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  1. Its possible your axle shaft is bent causing the leaks if no visible wear is present
  2. So ford doesn't have the parts I needed, but , I have built new piviot bolts, the ford piviot bushings worked on the new bolt, so passenger side rear brakes 100% done and new, onto the driver side, this has to be world record for longest brake job performed. First thing in the am I'll be tearing the driver side apart. Its dark now, and the musquiotos are lifting me off the ground
  3. Pivot bolts and bushings all same or worse that I have, ordered some new parts, but not everything was available so we will see what comes, ffs these rear brakes are poison to get parts for
  4. New used springs, new spring bushings, new u bolts, new shock mounts, new shocks, new rear spring shackle and perch, rebuilding 100% of the brakes, but at a stand still, ended up with 2 short driver side park brake cables. Also have to see if I have a good park brake lever piviot in a parts truck.
  5. Dont worry, I'll park the Ramcharger next to you and the burb will look big again and have more cubes too
  6. Yep, put it out there, but looks like its going to stay with me, no interest except for people looking to trade crotch rockets, and one guy offered $1000. I took it for a drive the other night, put a few miles on it.
  7. Twin I beam was used up untill 2014 for sure, maybe even a bit longer but our 2014 f350 wrecker 2wd was still twin I beam
  8. In stock form it can't be beat, when ya modify it, it needs some adjustments, once ya dial it in your good, I loved the ttb in my red/white ford, but wasnt happy with the rear end, and then beef rear end didn't match gears with front or wheel bolt pattern so I put the matching d60 in the front, but the ttb was awesome. Had more clearance than a solid axle, could take dirt roads or small rocky terrain at speed where solid axle is rough riding, handled better, could even jump the truck over small jumps and landing was smooth,
  9. Getting an alignment won't fix it, the drop brackets move every time ya drive it, and the rear arm drop brackets ar tipping in on the frame, needs a cross brace and brackets pushed back out, , also with the lift, it looks like the front springs have sagged, with the ttb you need positive camber so it will run on n the whole tire, because when it has zero camber or negative camber , it will only increase negative camber with suspension travel if that makes ann sense
  10. No more progress yet, but im off all weekend, should get some work done on the ol truck. Hoping to pull both fuel tanks, and clean up the frame, also need to remove rear suspension. Hoping to have frame and a suspension prepped for reinstalling the box.
  11. Thats not too bad! Pretty decent list
  12. Haha, I dont know how it will do turning at this point, iv never driven this truck yet. Its not much longer than the ol red/white ford tom has, and it seems ok to turn
  13. Little bit further, have to do some work on the cab cross member and the rear spring pearches. Also have to fix a few box cross ribs
  14. Mom had her corvette on that beach, got a great photo of it
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