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  1. @72LandRover88 saw you inbound on the 101 crossing lucasville overpass on Saturday, your Rover looks awesome with the cab and open bed, I was in the work towtruck headed out bound
  2. Very possible, probably right on that assumption, iv done temp fixes that worked good enough they become permanent lol
  3. That reminded me to install new rad hoses on the Duke. Still has the originals with still readable GM partnumbers
  4. Nice! Good when the parts are on hand to fix those nusance issues
  5. The guy I got it from told me as much as he knew, he was planning on full restoration to better than new condition, but had too many irons in the fire, this little truck is almost rust free, amazing condition, so I'll keep forging forward, . Dropped off for MVI today, it failed, the windshield was broken, the ignition switch didn't require keys but needed a screwdriver and the tailgate handle was not there. Took to glass shop, they installed new windshield, then I put in a new ignition Lock cylinder in the steering column and installed a new tailgate handle, but did not have bolts, so I
  6. The "DUKE" got it's new headgasket, along with the rest of the gaskets needed while pulling the head, also did rear shocks, new muffler, intermediate pipe, new tail pipe, new side mirrors, new rear brakes and wheel cylinders, fixed the inoperative wipers, fixed the inop reverse lights, installed really ugly license plate light, swapped tires with the Nissan and gave the Duke it's identity back by installing the proper GMC grille. When removing the head, found a broken head bolt!? Was broke for a while, had bit of rust on it, and found bent pushrods. !? Didn't see anything to cause those issue
  7. Headgasket arrived today, in 4 days I'll tow the s15 into work and finish the rest of the maintenance and install the new gaskets. And some little mud tires
  8. Ah ok, understand now lol. It was at one time lol, the glass is also etched with Rockford fosgate and pin striping.
  9. Not sure what you mean, no sleeper on this, it's a 4door crew cab, like the other f350 crew cab I rebuilt last year. Except this one is a dually. Here is another angle of this truck, but with ground effects/running boards still on along with different wheels all which were removed previous to me aquiring it but shows the cab configuration a little bit better maybe?
  10. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! From our family to yours. Hope everyone has safe holidays!
  11. Gee , this stuff has got to stop following me home, project taking a little turn from a reg cab to crew cab
  12. My mom used to dragrace a 1968 mustang fastback lol, and street challenge in anything she happened to be in haha. The Vette is hopefully going inside very shortly, 2005 C6, 400 HP 6 speed
  13. Yep, some neat stuff out there, but it's starting to disappear, with scrap prices up, and people hungry , it's getting harder to find unique(cool) older iron, that is still good. I managed to find a parts chassis with intact axle shafts that will work in the blue Chevy and brought it home too,
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