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    So, moving things around the stable, said good bye to my Black TransAm, and made room for this, should be fun, when the weather clears I'll have it at coffee, There is a lot of meaning behind my new Truck and this New to me car. 2019 is shaping up, the last 2 years have been a wild rollercoaster of financial stress, home problems, and some uncontrolled life changes, but now things are slowly taking shape, seeing clear direction and am getting it all together now. I'm now engaged, To my kiddos Mother, Mrs , Powerram, will be moving from the west and we and our kiddos will all be together again, Iv had my trans am for 13 or 14 years, lot of memories, but its time for fresh start, new memories and good times to be had. So introducing the little fox, a 1986 Capri RS, it has a stroked 351w, few goodies, its almost together , hopefully be together and ready to rock when the weather clears. I got it from a good Friend of mine, he put his heart into building this car, but found we both needed a change. So with a few tweaks, couple finishing touches it should be ready to run soon, Mrs Powerram is pretty excited too, there a lot of background info of what this car is going to mean for our family and what it will do for us. Being a car and off road loving family.
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    Very icy Muddy Myra was fun, and great to see some new faces :) The bridge bypass was 100% ice all the way, but the spooled up Zuk took it no problem 🙂 The trail is mostly just filled in, with little opportunity to play, so we were out by 11:30!! So, I took us to the pipeline that runs from Aerotech to Fall River, where there's a small quarry to play in. I ended up having carb issues. After performing some donuts near the end of Muddy Myra, the carb started over fueling. I checked out the float and got it working again. Then we headed over to the pipeline. By the time we got to the end of the pipeline, it started over fueling again. This time so bad it wouldn't start. So after a some more tinkering with the float, I got it going enough to get me home. I've come to the conclusion that these cheap Chinese carbs are junk, so the TBI is going back on.
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    Figured I'd start a build thread for this, its not home yet, but its paid for. Its a 1984 Ramcharger . 318cid, 727 torqueflight transmission, np208, d44 front diff, Chrysler corp 9.25 rear diff. Its all factory at the moment, except for the tires, it is wearing 33" federal courgia mt, not lifted, The plans are to clean it up a bit, some minor sheet metal repair, install a winch from the ford and wheel it, I'm not going to be as aggressive as when I wheel the ford, but will wheel it the same as I did the xterra. I really like the ramcharger , and my family does too , much more comfortable than the ford. Mods list include installing a 9" Ford rear axle and a spool. Also might revamp the rear bumper and tow points a bit. But thats all the major plans
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    I wasnt looking, but a new truck found me, went for a drive and this truck asked to come home with me. Hasn't been named yet, but is mine, it is 2018 Ram 2500 , 6.7 cummins, 6 speed manual , manual shift transfer case, and just the regular options pwr windows,doorlocks, tilt cruise, ac, nothing fancy, 4 door truck. Enough rambling, here it is
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    I have the A pillar mount mirrors that I just removed from the Scout. They'd be more useful on your Zuk than sit in the garage for a decade or two! You'd only have to buy me 'coffee' at Tim's on Thursday!
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    Guess I could have winched myself down backwards, lol.
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    Indeed, the front bumper will be changed out , the 33" tires sure fill the wheel wells, might just build up the spring packs for now, also the running boards will be removed too. Going to try and keep it not lifted,
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    SO MUCH WANT. Congratulations on the Ram Charger! I've done a lot of web wheeling with those.
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    XLT Ford trucks we have a fleet of them with the 5.0 engine and 10-speed Transmissions, they are all having issues with oil consumption all five of them 2017 and 2018 models one of them got a complete short block one of them got a pair of heads and the other two haven't been diagnosed yet and one is still in the oil consumption monitoring stage so that's five trucks all with an oil consumption issue the one that got the short block was using a leader a day with City driving, also the 10-speed transmission sucks it's always hunting never in a gear with up shifts and downshifts Skip shifts it just never seems to be in a gear it's always changing gears, I don't think any of them are over 20,000 or 30,000 clicks yet
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    I have the 5.7L HEMI and the 8 speed transmission. Avoid the first generation Eco Diesel (2014/2015) - they were garbage. They have a tendency detonate around 20k miles (bad cranks, bottom ends come out).
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    My bother had a rented GM last summer. 4x4, crew cab, 1500. He's used to a 2008 Dodge 2500HD Cummins 4x4 single cab. He hated the GM. Especially the start/stop engine management in traffic. Other than that I have no comments to offer! Good luck!
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    Great to hear good home/family stories! Best of luck to you and see you around! And congrats on the Fox!
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    I have !!! thats the funny part
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    I’m bringing some A-pillar mount mirrors. Dave Palmer might bring a sector shaft. Jay is in the loop. A three way swap! I might go in the Miller Road in the afternoon, and then meet you folks in Fall River. If I get stuck, everybody’s coffee will be on me after you get me out! 🥴
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    Could have also run a winch line over the bridge and used a snatch block to get to me if needed. Always one way or another to get where we need to go. 🙂
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    yay, I need some to wash off the thick layer of salt from the side of the zuk. I can hear the tin crying in the garage LOL.
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    I agree about the hill. I was 1st through it and didn't break through the ice. By the time I got parked up further up the trail, I'd missed all the action and the hole had appeared. I'm assuming the 6000lb Rover broke through. I'm not sure how we'd have winched Derek as he was last.
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    Thanks, I like it Yep, the manual trans the main reason I purchased it, I have the trailer too, just had nothing to haul it lol Leave it as is and just drive it, I got a lot of junk to haul for salvage, and also a lot of reno junk. Always had a big diesel truck , but the last few years were a bit different, but slowly getting stuff back on track.
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    Always good to take a Sammy along in case your Dodges break down
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    Whenever I see this pic, I picture Dave doing it in his Zuk!! LOL