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  1. oooo it's getting close now @ovrlndr!
  2. What about an electric space heater @ovrlndr? PA puts them on sale from time to time - might just do the trick for the cold garage issue.
  3. Looking good @ovrlndr! What did you do now @sar4x4
  4. Ground clearance AND able to fit in parking garages.
  5. I'm in the same boat @ovrlndr. I'm revising my snow estimates - we had a good 50 cm.
  6. How's everybody doing with today's storm? I had a bit of 4H therapy this morning - roads were snow covered, but nothing too serious. I'd say I have a good 20 cm down now and easily over 40 with drifts.
  7. Makes sense! I have heard that about the Tacos - low seating position. You know what that means though? Ground clearance! lol
  8. @sar4x4 what made you go with the Ranger over a Tacoma or a Colorado / Canyon?
  9. Yeah - that's something I am considering - downsizing the daily and getting a trail toy. I also have the track toy to consider ...
  10. I'm very stoked to hear that Guy and the Bronco will be back out on the trails. Perhaps I can ride shotgun ... I'm not sure I have driver privileges anymore after I "remodeled" his front bumper against a tree
  11. I still maintain that the RAM is too pretty to wheel. Fire on some front tow hooks for good measure and I'm sure it would do it ... but I would destroy it in the process. The Sport model has the color matched plastic front bumper with the lower "ground effects" on it as well as the dual exit mufflers that hang down below the rear bumper. First hill obstacle and I'd lose the front bumper and rear tail pipes. So ... mod the truck to swap to a more stout front bumper and do something to tuck the exhaust / mod the rear bumper ... why bother sinking all that time / effort / money into a rig that wasn't meant for trails? At least with the Hummers they were ready to go from the factory - great approach / departure angles and with a simple t-bar crank could stuff 35's (H3) and 38's (H2). So ... buy a new truck. Well, this one costs me so little (0%, nearly paid off, etc.) that it hurts to get rid of it and otherwise, simply priorities (house projects, family time, etc.). I think about the trails every single day.
  12. I miss that Guy (pun fully intended) and rig.
  13. 100% agree. I keep meaning to do my RAM ... but I also keep looking at dumping it. Santa did bring me some new LED reverse lights for it though!
  14. Is that the axle that was in the Bronco?
  15. I'm confused! The factory wheel / tire won't fit without the lift? What wheels / tires are on it now then? I thought they did the rake for aerodynamics - my H3 and H2 were raked as well and leveling them made a (very) minor reduction in mileage.
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