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  1. This is my current biggest regret in life ... I didn't get the phone out to take pics. I still have one stump to pull so perhaps I'll remember to get a pic / video of that action. The full tree would have been something to watch I think - about 10 feet in diameter and about 20 - 25 feet tall. Yanked it up and over like nothing with the loose rootball.
  2. Successfully used the winch on the Jeep to yank a stump out of the ground and pull another tree into a better position to be broken down. It fell over into a bunch of other trees and yanked the root ball with it. So I righted it and then "over pulled" it so it fell the other way so that I could more easily cut it.
  3. How'd everybody do? We lost power for a couple of days - came back last night. Six trees that I can see down - including three of the ones in our front yard which were planted over 20 years ago That's a bummer. No structural damage though so we're lucky.
  4. TBH - it does look great! I'd keep running that for now. re: generic console - not sure specifically, but they do make stuff like below that just "generically" can be made to fit into a rig. You'd have to find the general dimensions and then probably massage the bottom of it to sit properly.
  5. Sounds like that hill claimed a few casualties.
  6. Looks like Fiona is coming right for us. Hurricane Fiona remains on track for Atlantic Canada | CBC News Based on the current track Halifax will get less wind (relatively), but a ton of rain. Everyone prepared?
  7. Very cool! Not quite as "off the show room floor" as the H2 with 38's and literally nothing else but a slight t-bar crank, but I love to see these factory wheelers supporting the industry.
  8. would a generic center console work?
  9. Could not agree more. Wanna fix my junk?
  10. this rig is my inspiration to keep the heep lol
  11. Looks like a ton of fun! Cool to see the Bronco out there working. Was it a factory Badlands with the 35's?
  12. Actually started this thing up the other evening and put air in the tires. Front left must have dry rotted to the point of a slow leak. Surprised it fired and the gas was any good. Ran great! Took it for a little spin around the block to get things moving. Brake calliper has not fixed itself yet. Deck is now done and shed shelving is nearing completion to get the junk out of the garage to pull this thing in. Priorities ...
  13. That looks really great! Neat trick for the letters too.
  14. Awesome! Are you going to hook up the speakers? Headrest speakers was a popular mod in Miata's.
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