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    Got invited to an impromptu tour of Pockwock to Ingramport through some woods and Bowater - figured it would be a good time for a shakedown run - we covered 140km, with 58km off road I also had chance to air up from 8 PSI to ~24 PSI - this pump fills up the 35's really quickly No big issues found. I may need to add a transmission temp gauge to see what it's doing as it was flaring a little when hot - a 2nd trans rad has been added, so I knew there was a cooling issue before I bought it. I'll also need to service the link ends over winter. We'll be scheduling some regular club runs soon!!
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    Figured 57/60ths of a high lift was better than none....so i chopped a few inches off mine and made it fit
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    This shouldn't be much of a build thread, but I bought well built rig. 1998 tracker2.3l suzuki aerio motorFront Trail Gear Rock Assault axle with chromoly axles, trail gear 5.29 diff with ARB lockerRear stock Toyota axle with 5.29 gears and ARB lockerTrail Tough Trail Slayer SAS kitARB twin compressor with 1 Gallon Viair tank4.24 geared transfer case with twin stick Front and rear Trail Tough slip yoke eliminatorsCustom front/rear double cardan driveshaftsTrail Tough 3 speed auto custom adapterNewly rebuilt 3 speed automatic transmission from Rick Roods transmission35x12.50 Goodyear MTR's10k Warn synthetic winchLow Range seat brackets and Corbeau seatsFull bedlined tub inside/outFront and rear custom bumpers
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    100% on the road, now working out some equipment details to make it ready to tow
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    It took a root pass, and 3 more hot passes, so hopefully it's strong enough yes you're right, I'm probably moving the problem. I suspect the PO rock bounced it 1 too many times. Im not hard on gear, so we'll see how it lasts.
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    Thanks. It helps to have gear and a garage. I just approach these projects in small steps. Posting progress online helps me too....somehow. So, the mount is done. I must have bench pressed this heavy awkward chunk under rig at least 50 times today, im going to be sore in the morning lol. Just waiting for it to cool down before I bolt it in and drill the last 2 holes.
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    mocked up the trans mount. The 180 is going to need several passes to fill this in
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    Those joints are like a heim, but different companies make these HD ones - like Barnes 4wd. They have it listed as an "enduro joint". https://www.barnes4wd.com/Enduro-Joint_c_51.html Ballistic fab calls them "ballistic joints" https://www.ballisticfabrication.com/collections/ballistic-joints Pretty sure you've got something like that.
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    Need an armrest, so i went hunting at Kenny's in the sun. Poked my head in dozens of vehicles, then found the only current gen matrix in the yard with something very close to what I'm looking for. Im going to need to move the air tank, but well worth a $20 tinker....
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    Got invited to tour of the Range. I had to cut it short after the rock climb as I started to hear some suspension grinding and clunking due to a bad rod end (or 2) It was a shake down run after all
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    Picked up one of these Warn Epic Sidewinder shackle / hook replacements for the winch yesterday at Princess Auto. They still had a tag on the shelf for $59.56 - even though the sale ended they gave it to me anyway. https://www.warn.com/100635-epic-sidewinder-gunmetal https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/gunmetal-epic-sidewinder/A-p8915910e I'll get it on the Heep in the coming weeks to replace the rusty hook ... will clean up the front end a bit.
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    Accidentally broke the ARB pump to Viair tank pipe...it's copper, and it's a pain So I replaced it with a short piece of flex and a removable fitting. Also changed my antenna cable for a longer one
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    no I knew about it when I bought the Zuk
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    Off at a slight tangent whilst paint dries.... Spent my Christmas Amazon vouchers on a new radio since my trusty Uniden and QYT went with the F150 sale. I normally buy the little Uniden radios because they are simple, small and just work, however I decided that since my Tri-mode QTY was gone I would pay extra and buy a hackable amateur radio. So here it is, a President Ronald - 10M/12M AM/FM with 13W carrier and 50W PEP out of the box. I've already modded it by installing a 1K resistor which allows a menu to enable 11M AM (CB band) it has a ton of very cool features... Auto Squelch and Dual Scan (so I can monitor CB and FM at the same time if anyone has an FM rig on the trail, which does happen)
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    Oh and I love my Amazon welding helmet...night and day over my old Lincoln. Thanks for the recomendation @Powerram
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    Well the air tank lines are copper and i wasn't willing to spend the time to reroute them, so it's a hack job.... ...but i have somewhere to rest my elbow now lol
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    Rear seat belt towers were removed when I got the Zuk.....so I've removed the rear seat since I doubt anyone is going to sit there. The space left over is pretty small...only 40x30x20, so I'm going to fill the space with a couple of trunk organizers that I can lift in and out easily for parts and knickknacks.
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    Yep, pretty close lol, Dropped the truck off for some suspension work and mvi, so when I get it back it will inspected and ready to print money
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    Started cleaning up some of the minor surface rust
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    Previous own complained that nobody could hear his transmit on his cb Removed the hidden antenna, made a nice high removable mount ignore my welds, my helmet wasn't darkening, so i was welding blindfolded lol
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    Some more repairs and upgrades, some minor, some major, installed green led backlighting in the gauages, finished detailing the interior and did some wet sanding and polishing on the wheels, a pair of new front tires and built new slides on top of the frame for the deck to ride on. The old slide rails were rotten, and made of wood. New ones are heavy duty and have uhmw for antifriction surface. Also building the rails gave me a chance to try out my new welder. One other long term issue I have with this truck is that 100kmph the engine spins at 2789rpm and max Engine rpm is 2800. Gearing is 4.88:1/6.64:1 in the 2 speed rearend, and direct 1:1 in 5th gear on the transmission. I can't go with larger tires for two reasons, one is they don't clear the rear fenders and 2nd is loading angles of the ramp. Haven't had any luck finding any faster speed rear ends, so that leaves me with either finding a overdrive transmission, which is also kind of a needle in a haystack, or adding an aux overdrive transmission behind the transmission already there. That's probably the way it will go, but just thoughts, for now , I'll be that slow truck on the highway
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    Some milestones reached on the shed, etc. Later.....
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    New glass is in just gotta put the cowl back on
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    Overnight parts from Japan.
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    It's a flex-joint / johnny joint
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    Won’t be there tonight either, but soon! We often check out Vernon’s Diner on Wednesday nites. (Late summer Wednesday’s at least.) Last night there was an IH Scout 80 there. Beautiful Resto-mod from Liverpool way. Orange. And I forgot to take a pic! She had been at the big Brackley Beach show last weekend as well.(PEI)
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    Yes it'll do AM and FM on 10/12 meter band from 28.000 MHz to 29.700 MHz / 24.890 MHz to 24.990 MHz, which by all accounts are pretty dead bands. The resistor mod allows the radio to extend range to the 11 meter band 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz - making CB on AM is possible (and at 50W peak, not standard 4W) FYI, the 'club' frequency is in 70 centimeter band so it wont work there. There's nobody there anyway.
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    Woah ... a couple of repairs there. Was that misrepresented? Really interested in this radio you picked up! So it can do FM (like the "club radios") and CB at the same time?
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    Thanks, they're coming along with practice Welding with gas helps....a LOT!!
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    Nice work, and welds!
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    Looking good man!
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    Just a thought, If you Bevel the edges so it a tighter fit, but not closed, could probably get it in one pass, and still keep enough penetration, also preheating the thick material helps too, looking good, another thought, Wondering if the crack will crack somewhere else from making that connection ridgid between the frame rails? What about having a rubber mount on the framework where the cross member meets the frame rails, just thoughts out loud
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    That might be a bit much! Or, it will act like a keel with all it's weight.. lol.
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    Trans crossmember is next....it's cracked and the whole thing flexes pretty easily, and that's probably some of the noise I'm hearing when off road. Started (trying) to take it out, but it's fighting me being wedged between the exhaust, the front DS and the front link. Gonna need to remove the front DS. I have a spare crossmember, but I'm going to build a beefy one. Picked up some "3/8" steel to make an new beefier one....got home and it measures 1/2" LOL
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    Nope! From the guy with traditional buck/board suspension. In the meantime you have some maintenance to do! Keep at ‘er!
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    I need to get me one of these trucks!
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    I like the sound of that!!
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    looks really good - better yet, functional. I'd rather stop the rust than make it look pretty.
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    It was just a lazy clean up.....washed, wire brushed, rust converted, rust painted
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    Awesome rig, can't wait to see it in action
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    They say it takes about 5-7 homes before you get the right one. And you’re on about your 5-7th rig, right? Lol.
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    I didn't realize how expensive these things are until I went looking for a thimble. Even the current sale price at PA ($105.53) isn't bad comparatively. It's Warn so I'm confident it will be good, but we shall see in time how well it works!
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    He he. I didn’t think of that truck!
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    Who knows, I don't have anything in mind tbh. I do love the old truck, and that's the problem. I wasn't able to run the trail at the summer event on sat because it wasn't full size friendly. I could have run it but it was uber tight and would have caused some bodywork damage...and that's the problem, I can't bring myself to do it. So, I need something sized between the sami and the truck, that i can have fun with.
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    Driveway (small parking spot) was paved this week! Although not directly related to vehicle progress, it sure is nice to have it done. Been waiting since early May. Shed is expected to hit the next milestone in the next few days.... Fall is coming...
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    Those look real tight! Always happy to see new trail though.
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    Looking forward to hearing more about these trails, and eventually getting out on them in the ‘Burban ! Man, it’s been a long time since she’s been out. Personal sickness, Global Pandemic, domestic partner issues, etc. Shake head!
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