years ago. Did a ton of work to it, dialed it in, was crazy awesome crawling, but severely underpowered and I was going to break it, I have a heavy foot, and sometimes push too far, I drove it pretty easy knowing it wasn't a Big Block Dodge 1 ton on 40's. The new Xterra is Mrs. Powerram vehicle, so it will probably never be in 4wd. Had one minor issue with the new Xterra, had a ABS sensor wire bad and the 4x4 won't work because of that, fixed the wire and all is good. And she is happy, happy wife, happy life. Now the work on my Capri will commence Muwahahah!
  9. Powerram

    Van died

    Our van died, so I had brought out the ol' car for a few days, then bought a new vehicle for Tracey, specs on the replacement for the van are 2008 Xterra 4x4 with 4.0Lv6. yes , that is how much snow is still Currently in my yard as of this post. And a pic of the ol' car
  10. Oh buddy.... Im pumped!! Shaking like going through withdrawal, can't sleep, chest tight, I'm ready for this!!
  11. Maybe pop the back cover and check what's in there too
  12. The rear should be 3.55 for the 8.8, but the front being out of the older trucks should be 3.50, which is ok , it keeps the truck tracking properly, but guessing the ttb will be inbetween 3.50 and 3.55 somewhere. Thats if your ratios are correct, but possible that you have an odd ratio somewhere if you never checked what was in there to start with
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