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  1. Check that the coupler is in good condition, not beat with a hammer or bent, the breakaway cable and batterybox, make sure the little pin is there to pin the coupler, safety chains and hooks present. To get rough idea of wheel bearings, Just rock the top of wheels in and out , listen /feel for clunk. Slight movement is normal, excessive movement and very audible clunk probably needs repack or replacement. There not too much to them, just tapered roller bearings, and drum brakes are just shoes with a magnet on the brake arm. Sounds like ya got the rest under control, there are 2 types of suspension, torsion axles and spring axles. All personal preference, torsion axles are usually smoother running in my experience. But I have had good luck with my spring axles, cheap to replace a leaf pack or a bushing. But both are tried and true. Sometimes torsion axles have more center clearance for rough terrain.
  2. I'm sure if they paid to ship that beast over here, they aren't too concerned about the cost of fuel haha. Awesome looking rig tho
  3. It will fit, I hauled a crew cab long box f350 on a 16' Deck over and between the wheels both have pros and cons, yes break over angle is an issue, some of that can be relieved by having a 10k jack on the front, lift the nose of the trailer to load Lower items, helps, but doesn't fix everything. Can do the same on a standard car trailer too, iv had corvettes on my 20' 14kgvwr trailer that is between the wheels. An added bonus of the deck over is width, and all flat, makes hauling big hot tubs a breeze. The other question is, what are you hauling it with? Deck over puts your hauled item up into the airstream more. For example hauling a lifted jeep on deck over will be well above the roofline of most pickups and in the breaking its own wind path, something to think about for efficiency, that adds alot of wind resistance, increasing fuel consumption
  4. @SQRLPWR ah , AGM supposed to be pretty good, like the new bracket, but just an idea, what about making it longer and installing a second bolt.
  5. There is two intake tubes on the air breather assy, one under the hood, the other goes straight in the cab. The other open one is supposed to go to the carb that is missing. To use the in cab intake, remove this cap and place it on the under hood intake.
  6. That looks pretty cool!
  7. POR 15, usually, but will probably go a different route on this one, Going to try the rust reformer and paint over that with the surplus of gloss black paint I have.
  8. Doing some frame prep, on the Cummins 4x4 build. The frame in the 4x4 chassis is rusty but not rotten. Here is a before and after pic of my rust removal
  9. will we have to login in each visit? Or can we stay logged in on our phone
  10. Got her home today, had a friend trailer it for me
  11. Been thinking about tires for both army trucks, and both have just standard issue army tires, here is some thoughts I had on cutting the tires from the existing tread patterns and give a bit more bite here is the stock tread pattern. Then modifed version And another modified idea
  12. Nice, backup lights are one of my first mods on every vehicle I own. , been trying to think of somewhere to put them on my trans am that they don't look weird, but sure makes it nice to back up when there is extra light, especially in drizzling or foggy dark nights
  13. Good question, I have no clue, I'll check that out and advise once it's landed. @sar4x4 thats a pretty good guess
  14. Holy crap handle. @sar4x4 that's right on, yep those are the specs. How was your experience driving them
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