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  1. Welcome back James! Looking forward to hitting the trails with you soon.
  2. Not sure either. I've done some really lazy research and nothing obvious comes up. There are e-brake conversion kits which use a 2nd calliper which I've thought about ... but they are generic kits, not specific to the vehicle.
  3. Hey @TomWood! Good to see you. The Ranger with the color, light, and rally decal just SCREAMS 1984 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 4x4
  4. I reeeeally would like to do a parking brake conversion on the Jeep and RAM so it uses this style vs. the internal shoe that ALWAYS sticks and constantly needs adjustment.
  5. I never knew such a thing existed! That is cool as ****!
  6. Great way to re-use an old piece of metal!!
  7. looks really good @sar4x4!
  8. So the calliper applies the brake pads on the rotor when ebrake is pulled?
  9. Sweet! What's your plan for a parking brake? I despise the drum in rotor style on the Jeep (and RAM) and I keep thinking there must be some way to convert to a cable calliper style.
  10. Is Wildcard the one I drug the Excursion up behind the H2?
  11. Looks like a great time! I love International ... there's a piece of my H2 there ... at least, some paint.
  12. Looking really good. Having a fixed grinding device lets you be much more precise. I keep thinking about some sort of bench belt sander / grinder too.
  13. I like the divider a lot @SQRLPWR! My Heep came with an aluminum basket that attaches to the cage and divides the rear space when the back seat is removed. I've kept it as I like the idea of splitting the vertical space for more storage.
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