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  1. ooo - I like the Powerfist tool box. It fits nicely in there.
  2. Anyone have a set of torches / gauges / bottles they are looking to get rid of? Looking for the smaller B / MC style tanks (no contract).
  3. We don't post trail info on the website so that the trails don't get abused. I'd suggest you come out to a coffee night or a trail run, but we've been a bit lax on those lately. Keep an eye out here - we will post anything coming up!
  4. The name of this thread is perfect. Glad to see you back on the trails already @SQRLPWR.
  5. Very cool! I love to see less common stuff on the trails!
  6. Closing the loop here. Per txt ... battle failed.
  7. Sick!! That's 1/2 the reason I posted it publically if we wanted to get others involved. Happy to make a day of it! Now I have extra motivation to fix my rig. Trailer in the shop now getting ready for safety ... have to pick up a piece of equipment next week. Then Jeep time.
  8. I feel like this may be a dumb question ... but can I run a 5 ton ram on a 10 ton porta power? Will it just "use the power it needs" or will I blow the 5 ton ram up?
  9. Welcome! What are you driving??
  10. re-reading this ... I read Holland Road "highway to hell" hahaha
  11. Nah, this sounds perfect. He's lifted on 35's IIRC. Not afraid of rash, more about keeping it together to drive home on Monday.
  12. haha - sounds intimidating. Would this be a good trail for someone who is using their daily driver to drive back to St. John's at the end of the week?
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