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    Here is a pic of the truck leaning, and the broken Torsion bar Was mocking up and taking measurements , figuring out ride height and looking at the angles of everything, here is a slightly higher than ride height guestimate ,it should sit a couple inches lower than how the pic was taken, I was originally planning afront spring shackle like a jeep yj or samurai setup, but after i saw how high it is came up with some rear shackle options that should keep it a bit lower
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    Alright, pre mvi done, have a list, can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Few more repairs needed and she will be legal, on a side note, coming home from pre mvi, lost power, and the truck was dieing, left me stranded on the road. Engine not picking up fuel, just changed the fuel filter a week ago with a genuine cat filter. Did a couple of roadside checks, blockage all led to the filter, even siphoned fuel up through the feed line and blew back through into the tank, lines were clear. The filter I had removed prior to the cat replacement,was a carquest fuel filter that was on the truck since before I bought it, and made the trip home from Ontario, and some running while here, amazing the filtration difference in filters for the same position. The cat filter might just be too effective in filtering fuel, lucky I wasn't alone and had help from Tom and Tab, new carquest filter, bled out the injection lines and away she went. Made the rest of the journey with no issues. Also a note on the cat filters, the oil in this big ol' diesel was black as tar when I changed it, fresh oil and a pair of cat filters, the oil looks as if the truck has never been ran since the oil was dumped in. It has had several starts and a few hrs of running time and a trip to and from the shop since the oil change and it's still clear.
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    Deck is now repaired, Still some dialing in with hyd line routing, but it's functional, had to try it out and loaded the little truck.
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    Now I can run with the ‘Trail Rated’ Jeeps and Chev Z71s, lol.
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    The black one, F350 crew cab Long box, he lives in Timberlea I believe, when he isn't in Bayer's lake, he is at the timberlea Tim's, can't remember his name, western crew cab , doesn't use it in the winter, he built it ground up, has a few old fords
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    Stock openings are wide open for rocks, branches, etc to puncture the rad. This is a metal insert which will provide some level of protection.
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    Installed my father's day present - a Rugged Ridge Grille Insert. Easy install - popped the grille off - it's six push pins on the top and six spring clips across the bottom. Drilled four holes in the back and top of the grille to mount, done. There was a bit of rust on the bottom of the core support so I scuffed it and gave it a 50/50 paint job.
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    A few updates.... Decided to replace the Spartan with open gears. The old girl cruises around a lot smoother now I have a winch, so no great loss. With all of the trouble I've had with permanently locked diffs, I'm thinking I'd like to save up for a select-able locker....one day. We'll see. Fixed the pinion leak. First thought it was the seal, but on taking the yoke off it was clearly caused by a big groove where the seal rides on the yoke. Yoke replaced. 'Made' an extension piece for my CB antenna, because I seem to have a dead zone where some rigs behind me cant hear me TX. Now it's ~16 inches higher, so I hope that helps a little.
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    Coffee Night! Thursday the 11th Bayers Lake Tim hortons 5 Lakelands Blvd. Max group size of 10
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    We had no kids for a day, our off road exploration adventure started at the Radar Base, and went from there. We traveled some trails around there , then we went over to "Grandaddy hill" and went up, then some moretrails from there, turned back on 2 different trails, but will attempt once my truck is Matified to suit. Had a couple of questionable muddy encounters. Lots of crawling, and we tested out my photography skills lol. Here are the pictures from our exploration Date. Damages include the pass side mirror lens fell out, and I lost my car Keys somewhere. Fun day , we got home around 20:00
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    Nice, in a rough sort of way. ‘67 Chev, 327 V8, manual tranny with floor shifter, GM 14 Bolt rear, 8 lug front. Big Edelbrock carb, 16” rims
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    I drove by it yesterday - looked good at 50 kmh!
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    For Jay: Several times I’ve seen a Ford F-250/F-350 Quad Cab Long Box of your rig’s generation with BIG tires and other gear, mostly at the Bayer’s Lake Timmie’s... Tires looked a bit like old skool Ground Hawgs....
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    OK good to know for next time
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    Looks like a good time! I'm super interested in Drill Road.
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    Same story as the last several weeks for me. But, starting next week we’re back in town for the foreseeable future! And we will make it there!
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    Coffee this week is 7pm Thursday at the Middle Sackville Tims .Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 .Fall River (winter) / Woodside (summer) .Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8
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    Trimming the top of the uprights would remove too much functionality. Cutting the bottom of the uprights would then require re-welding them back on. Just going to remain as-is for now!
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    yup, there was not enough clearance to get my puller on. Boxes are cheap and plentiful so it was worth it just to get the truck up and running again
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    No ... you need the full double, fat tube, light bar for your rig. The shiner the chrome the better.
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    Coffee this week will be Thursday 7pm at the Woodside Ferry Terminal.
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    One of these bad boys?
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    Looks great. I want a faux-roll bar for mine.
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    Princess Auto ‘Universal’ headache rack. Not bad, since the ‘Back Rack’ brand is delayed until at least the fall.
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    I have to jack up the front end and re-validate the hubs and the ball joints. Whatever it is has gotten worse since my initial detection. At that time, nothing "obvious" was present when inspecting the balljoints, hubs, linkage, etc. Doesn't mean it hasn't loosened up though! Good call! Fibe internet has been hosting this site for the last several months ... I love it.
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    Waiting impatiently on some parts. But too busy to install the ones I have on hand! Lol
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    Sweet! You're building a new 1982 Ferd one part at a time I think the JK may need a steering box ... steering slop is getting worse and there is now a clunk that I feel in the wheel. There is nothing loose that I can see!
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    Nice little TLC..
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    I had trouble with the factory 1/2 ton rated limited slip. Couldn’t handle the abuse of larger tires. Once I went 1 ton, I installed a Detroit Locker. Couldn’t be happier. No fuss, no breakage, it just downright works! It might be too heavy for a 1/2 Ton rated axle, but quite right for the ‘Burly Burb’. Your 9inch would be plenty stout!
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    Rice Crispies. Aka snap, crackle, pop!
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    To be expected @ 38 years old :)
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    Thanks Matt, I think I fianlly got it figured out last night. I dont think i had my wand fully inserted into the machine so most of the gas was leaking past the seals. Now that's fixed, I dont have to be almost touching the work piece to get coverage. Polarity was good btw Welding with gas vs flux is night and day. My technique needs some practice, but I'm super stoked with my little setup I feel some sliders coming lol
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    Decided to change the colour to silver to help detect any further leaks....and because I had a spare can of silver. Ordered an new PCV valve and PCV grommet, because the grommet is rock hard, and the pair together is cheap to buy.
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    Got my Ford Performance Parts today. Will post pics, but maybe after installation..... Been really busy with the new shed. Sadly I’ve been told the BackRack debut is now pushed back to the fall. Dang Covid..
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    got my sliding windows installed. actually an easier job than I expected. just lost the end of the rope on the last 6 inches, but that was easily fixed. also whilst the window was out I took the opportunity to replace the 'dissolving' plastic trim. next...windshield is coming out on left 'new' - old pair on right had been cut by the PO for some reason ?
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    Had a little poke around Ellershouse and Bowater yesterday. I don't have a mount for my phone so I didn't do GPS ... I also didn't think to take photos. Getting used to driving the Jeep now vs. what I was used to. First time airing it down and disconnecting the swaybar. I'm getting used to it.
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    Yep, all the time, if ya get a run up to cape Breton or into newbrunswick, after ya already put in 5 hrs of your shift, by the time you get to your destination, the driver ends up being out of hours. Or even heading down to Yarmouth, that would be around 7 hr round trip in a towtruck including loading, and unloading and driving time, easy to run out of hrs while on the job so the sleeper pays for itself, rather than turn down the job or cut into the expense of the job with motel or accomadations. here are a couple local trucks with sleeper bunks
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    Thanks, it cleaned up pretty good, the interior was a positive point of decisions to purchase this truck, I also have some pics of this truck when it was rebuilt in the 90's. It has an interesting history with alot of sitting around. There is a Toromont Cat reman engine in it, and I don't believe there is much for milage on it, it's showing 150,000kms on it. And I don't think it was a tow truck its entire life, but am not sure of its previous history
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    Found a completely incorrect 4wd shift knob to replace my broken one. The pattern is good, but there's no need to 'push down' on my tcase. Also a very trick Ford 'tripple' dome light at Kenny's today. I'll swap it over to LED because it gets super hot when all 3 bulbs are on, and I burnt my fingers lol Also tripped over a perfect sliding rear window seal... for a mere 5 bux I snagged that too....I'll leave it mellowing in the sun
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    Thanks, more progress today, got the headache rack bolted down, it used to just sit in the stake pockets but was partially torn out , did some drilling, rerouting wires, fixed some wires going to the lights on the headache rack in the process, did some body adjustments on the fender, the pass door was binding slightly, waiting on some engine mounts and some sleeper bunk mounts and a new pair of front signal lights. After those items were finished up, I did some more polishing , here is the before and after
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    Got the truck home, Shop did everything I asked them to, yesterday I saw that the antifriction pads were missing in the rear location of the deck. Ended up getting a sheet of UHMW ( Ultra High Molecular Weight ) polyethylene. It's a very dense very slippery surface , used between the aluminum deck and the steel subcarrier. It was a bit of a chore to cut but I got it cut and placed in the plate. I have enough uhmw to replace all the pads and the strips . Then onto wiring , the deck side marker light have been out since iv owned the truck , so now they are operational, also the upper signal lights didn't have brake lights, found the issue, made some wire swaps and now they function with brakes and signals. I put my youngest to work on polishing. And she did pretty good. Few more minor things to do, more updates as they get done
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    Thanks @TomWood! I ended up installing "adjustable" Rugged Ridge straps. I cut the stock straps off the wires (but left the factory fabric loom over the wire) and just run them together.
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