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  1. Second payload under new management. Brought home a load of lumber last night for the deck. I'll have to snap a pic later - didn't grab one yesterday.
  2. For @sar4x4 - apparently VW is bringing back the Scout nameplate as an EV! Volkswagen is resurrecting the Scout as an EV. But what was the Scout? (autoblog.com)
  3. Oh ... right. I also got rid of the Ram and got a Ford.
  4. I guess I can start a build thread for this? I picked up a car hauler - scratching an itch I've had as long as I've driven a vehicle capable of towing such a rig as I'm sure some of the cronies can attest to. Appears to be "well used" but solid - plenty of life left. Previous owner went through it and gave it a coat of paint on the areas you could reach without laying on your back (i.e. crossmembers are still needing paint). He also freshened the brakes, bearings, put new LED lights all around, and got it saftey'd one week before I purchased it. It's hard to tell in the photos, but there were a couple of items that needed to be addressed right away 1) the trailer brake battery was a lawn tractor battery crudely wired and strapped to the deck (see blue strap at front of deck between the ramps in above pic) and 2) there was no plate mount or plate light (how did that pass safety?). So I picked up a new trailer brake controller, attached it to the front of the frame, and wired it all in. I also put together a plate bracket and light and put it on the rub rail on the back - it is "supposed" to go on the lower driver's side fender, but I knew that would have just got rekt on the first drive. A bit hard to see, but the battery box is just inside the second upright on the front. I also yanked off the old straps that are attached to the front of the frame. I think I'll cut the winders off the front someday and perhaps reuse them on the sides ... or I might just take them off and save a couple of pounds lol. Here it is with its first payload under new management. I picked up four concrete pillars for our new deck. They are about 900 lbs each and about 5.5 feet high. Pulled it great. The deck is fine ... but it's showing age and has a couple of holes. I think I might pull it later this year. That will also give me easy access to rehab the crossmembers and inspect / clean up any wiring hidden below it.
  5. Got one! Should be sufficient for what I need.
  6. Any tips on what to look for when checking out a trailer? I'd look at "obvious" stuff like the deck being rotted, wiring, paint, check lights, tires ... but what about the "important" stuff? Best way to check hubs, brakes, axles? Anything else?
  7. Do we really? Irving claims that it does not import any Russian oil.
  8. Good info, thanks @Powerram! Would be pulling behind a 1/2 ton. Based on the Jeep alone it seems like a low deck would be the better option. In future, if it's not the Jeep / 4x4 it would be some sort of sports car type thing which makes a low deck make even more sense. TBH I've just always wanted a trailer and these are loose justifications for buying one
  9. Good point. 4x4 ok, but anything lower would be useless.
  10. That thing looks awesome! To @SQRLPWR's point ... bad time of life to be doing a globetrot in a rig like that with diesel prices the way they are!
  11. Thoughts on a flat deck / deckover vs. between the wheels / lowboy? Would deckover put the weight too high with a lifted off roader?
  12. How long makes sense? You can get a new 16 foot 10k for $5,995. A two door JK is like 14 feet ... little yard tractors are like 6 - 10 feet (depending on accessories). Most dimensional lumber tops out at 16 feet. UPDATE: AH! Sneaky - the GVWR on the trailer is 10k, and it weighs about 2,500 lbs ... so really only a 7,500 lb payload.
  13. I can see that from my window ...
  14. I've wanted a trailer forever .. thinking about scratching the itch. Anyone have anything / know of anything available? Thinking about 18 feet and at least 7k lbs (preferably 10k+). Also happy to have an ELI5 on trailers (dimensions, capacities, etc.). Primary use case is long / heavy building materials (think precast concrete, 12+ ft lumber, siding) and / or dragging the Jeep (or other carcasses) around.
  15. Are you able to post the vids here?
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