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  1. Did they at least refund you?
  2. Looks a ton better! Loving the progress. You'll have to give us an update on partsmonkey.ca - I have not heard of them before.
  3. I like the boat tie downs on the side of the bed
  4. Sounds like a plan. In for pics of progress!
  5. This. I think about this a lot. I don't do much "throwing at it" that would do damage, but I'm also aware that I should gently toss because I don't want to get into rattle can fixes. I think about turning it back on, but it's been pretty liberating not having it.
  6. Holy cow ... I thought you loved the RAM! What made you sell it? @TomWood going to need some dental work now bud?
  7. Those look great @jay! I'm really curious to see how they hold up. I'm all about buy local, but when you can buy comparable product for 50% online ... that's a no-brainier.
  8. I had no idea you had that many vehicles on your property! Forget Kijiji for a trail rig - I might just pop out to your place!
  9. Thanks for keeping us updated @sar4x4. I will move this one out of the rescue forum so we are not generating notices to the subscribed folks.
  10. Help me out @jay, what are we looking at here? Coil spring, brake line ... what is the blue / gray starting in lower left corner and travelling up over the spring?
  11. I've got this version of the schedule posted in the calendar now too!
  12. Hmm ... we probably should have un-stickey'd this one then I'll update.
  13. I was just thinking the same thing! I cannot even get off my *** in this short amount of time.
  14. Thank you for posting! Looks like a good day on the Range.
  15. Is RABS actually a thing? Do you have a FABS?
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