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    Coffee night was fun...we hit the Range for some light weeling Jesse got some cool shots of me with her fancy Samsung S10 :)
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    New used springs, new spring bushings, new u bolts, new shock mounts, new shocks, new rear spring shackle and perch, rebuilding 100% of the brakes, but at a stand still, ended up with 2 short driver side park brake cables. Also have to see if I have a good park brake lever piviot in a parts truck.
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    a.k.a. Tom is currently using a milk crate for a seat.
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    Not mine, just found it while web wheeling. I feel like someone will be interested in this! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/city-of-halifax/fj60-land-cruiser/1454125456
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    I'm glad I don't have any spare cash lying around, as this would probably make its way to my driveway.
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    Good luck sir! I will be tackling mine in a couple of weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Installation. I THINK I have all of the correct parts...……..
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    So ford doesn't have the parts I needed, but , I have built new piviot bolts, the ford piviot bushings worked on the new bolt, so passenger side rear brakes 100% done and new, onto the driver side, this has to be world record for longest brake job performed. First thing in the am I'll be tearing the driver side apart. Its dark now, and the musquiotos are lifting me off the ground
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    Dont worry, I'll park the Ramcharger next to you and the burb will look big again and have more cubes too
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    Was out for a little hike/drive on Sunday. Off of Hwy 103's new 'Ingramport' exit. Found an interesting new 'trail'. It looks more like a swath cut for a new road. And totally drivable. Although my rig won't be ready, I'd be willing to 'Ride 'n Guide' a run through here and some other old trails in the Bowater area. I know the area well enough. Maybe even cross the stream that we crossed when Matt Brunet had the transmission trouble. LOTS of interesting trails! What say you - Jay, Dave, etc?
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    Coffee this week is 7pm Thursday at the Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 .Fall River (winter) / Woodside (summer) .Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8
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    Definitely! The new road/trail itself may peter out quickly, I don't know. I only went a couple hundred metres on foot, mostly walking a very small dog. But it was heading towards another road. There are just so many interesting roads/trails in there that we haven't been on in ages. And a few that we haven't. And maybe some more new ones I don't know about! If someone will give me a ride, I'll supply the 'intelligence' (I use that term loosely, lol). We may start off of the Pockwock Road and end up in Ellershouse........... So late yesterday I 'brought up' the detailed map I have of the area. And started fixing it up. It goes up and over as far as most of the west Panuke Lake trail 'Big Jones'. I am fixing that up as well. AND it covers where you folks went last February(?) at the end of the 101 service road. And I'm not forgetting the new, as yet untested, hill climb I found in Rocky Myra this spring. Sooo many trails to run.......!
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    If my calendar math is correct, tomorrow's coffee night is Middle Sackville.
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    I changed the starter and the front passenger side hub. Man, it turns over twice as fast than it ever has, and the slight shimmy I had on the highway is now gone. That hub was really loose!
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    So no leaks at all today, but the starter did take a crap. I think it's been on its way out for some time now though as sometimes it would crank really slow, or it would take a couple of tries with the key for it to turn over. I'll get that along with the front hubs changed tomorrow, and hope all is good.
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    Its possible your axle shaft is bent causing the leaks if no visible wear is present
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    This weekend I finally changed the leaky drivers side rear axle seal and bearing. The last two that went in it were Timken (seals and bearings), and they both leaked. I'm trying Federal Mogul ones (even though the bearing says Timken) a try this time. I changed the diff oil while I was at it, and it did look like a bit of water might have gotten in, but it wasn't too bad. I wanted to change the t-case fluid since I've yet to change it, but I ran out of time.
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    Trees do not care about the shape of your headlights
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    I miss The Range. Lots of shots of Tom there! Truck looks good ... milk crates must be comfortable
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    Coffee this week is Thursday 7pm at the Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 Rolling schedule; .Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 .Fall River (winter) / Woodside (summer) .Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8
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    Yep, put it out there, but looks like its going to stay with me, no interest except for people looking to trade crotch rockets, and one guy offered $1000. I took it for a drive the other night, put a few miles on it.
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    Agree. Or maybe there is no new seat ...
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    My Burb is going to look small and out gunned when flanked by this and Jay's truck..............
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