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  1. autumnwalker

    New To the Group, New to the Truck 4x4 world!

    Welcome! Loving the enthusiasm and the plans 🙂 I can so relate to this ... I'm always looking at options as I do not wheel my RAM. The cost for me to get out of the RAM and into something smaller (more trail appropriate) does not make sense. I've put myself into a logic gap: I got a really, really good deal on my truck (brand new). I don't want to wheel it and destroy it. On the other hand, to sell this truck and buy a used truck would mean I'm spending more money for less of a vehicle (assuming I go 1/4 ton). So part of me is thinking **** it, just wheel the RAM, but then if I'm going to wheel a truck I don't want to get back into IFS so I'd rather trade this in for an HD with a SFA and just go to town ... but then I'm spending more for a used truck to beat up in the woods. *sigh*
  2. autumnwalker

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    Doesn't look to bad from here!
  3. autumnwalker


    That seems like a rather large gap. Fuel economy, creature comforts ... 😕 I say mod!
  4. autumnwalker


    The Explorer is based on a Ranger? I would have assumed F150!
  5. autumnwalker

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    The wheels look great! I do like the tan color combo with the Jeep as well.
  6. autumnwalker


    Great looking rig Jay! You and I have similar taste - "square AF".
  7. autumnwalker

    Image uploads working?

    Testing upload (for good measure).
  8. autumnwalker

    Image uploads working?

    Hardware failure in the data centre from the upstream provider. Will be migrating the board in near future.
  9. autumnwalker

    March AGM

    Yes, he is a very sweet man.
  10. autumnwalker

    sign up page broken

    Should be resolved. Upgraded from v2 to v3 - needed to generate new keys.
  11. autumnwalker

    March AGM

    Oh, "Dave" Dave. Sweet!
  12. autumnwalker

    March AGM

    Glad to see the band is getting back together! Tom - it might be useful to include the usernames for people to PM as some may not know. @TomWood, @robicon, @jay, not sure which Dave.
  13. autumnwalker

    New pickups

    Update on my list of issues. Local dealership in Dartmouth replaced my gauge cluster as good will. It's only been a couple of days, but so far the flicker has been resolved!
  14. autumnwalker


    I like the sticker on the timing belt cover!
  15. autumnwalker


    Jay - what about a set of "racing seats", like Corbeau A4's or something?