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  1. Selling my crew cab, My Loss, Your Gain. I Was rebuilding it with plans to keep it a long time, New parts include; Upper ball joints, Lowerball joints Front wheel seals Front calipers Front pads, Front wheel bearings inspected, cleaned and repacked New front spring shackles, New front spring bushings (x4) New drop pitman arm, new draglink and dlEnd New tierod and tierod end New drop bracket for track bar New rad support New cap,rotor, wires and plugs, Replaced rad support steel frame mounts Replaced front cab steel frame mounts, New poly body Mount bushing kit New rear spring bushings(x4) New rear spring shackles and hangars New front shocks New rear shocks New brake lines from master cylinder to the wheels All new brake flex lines New brake /clutch pedal assembly New park brake cables New rear brakes, holddowns, drums, park brake pivots, wheel cylinders, brake adjuster cables, Only 40kms of driving on all new parts. And I'm sure there are more new things I'm forgetting to list Truck is a 5.8 gas, ZF 5 speed 4x4 D60 front, sterling 10.25 rear Ltd slip. 4.10:1 gears. 315/75R16 dick cepek crusher tires 60% New flywheel, new clutch, but the clutch is slipping, suspect the pressure plate is wrong application, too pissed off to look and see what is wrong, I'll fix it once I cool down, but if I fix it I'm going to keep it. Pretty firm on price as I got more than asking price into it .NO Trades Also have a complete running Powerstroke 7.3/,ZF5 swap available that could be negotiated for extra. Located in Mt Uniacke NS
  2. Selling srw Dana 60 front,4.10:1 gears, 8on6.5" bolt pattern, so Chevy ,dodge and pre superduty Ford bolt pattern, complete with factory leafsprings, track bar, steering and shackles. Would recommend freshening it up before running it, but it is complete. $1300 located in Mt Uniacke ns could possibly include matching sterling 10.25 rear axle with it
  3. Yes, you are correct, nothing moving , the car doesn't even know it's moving, or being towed, and that is an AWD Lambo . But , you cannot tow it on a dolly behind a pickup truck, that's what they are referring to dolly towing, but with a wrecker tow truck , and the dollies on a wrecker tow truck, all 4 wheels are off the ground, none making road contact. Another benefit of a wrecker, what if your wheels didn't turn, like a transmission that won't come out of park, or something in the driveline preventing your car from rolling, or you went to the store, pulled into the parking space nose in with wheels full lock , ran in, los your keys and now need to be towed to the dealership for new keys, steering at full turn, steering wheel locked and vehicle in park, yes I can get it with the deck, but it will be ugly for you to watch, your car drug from its parking space , then drug sideways to line up with the deck and then drug up the deck, and then slid down the deck when dropped off at the dealership, where a wrecker could back up, jackknife to the back of the car and pick up the wheels, dolly the steering wheels and just pull away, and equally as easily set it down at the destination. Now does dragging the car to the deck hurt it, the answer is no, it's just ugly to watch. Either truck can do the work, and there is positive things a deck can do too, keeps the vehicle up out of road debris and road spray, cars that run can be driven up the deck making quick loading, and most decks can take two vehicles at the same time, except the deck I use at work, can only take one car at a time as it doesn't have a wheellift.
  4. Here is a pic of a wheellift being used on a flat bed tow truck. And a pic of a wrecker truck towing a Lambo I think, Wrecker tow trucks are better than the deck trucks for many reasons in my opinion, and can take any vehicle from jeeps to Ferrari, but decks have there place and can take two at once, also the general misinformed public thinks there suburu or jeep or AWD or 4x4 and lowered civics and Mustangs, and trans am , need to be on a flatbed, so they always request a flat bed, but they can go on a wrecker just as easily. Not singling anyone, just stating what I see out there, Once I get the deck truck rolling, hoping to bring a wrecker on board. A deck truck can only drag things, a wrecker can pick them up.
  5. This truck can take two vehicles at once, one on top, and one on the back like a wrecker tow truck, it lifts the vehicle from the wheels
  6. Was working the wheellift today, checking over a few things, no pics of it while I was working it, but thought this was a nice pic
  7. Most common reason for bending the crank pulley is setting the engine on the garage floor, the rear sump of the pan drives the crank pulley into the ground when set down in the back of a truck or on the garage floor, bent a couple myself, luckily a 302 pulley is the same, possible the 351m and others are too, just the pulley, not the whole balancer,
  8. Finding one better than what ya already have is the challenge , just 6 5/16 bolts to take it off.
  9. Haha, if I had to guess, I'd guess the trans has been rebuilt at some point, but not while we have had it, it used to be a colony van, so it never lived an easy life, and definitely hasn't had an easy time with us, from hauling the kiddos and dog, engines, transmissions, lumber, axles, mild offroading, and much more
  10. Yeah, it was no charge for the rust, Lol, no, that's Mrs. Powerram 400k hoopdity. I drove it up to get the truck, she made me promise that I'd bring it back with me. It works good, and it's treated like a tank, right down to the white lettered all terrains on it. I'm not mobile yet so we have been tag teaming on the ol' van
  11. Got the new old tow truck home now, worked great on the trip, here is a shot enroute
  12. Curious about this celeb run?
  13. Lists are good, especially when getting crossed off, feels good to read the progress and see the light
  14. It has now seen light, it drove out under its own power and it stops haha, the floorr is done, one brace to put back in for the driver seat, still a ton of stuff left , but mostly little things, the last batch of repairs were alternator, and 2 idler pulleys, tensioner pulley, new belt, water pump is seeping, so I have replacement pump, just not installed, new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, changed the ECM, as soon as the truck saw a speed input, it went to high idle for the automatic, so I replaced it with an ECM calibrated for a manual transmission. Seems to run correctly so far, Here it is , made it under its own power to this spot haha,
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