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    We had no kids for a day, our off road exploration adventure started at the Radar Base, and went from there. We traveled some trails around there , then we went over to "Grandaddy hill" and went up, then some moretrails from there, turned back on 2 different trails, but will attempt once my truck is Matified to suit. Had a couple of questionable muddy encounters. Lots of crawling, and we tested out my photography skills lol. Here are the pictures from our exploration Date. Damages include the pass side mirror lens fell out, and I lost my car Keys somewhere. Fun day , we got home around 20:00
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    Not much progress, but iv decided to yank the z22 engine and trans, it has a couple little issues that I'm too cheap to fix, I have a nice running 302 and TOD trans. It's not a powerful 302 but runs nice and clean with that trans should drive nice. HP and torque ratings are 135hp and 246ftlb/tq.
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    Good idea @ color change. I love the way "old" engines look vs. the plastic masses that the new engines are. I was looking at my HEMI yesterday and you have to look pretty deep to see a valve cover.
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    Decided to change the colour to silver to help detect any further leaks....and because I had a spare can of silver. Ordered an new PCV valve and PCV grommet, because the grommet is rock hard, and the pair together is cheap to buy.
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    I didnt prep the covers much and the paint turned out horrible, so they'll get some sanding later for the next coat
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    Got my Ford Performance Parts today. Will post pics, but maybe after installation..... Been really busy with the new shed. Sadly I’ve been told the BackRack debut is now pushed back to the fall. Dang Covid..
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    Started replacing the valve cover gaskets due to a massive leak....10 minute job escalated. Maybe one day I'll be able to buy some nice billet covers, but for now the pitted rust is covered in black.
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    I love the sliding rear window in my truck. It creates a really nice breeze when you have it opened and another front window cracked. Venting the sunroof with the sliding rear glass open works super well.
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    got my sliding windows installed. actually an easier job than I expected. just lost the end of the rope on the last 6 inches, but that was easily fixed. also whilst the window was out I took the opportunity to replace the 'dissolving' plastic trim. next...windshield is coming out on left 'new' - old pair on right had been cut by the PO for some reason ?
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    Haha, should be fun little truck, still not a powerhouse, but at least it will be able to maintain speed, and have a little left over for other things
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    could have just been worn out when I got the truck, and with the mud and stress of the spool it may have just deteriorated really quickly.
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    Oh, the purchase of the rig started quietly.... But now the beast mode starts! lol
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