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  1. autumnwalker


    Hey @Denwoods - what sort of work are you looking for?
  2. I drove by it yesterday - looked good at 50 kmh!
  3. That is quite a lean! Hopefully it's something simple like the springs and not anything else. Are the frame rails leaning the same?
  4. Stock openings are wide open for rocks, branches, etc to puncture the rad. This is a metal insert which will provide some level of protection.
  5. Installed my father's day present - a Rugged Ridge Grille Insert. Easy install - popped the grille off - it's six push pins on the top and six spring clips across the bottom. Drilled four holes in the back and top of the grille to mount, done. There was a bit of rust on the bottom of the core support so I scuffed it and gave it a 50/50 paint job.
  6. Looks like a good time! I'm super interested in Drill Road.
  7. The rotation is for Bedford this week - did we reset the schedule?
  8. was that just to pull the pitman off?
  9. No ... you need the full double, fat tube, light bar for your rig. The shiner the chrome the better.
  10. Another couple short trims will take care of that!
  11. One of these bad boys?
  12. I have to jack up the front end and re-validate the hubs and the ball joints. Whatever it is has gotten worse since my initial detection. At that time, nothing "obvious" was present when inspecting the balljoints, hubs, linkage, etc. Doesn't mean it hasn't loosened up though! Good call! Fibe internet has been hosting this site for the last several months ... I love it.
  13. Sweet! You're building a new 1982 Ferd one part at a time I think the JK may need a steering box ... steering slop is getting worse and there is now a clunk that I feel in the wheel. There is nothing loose that I can see!
  14. Alright - let's keep this going then. I'll close / move this topic per usual.
  15. I note there are a lot of folks subscribed to the recovery forum (who will see this notification), but are no longer active members or even active wheelers. After yesterday's post for help I thought I'd see who's still here. If you are still interested and able to perform a recovery please reply to this post and let us know. If not that's ok too, no response required. If you want to unsubscribe you can do so by visiting the recovery forum (https://www.backcountry4x4club.ca/forums/forum/25-rescue-stuck/) and click on the "following" button in the upper right corner; that will allow you to change your notification preferences (aka unfollow).
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