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  1. Powerram

    1986 F150 $4500 firm

    For Sale 1986 F150, I'm not gonna tell ya this is a babied truck, cause it isn't, hell, there ain't even a straight body panel on it, but what it does have is the balls to take ya where ever ya point it, and with its 1/2" plate steel Bambie basher on front, it will mow down anything that jumps in front of the truck, from those pesky trees that dont look before crossing in front of you , to bambies, or the zombies at the mall. It has 38" military tires, and a 12000 lb warn winch for hauling all your stuck buddies out of your ruts, all of em at the same time. Its powered by a proven 351w, with an rv camshaft for the low end grunt, a 4 speed manual, new group 31 commercial battery, and 1 ton diff's, the rear diff, has all new wheel bearings, seals, backing plates, emergency brake shoes and hold down, rotors, calipers and pads, the front diff has, new wheel bearings, wheel seals, pads , rotors, calipers, every u joint in the truck is all new Spicer joints, including the 1350 double cardan on the front shaft, rear driveshaft is all 1410 u joints. No body fill, but lots of dents,new windshield last year, still inspected till DEC 2019. I drive it everyday from rawdon to Burnside , its my daily driver. Price firm at $4500, will do $3500 fir. without winch
  2. I'll sell ya a gently used ford on tons
  3. Was a good run, I sustained some carnage, backed into little tree and broke a taillight, had a rad fan broken wire right at the start, rolled the tires off the beads a couple of times, tore the fuel lines off under the frame, broke the transfer case, now on the way home there is a slight engine drivability issue.
  4. Powerram

    The Ford

    Yep , would have been bad, that was the only steering piece transfered over during the swap, every thing else was replaced new, so now it all is 100% new for steering. I knew better too, but also have been keeping a close eye on it. The suspension is pretty well worn out on the rear too, rear spring sag , also the main leafs are starting to take the " s " shape. And the rear shocks are done. So the next couple if weeks , planning to grab the rear leaf packs out for f the superduty, and install on the red ford, should level it out again, the rear springs in the ford are the ones it came with new, in 1986 haha.
  5. Getting excited for wheeling , woo hoo, looking forward to checking out this trail!! Can't wait
  6. Powerram

    The Ford

    Did some repairs, had a front wheelbearing failing, parts warranty covered that, also caught a bad steering adjustment coupler/sleeve. Rusted too thin and was one pothole away from disaster. So installed new tierod, new tie rod end, and a new coupler/sleeve
  7. Powerram

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    You can reach me and I'll line up with ya to get those mounts. Reply to this message and I'll take my number off, for some reason I can't pm you. @derekmac
  8. Powerram

    The Ford

    Was an ignition timing issue, set the timing and is good now
  9. Powerram

    The Ford

    Got the running issue sorted out. She is running as good as it ever will now lol
  10. Powerram

    The Ford

    I dont have face book either, not missing much, just a poor running truck getting planted lol
  11. Powerram

    The Ford

    Epic fail lol
  12. Just got the DEC schedule, looks like my only weekend is the 8th and 9th. If that works, great, if it is on a weekend I work , no worries either .
  13. Powerram

    The Ford

    Did some wheeling , got planted, the 38" tires are under there somewhere, prior to this iv been noticing a high rpm miss,(3000 and up) looks like its time for a tuneup, dist cap and rotor are in hard shape, also haven't checked the plugs or wires since iv installed this engine, also a possibility that the ignition box might be breaking down too, its roughly 30+ years old , has AMC emblem on it. Also installed new to me wheels on the 38" tires, now I have my small set for daily and plowing, and the big set for off road.
  14. Powerram

    LF late 80's - early 90's F250 shock towers

    I used the superduty mounts on my truck, but very similar
  15. Powerram

    LF late 80's - early 90's F250 shock towers

    Best to come have a look at them, make sure they are what you are looking for condition wyse, . Price can vary, are you taking them off or am I lol. Beer is a good bartering item, I like keiths