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  1. It has now seen light, it drove out under its own power and it stops haha, the floorr is done, one brace to put back in for the driver seat, still a ton of stuff left , but mostly little things, the last batch of repairs were alternator, and 2 idler pulleys, tensioner pulley, new belt, water pump is seeping, so I have replacement pump, just not installed, new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, changed the ECM, as soon as the truck saw a speed input, it went to high idle for the automatic, so I replaced it with an ECM calibrated for a manual transmission. Seems to run correctly so far, Here it is , made it under its own power to this spot haha,
  2. Iv actually done alot of figuring on the red topkick, I'm going to leave it as a tractor unit, and install a new 5th wheel onto it, and pick up a low boy flat deck trailer, that way I'll have the means to move some heavy equipment, or several jeeps at a time.
  3. Yep, still planning on making a wrecker out of the red one, so hopefully with some $ rolling in from the new one I can start getting the red one together
  4. Powerram

    Custom leaf

    Mom also had them make new leafpacks last year for her silverado
  5. Powerram

    Custom leaf

    Parts for trucks builds leafsprings in Burnside, had several made up for different applications now, they also make you new bolts too. I had them make some overload leafs a couple months ago for the Ford I'm currently working on
  6. It needs some minor tlc, but should be able to do something with it
  7. Update, the wrecker I had purchased is beyond my means of repair, I'd basically be having someone build my wrecker body from inside out by the time they finish, not financially feasible. Still have some ideas about swapping and mix and match some gear to the burnt wrecker body. But in the meantime iv purchased a roll back car Carrier with wheellift , it is a topkick chassis, 6 speed trans, 2 speed rear so it has 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. It has been gently used privately and is in ok shape. Very similar chassis as my other topkick, also has the same Cat diesel engine. The new topkick also has a sleeper for the long haul, The deck is an alumnium jerr-dan with a wheel lift , so I can tow 2 at a time. It will have lots of other uses other than moving cars.
  8. That's a bummer about the knuckle Jay, I didn't know it was like that. We will figure something out for compensation.
  9. Heat where the bolts are threaded into the radius arm,
  10. Thanks, the wheels are just factory original steel wheels, with beauty rings. I like the rugged look of steel wheels. Would like to paint it before winter, but don't see it happening, not sure what colour to paint it either.
  11. Update, cab adjustment are done, body mounts tightened down perminate, Bumper installed, few more little things to take care of in the front
  12. When the welding is done, I will just have to coat the floor, install the floor covering, seats and drive it , thats the plan anyways
  13. Yeah, one would think, but iv got a bunch of welding to do on the cab floor and driver sill, also the bed needs some work on the cross ribs, Doing all the mechanical before I get to the body work.
  14. We have a small portable genset, it's big enough to power a camper trailer comfortably. It's a 3500w peak and 1600w continuous, manual generator. It's just a mastercraft brand, but iv used it continuous through winter months powering my camper day in , day out, it runs great, only running issues is in the cold,-20 the gen runs cold and needed to be boxed in to stay running smoothly. Never had any problem in the heat tho, ran it in the summer months with just open air around it, couldn't guess how many hrs are on it. It's about 8 years old now.
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