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    Custom order is pretty much my middle name LOL. Check out my facebook at GL SteelFab and don't hesitate to give me a call. I'm in the shop most evenings and weekends. Drop by if you're in the Lucasville area. I have a rear bumper for an 2012 F250 fresh from the powder coater. 303, Bryanston Rd., Lucasville, NS George: 902-329-1512
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    Hi Everyone; I'm Georges Leger, I'm new to the forum and would like to let everyone know that my little business is up and running for steel fabrications. One of my first projects is this chase bar with adjustable width. Fits most trucks. Length at the base is 62". The side logo can be customized. You can put your name, your better half name, or company name. For the time being, these are built-to-order, so you can pick whatever color you want. Powder Coated: 1480$ + tax Bare Metal: 1175$ + tax You can check out other goodies on my Facebook page GL SteelFab If you're in the Lower Sackville area, drop by. I'm usually in the shop most nights and all weekends. 303, Bryanston Rd., Lucasville, NS George: 902-329-1512
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    She has a 360 in her but would love to slam a 440 in her and once I get her all one color those hood emblems would be a nice touch lol
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    Was wheeling yesterday on the club run, sustained some damage, bent the box sides up a bit, pushed in the pass side door pretty good, got the drivers door as well, bent the front bumper a little bit, pass side door wouldn't open from the outside and the window fell down inside, also tore off the front flex line from the caliper, Tom had met me and brought a new flex line for me , so parking lot fix and braking was optimal again. I had kinda widened the trail with the truck, or maybe narrowed the truck to fit the trail. Not going to fix the box sides, where they have bent, seem to not contact as many things now, also bent the exhaust up a bit too,
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    Going to be picking up a new project rig scored a barn find 1979 dodge power ram macho plan to swap out the old Dana 44 front for a Dana60 and got a set of 38" swampers will get some pics when the rig comes home ,) cheers Matt
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    Good video I am a fabricator and love to weld I think the best advice I can give is the more comfortable the position you are in the better the weld not only that but the old saying for mig is clean and close the material needs to be clean and your ground should be close to the work. Stick you can get away with the metal being a little dirty but even a bit of paint will make for a bad weld.
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    Hay all I am obviously new here hope to meet some new faces and get some mud on the tires soon cheers Matt
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    Chevy 1 ton gear will bolt right into that, and come to think, there is some 1 ton gear for $700 on kijiji in a smashed square body chebby , complete truck
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    The 100 month Kirkland battery died on me yesterday, litteraly on the next crank after the club run....lucky it didn't die on the trail! 🙂 Since it was 16 months old and less than 36 months, it was a straight refund. Gotta love Costcos warranty!
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    Matt took us through Mt. Uniake to Tantallon as the bird flies, which turned out to be some of the best wheeling I've been on. There were tight trails, gnarly off camber hills, ruts & rocks, mud holes, crazy drop offs and off cambers sections. Some rigs made it with broken 4WD, others with only 2 wheel brakes. What a day, thanks Matt!!!
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    Sounds good jay my truck is a 2012 ram 1500 custom 5" suspension lift I built 3" body lift from proformance accessories 35"bf mud tires custom wheele spacers I built cold air intake custom paint I will get some pics on here as soon as possible
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    For our November club run we'll be heading to Ellershouse where we'll be doing some trail exploration. The target trail has been run once before, and has some tight and technical sections, so hope for the best and expect the worst. Usual club rules apply. MEETING 1 Leaving at 09:30am - Tim Hortons, Middle Sackville - 1624 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8 MEETING 2 Leaving at 10:00am - Carpool parking lot by the highway 101 (Exit 4) Rocks Rd, West Hants, NS B0N
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    oh I just put another Kirkland in it 🙂
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    An ol pop top ramcharger! Nice
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    So much like. I have a set of old Power Wagon hood emblems in my shop that my Pop owned. It's always been in the back of my mind to acquire an old Power Wagon to put them on.
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    It got a bit wider after I had gone through, the only spot I think would give you issues , but you might be able to go through, is through the mature trees, and the way they are staggered, but the trail was straight .
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    Sounds sweet! 318? 360? Transmission? Can't wait! My bro has an ex-army Dodge 5/4 ton, if you know what those were. 318 manual, lifted, Dana 60 front, Dana 70 rear if I recall correctly. There's a couple good pics on here or Fb. Orange, doing a mild wheelie!
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    Welcome to the forum. Coffee night is a great way to start, and we have a monthly club run too. Got any details of your rig? Photos?
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    IDK if it is full size friendly. Matt's rig had some damage by the end of the day. But IDK if that was as a result of clearing, so he may have made a Burb sized trail for ya.....Matt ?
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    Tom: You might want to update the (s)attached to your name.
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    Coffee this week is 7pm Thursday at the Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 .Fall River (winter) / Woodside (summer) .Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8
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    Saw the concrete last night on the way home from coffee. That area was becoming a mess and I don't blame him for shutting it down. I'm assuming at this point the impact is just that area.
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    Awesome, thanks for the reply Jay. I'll look into the bowater renfrew areas. I live in Hammonds Plains so I will be looking around there too. This is my new to me truck.
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    I've heard of flux core with gas but I think for the most part it is limited to very specific applications, not to say you can't do it anytime you like but most people don't. Flux core is great for welding outdoors where wind would blow away your shielding gas but other than that MIG is the way to go, far less clean up.
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    Hmmmm, I don't have a current rig.. it's a pile of parts and a semi truck at the moment, but here is a pic of my Tow Rig. It is a 1988 F-Superduty, has a challenger 8ton wrecker attached. Twin line , just plated today. Also here is the wife's Xterra that I wheel with her till my wheeler is done. Can't remember what year it is, it is a V6, can't remember what size tho, has headers , ford full-size 8.8 in the rear, LSD rear, Dana 44ford full size SAS in the front, warn m5000 winch on the front, snorkel,