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  1. autumnwalker

    What did you do to your rig today?

    Face is completely different without the brush guard!
  2. autumnwalker

    What did you do to your rig today?

    Board will reduce once they hit the server. It will limit the size of your uploads though. If they are bigger than the upload will allow then you're limited there, but once they hit the board they get reduced.
  3. autumnwalker

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    This, good call! I always ran mine inside the truck as well.
  4. autumnwalker

    Not a build or project

    Wow, nice rig! Congratulations. Plans?
  5. autumnwalker

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    That looks like the same system I have from Viair. I really like it. It was super reliable when I had it in the trucks. It's currently sitting on a shelf in my garage ... and when I pulled it out of the last truck I actually broke a couple of the fittings off in the tank. I'll need to drill + tap, but that's my own fault. IIRC I have a 100% duty cycle compressor. It would take some time to air up the 38's, but it never failed.
  6. autumnwalker

    Cummins Rehab

    Second Tom's comment. Great to see you at the rigs again Eugene! Perhaps the Cummins will get it's transfer case after all!
  7. autumnwalker

    1986 F150 $4500 firm

    Wait, what? ... do you have a new project?
  8. autumnwalker

    What did you do to your home today

    Thinking that user is a spammer ... they've been restricted / flagged.
  9. autumnwalker

    The Ford

    Vid link for us non Facebook users?
  10. autumnwalker

    Jays Zuk

    Not good that it failed, but great that they refunded. What are you putting in the Zuk now?
  11. autumnwalker

    Matt 79 ram convertible build

    Woah! That is not what I thought you meant when you said Power Ram! That's a RamCharger! I had my eye on that very Kijiji ad for months and I didn't pull the trigger. Congrats, I'm looking forward to see that one rebuilt!
  12. autumnwalker

    roll/LED chase bars

    Wow! Those look really great! Do you do custom order stuff? Catalog of items?
  13. autumnwalker

    Matt 79 ram convertible build

    So much like. I have a set of old Power Wagon hood emblems in my shop that my Pop owned. It's always been in the back of my mind to acquire an old Power Wagon to put them on.
  14. autumnwalker

    Barrett closed (concrete barriers)

    So do those with keys still have access?
  15. autumnwalker

    Barrett closed (concrete barriers)

    Anyone know if this will impact OHV / 4x4? https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/news/local/public-can-no-longer-use-beaver-bank-road-property-257871/