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  1. It’s still like new just a tiny ding. I test flexed it in a big rut before taking it out. It takes a fair bit to flex out the suspension that far so it was easy to avoid until I got a chance to extend them.
  2. This past weekend I extended my front bump stops. When I first put them in years ago they were limiting travel so I cut them down but took too much off. I was able to flex so much that the tire was getting into the fender and the springs were going more negative than I would like. More importantly with the new engine I could flex so much that the drag link was hitting the oil pan. To get out for a run I put in some 3/8” shims but it still wasn’t enough so I added back in a section of what I took out previously. I had also left my battery holder slightly loose fitting so I could add in some thin rubber to secure the battery with. Dave hooked me up with a truck tube that did the trick.
  3. That looks great! Really suits the truck and follows the lines well!
  4. I got the gas leak sorted out today so I could get out for a drive in the nice weather. Turns outs I had mixed up the return and vent line at the gas tank a while back but never noticed because the vent line was plugged up until the swap. Having replaced that section of the vent line it now mattered that the two were reversed. I was able to get out and put the last few km on so I could call it the engine broken in. I changed the oil again and took it past 4000Rpm for the first time. The exhaust is also much quieter now! IMG_9403.MOV
  5. I developed a pretty bad exhaust leak at the connection between the crossover and the downpipe while breaking in the engine. I reused the original downpipe thinking it would be good enough for now. “Now” didn’t last very long so I ordered a section from rockauto to make the repair. The quality was poor overall, the O2 bung was welded so badly a sensor wouldn’t install. Thankfully I didn’t need that piece and cut and rewelded the other bad seam. What I was really after was the flange where the gaskets seal as the original was missing a lot of material. I buttoned it all up and took it for a nice quiet drive. During this drive I developed a gas leak on my return line. I plan to address tomorrow with a new section of line and a union. 100km more to go and it will be broken in and ready to be put to work!
  6. Ya seeing in there now does look a bit high. Half-ways might be perfect!
  7. I think I like option 3 keeping it up high. Nice looking tray!
  8. That truck is going to be a little beast!
  9. I’m looking to get an extinguisher cage mount as well, interested to see what you go with.
  10. Truck looks great with the leveling kit! The color is awesome too.
  11. The speed sensor issue has been resolved. I swapped out a burned out component with a spare dash and I now have an electronic output from my cable driven speedometer to my ECU. No codes and no engine light now on my swap!
  12. Is this truck going to be antique plated?
  13. I now have just under 200km on my swap and things seem pretty good so far. I’ve thrown one code for a speed sensor which should be a simple fix. I tried it on the highway tonight from fall river to enfield and 5th gear held 120km up the big hill no problem. No scary shakes out of my newly lengthened driveshaft with no balance weights. I have a couple minor things to wrap up and a few hundred more easy km to put on and it should be ready to wheel again!
  14. I have been going quite easy on it to break it in half properly but its never accelerated like this before! Not even back when it had 28” tires!
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