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  1. I just pulled coffee nights from the calendar for the next two weeks. Will keep an eye on Government announcements and go from there.
  2. What sort of power / torque does that engine make? Sounds huge for a 6!
  3. Have your cake and eat it too! Good stuff @SQRLPWR
  4. Very cool! I didn't realize that was such a thing.
  5. Not unique. Every time this topic is viewed by anyone the count increments.
  6. What's the deal with these cut in half trucks? Where do you find this stuff?
  7. Came with my JK ... fine condition. Has New Brunswick license plate mount holes in it. $50.
  8. Internet Explorer (IE) is a tough one. Microsoft is even dropping support for it in its apps (i.e. O365) at the end of November. Nobody is developing for it anymore and Microsoft is pushing people to (new) Edge. That being said ... I bet there are a lot of users here who are using IE. Actually - about 2/3 of our traffic is mobile!
  9. This seemed like a well sorted rig when you picked it up - but you're doing a lot to improve / correct. Good stuff as usual.
  10. RE: server going down. I put different monitoring on it so now it should ping me on my phone when it notices that the actual board is down. Formally it was only pinging to see if the server would respond - when it's showing an error on the page the server is technically still responding so I never got notified. Now it's looking for certain attributes of the forum and if it doesn't detect them it'll alert me. We will see if it's more accurate. @SQRLPWR that's a great question. We actually do get a lot of guest traffic (orders of magnitude higher than member traffic right now) - so it might
  11. Well ... it was legitimately down overnight. Ran out of memory and it brought down the database. I'm hoping to get some of the upgrades in the home done so I can get my server rack and our proper server back up and running. Right now we're running on a server in Toronto via DigitalOcean while I moved ... move done. Now I'm renovating lol
  12. Hi Folks, I just completed an upgrade to the forum - lots of new features (many behind the scenes), security updates, etc. One thing I knew was coming was a theme upgrade. I thought I could keep the old theme ... but apparently it just changed it to partially the new default. So - I'll pick away over the next little while at getting the theme back to making more sense (mainly the header and links at the top). Possibly the biggest new change is a native iOS and Android (beta) app for the forum. I have to do a little bit of work to get it up and running, but I'll do that soo
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