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  1. Towed this one the other night, a friend spotted me and snapped a pic, and an awesome pic at that
  2. Somebody read my mind, was thinking of that one. I might make it with the company truck
  3. Nice ! Good upgrade, I was thinking about adding a small led cube on the push bar of mine
  4. Here is what I picked up for a donor truck, Half of an F800
  5. So I can help move those 4x4 projects around, or if the vehicle won't make it home I can help retrieve it, or move those things that aren't ment for the road. No emergency stuff and no extremely time sensitive things at the moment as I work a regular day job
  6. Yep, and will still have low range on the t case
  7. Got the donor truck home yesterday, was able to get it with my towtruck. Haven't had a chance to play with it at all. But have identified the transmission as a 6 speed Eaton fuller , with some deep gears, non overdrive. Ratios as follows 1st 9.01:1 2nd 5.27:1 3rd. 3.25:1 4th 2.04:1 5th 1.36:1 6th 1:1 Pics later today
  8. Cool, always pays to be prepared for those situations, and not having to resort to a sacrificial sock
  9. Well, I really find myself needing a 3/4 ton or 1ton truck. No worries, still picking at the Nissan, And daily driving the tow truck got old real fast. I need a pickup that gets reasonable fuel Mileage, is rugged and robust, and no electronics. The Ford V8 diesels are ok, but really gutless, and the powerstroke are drive by wire , want to stay away from that, and finding a mechanical Cummins that isn't modded and thrashed in good running condition is very expensive. The build will be ,1994 F350. Starting with the frame from an 89 f350 srw 4x4 reg cab Long box . The cab from the 94 f3504x4, bed, fenders and grille from a 1980-1986 f250, the driveline is rear sterling 10.25" full float srw axle from 89f250, front D60 are from 1995 f350, both 4.10:1 gears but that might change later to taller gears , To be determined. Powertrain, is where it gets interesting, iv acquired a ford inline 6 turbocharged diesel engine, displacement 6.6L mated to what I believe is a 6 speed manual transmission of 1990 vintage. Haven't had a chance to check what transmission it is for sure, the engine is fully mechanical, and doesn't occupy much more space than the popular diesel swap 5.9 Cummins. Here are some pics of the junk iv collected to make this happen, doesn't look like much, but the pieces I'll be using will be rust free. Red cab is the donor engine and transmission, black cab is the one going on the truck, 1980 completish looking truck will give up the front fenders, hood and grille, I have a rust free 2 tone box but slightly banged up and rust free diesel rad support same truck as box is from to complete the body and perfect condition front and rear bumpers. Interior to be determined.
  10. Looks good, good work on the wiring
  11. Yep, fire ball of my burnt wrecker below. I'm not real creative on naming things, so figured it suits
  12. Found out the park brake on the towtruck will hold the truck while it's empty on an incline, but not while loaded on the same incline. Going to look more into this tomorrow, iv adjusted it once before when it wouldn't hold anything, hoping it just needs a little more adjusting. Iv ran it back and forth to work for a bit, drivability is good, had a few minor fuel supply issues, I have found and carry tools specific to roadside repairs on that. Overall it's working good. Iv got the Business Name reserved, just need to register for the next step. FIREBALL TOWING & RECOVERY
  13. Another test load, transported this car to filming sets 2 nights in a row.
  14. Iv got a d140 I think it is , about 55 hrs on it now.
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