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    It has now seen light, it drove out under its own power and it stops haha, the floorr is done, one brace to put back in for the driver seat, still a ton of stuff left , but mostly little things, the last batch of repairs were alternator, and 2 idler pulleys, tensioner pulley, new belt, water pump is seeping, so I have replacement pump, just not installed, new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, changed the ECM, as soon as the truck saw a speed input, it went to high idle for the automatic, so I replaced it with an ECM calibrated for a manual transmission. Seems to run correctly so far, Here it is , made it under its own power to this spot haha,
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    Update, the wrecker I had purchased is beyond my means of repair, I'd basically be having someone build my wrecker body from inside out by the time they finish, not financially feasible. Still have some ideas about swapping and mix and match some gear to the burnt wrecker body. But in the meantime iv purchased a roll back car Carrier with wheellift , it is a topkick chassis, 6 speed trans, 2 speed rear so it has 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. It has been gently used privately and is in ok shape. Very similar chassis as my other topkick, also has the same Cat diesel engine. The new topkick also has a sleeper for the long haul, The deck is an alumnium jerr-dan with a wheel lift , so I can tow 2 at a time. It will have lots of other uses other than moving cars.
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    Another update, replaced all the baljoints, front calipers, dissembled rotors from hubs, cleaned, repacked bearings, new seals, reassemble, ran another 15' of brakelines for the front, made short lines to "bench bleed" master cylinder while installed in the truck, finished bleeding the entire system, installed all new body mount bushings in the cab, new steering components, ordered new clutch pedals, picked up fender mount solenoid for the starter,
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    Could not be happier with my light choice. They're not crazy bright like leds, but they're not blinding drivers and have all the coverage I wanted The front end in the truck however was not happy the last 2 club runs....making lots of binding rubber noises when extended. Once it's back on pavement it drives perfectly. I think the pivot bushings are long gone. Time to pull it in to the garage soon for its SAS.
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    Installed the Hellas....just got to wire them up I wasn't sure about round lights, but I really dig the look of them without the covers...the covers are waaaay to white.
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    Running Hard & Soft from Beaverbank Everyone welcome to join. This is a NIGHT run. MEETING 4.00pm - Tim Hortons, Middle Sackville - 1624 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8 DEPARTURE 5.00pm sharp PREREQUISITES Have enough fuel, food and water for the whole day. All vehicles should have proper front and rear recovery points. Rigs without will be turned away. Be sure to review the 'Rating Guide', 'Trail Risk Matrix' & 'Basic Requirements' pages below before deciding if the trail is for you and your rig. TRAIL INFO LOCATION - Beaverbank RATING GUIDE - 3.0 (Formed Trail) FULL SIZE DO-ABLE - YES BASIC REQUIREMENTS - https://www.backcoun...ent-guidelines/ NOTES Trail Information https://www.backcountry4x4club.ca/forums/forum/46-trail-information/
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    Update, cab adjustment are done, body mounts tightened down perminate, Bumper installed, few more little things to take care of in the front
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    Yeah, one would think, but iv got a bunch of welding to do on the cab floor and driver sill, also the bed needs some work on the cross ribs, Doing all the mechanical before I get to the body work.
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    Hit Hard and Soft again and night this time. We arrived at the trailhead and unfortunately Ken had to leave as a pully decided to let go on his F150. The rest of the run went well. On of my exhaust tips decided to shear off at the muffler and Roby had a coolant issue at the end of the trail that was easily fixed by adding some.
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    Sounds more like tradsies to me ...
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    I believe I have lots of spare that-era roof clearance lights........... I really like them and have them on the Burb. Could be donated for a good Ford for a Hot Chocolate...
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    Installed the new H4s and discovered the source of the poor lighting LOL Old transparent light is the left one in the 1st 2 photos
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    yeah can you delete the text and change my user to ovrlndr please Anonymizing a little Thanks
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    I really like this truck. I like old iron.
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    I've purchased bulbs at Cdn tire, no issues. H4 IIRC.
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    As noted before, I have similar. I bought the relay kit from LMC Truck. One for the Burb first, then later one for the Scout. BEST! You WON"T be disappointed.
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    My H4 light conversion housings and Hellas came in. Can't wait to get these headlights installed with relays
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    dont get me wrong, it's merely an observation rather than a complaint...I have no desire to build it, and the bouncy bench seat takes care of the rough ride just fine LOL
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    Picked up a dirt-cheap Warn winch mount the other day. Unfortunately I think it's going to be a little too narrow to bolt on directly. It's all just bolted together so I might be able to disassemble it and use some of it and make it fit, then build a C channel bumper around it.
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    Truck works incredibly well. The 3.50 gears and bull low NP435/NP208 combination is super slow. But I'm not rock bouncer, and the hardest trail it's seen so far was the little ATV-ish trail through the woods by Kelly Lake......it was rocky and very very tight. But zero issues in terms of crawling through it and being able to get a line through it all. I'm surprised how well it does considering it's immense size compared with the Zuk. On the downside.....I can feel the lightness in the rear sometimes. The radius arm bushings are totally shot, but the TTB is going away so I'm just keeping an eye on it. Also the lighting on this thing is worse than terrible as one of the sealed headlights isn't working very well. I have some H4 conversion headlights coming that I'll wire up on a relay as apposed to through the headlight switch....oh and Hella 500 fogs coming too
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    Ahh, Kelly Long Lake. Only been in there once. It was a good little jaunt.
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    ....and a sliced tire ...and Dave Robbie and I at Kelly Lake, and some very tight trails back there which were only just full size doable.
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    Had a small leak coming into the cab. Initially it seemed to be coming from the sun visor area, but I finally got around to locating the drip drip from the windshield seal and gooped it up with more of the same.
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    Iv actually done alot of figuring on the red topkick, I'm going to leave it as a tractor unit, and install a new 5th wheel onto it, and pick up a low boy flat deck trailer, that way I'll have the means to move some heavy equipment, or several jeeps at a time.
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    Coffee this week is 7pm Thursday at the Fall River Tim Hortons - 3290 Lake Thomas Dr, Fall River, NS B2T 1E6 Rolling weekly schedule; .Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 .Fall River Tim Hortons - 3290 Lake Thomas Dr, Fall River, NS B2T 1E6 - (Woodside when the weather is good) .Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8
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    Yup superduty swap on the old Bronco
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    Saw some posts on Fb, looked like a 1 Ton front axle going under the Bronc. That's some hole in the knuckle Jay! Replace it and forget about it. Otherwise, it will be an awful weak spot and catastrophic when it fails...……...
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    Found another complete '79 D44 axle set with arms but stripped gears thanks to Clarance, courtesy of Guys Bronco D69 upgrade. So I'll have all the 70s Ford D44 spares soon lol
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    Freshening-up / rebuilding the king-pin, leaf-spring, taken-out-of-a-running truck, Dana 60 for my Burb, was quite a bit easier than your task!
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    LOL... I'm getting there, but I think that title will always be with Matt with his vast experience
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    Heat where the bolts are threaded into the radius arm,
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    Picked up another D44 radius arm setup from Matt...thanks My other set is mid 70's with drums and 4.56's...this one is from a '79, with 3.50's, disk brakes and complete axle shafts, so should have mostly everything I need for the SAS, plus some spares I was in 2 minds what to do with the gears, but after wheeling Hard and Soft, I think I'm pretty happy with the stupid low gearing with the 4 speed and NP208 and 3.50's. ....so, just gotta remove those radius arm bolts ....any tips, like where to heat ?
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    Looks like our "data centre" (aka my basement) is experiencing power outages during this storm. Anyone want to start a "go fund me" for a backup generator?
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    We have a small portable genset, it's big enough to power a camper trailer comfortably. It's a 3500w peak and 1600w continuous, manual generator. It's just a mastercraft brand, but iv used it continuous through winter months powering my camper day in , day out, it runs great, only running issues is in the cold,-20 the gen runs cold and needed to be boxed in to stay running smoothly. Never had any problem in the heat tho, ran it in the summer months with just open air around it, couldn't guess how many hrs are on it. It's about 8 years old now.
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    Pulled the axle set I bought for the Explorer out of the weather. Looked at it, scratched my head and wondered WTF am I going to do with them. I'm thinking eventually the 9 inch will get the 4.56s swapped with 3.50s and put under the truck. The front '75 Ford D44 could be a nice winter project, it needs knuckles out for disk brakes...idk, source another complete axle and keep this one for parts. Maybe sell the 4.56s. @Powerram do you still have one for sale, and how much?
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