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    Could not be happier with my light choice. They're not crazy bright like leds, but they're not blinding drivers and have all the coverage I wanted The front end in the truck however was not happy the last 2 club runs....making lots of binding rubber noises when extended. Once it's back on pavement it drives perfectly. I think the pivot bushings are long gone. Time to pull it in to the garage soon for its SAS.
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    Installed the Hellas....just got to wire them up I wasn't sure about round lights, but I really dig the look of them without the covers...the covers are waaaay to white.
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    It has now seen light, it drove out under its own power and it stops haha, the floorr is done, one brace to put back in for the driver seat, still a ton of stuff left , but mostly little things, the last batch of repairs were alternator, and 2 idler pulleys, tensioner pulley, new belt, water pump is seeping, so I have replacement pump, just not installed, new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, changed the ECM, as soon as the truck saw a speed input, it went to high idle for the automatic, so I replaced it with an ECM calibrated for a manual transmission. Seems to run correctly so far, Here it is , made it under its own power to this spot haha,
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    LOL... LOL...the SAS isn't going to be as long and complicated as the Xterra SAS was, as it's pretty much bolt-off bolt-on when replacing F150 TTB. I'm at a stop right now and I'm just pending GUY's old D44 for the knuckles. Got the 79 axle painted up...
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    Hit Hard and Soft again and night this time. We arrived at the trailhead and unfortunately Ken had to leave as a pully decided to let go on his F150. The rest of the run went well. On of my exhaust tips decided to shear off at the muffler and Roby had a coolant issue at the end of the trail that was easily fixed by adding some.
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    Sounds more like tradsies to me ...
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    I believe I have lots of spare that-era roof clearance lights........... I really like them and have them on the Burb. Could be donated for a good Ford for a Hot Chocolate...
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    Installed the new H4s and discovered the source of the poor lighting LOL Old transparent light is the left one in the 1st 2 photos
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    I really like this truck. I like old iron.
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    I've purchased bulbs at Cdn tire, no issues. H4 IIRC.
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    As noted before, I have similar. I bought the relay kit from LMC Truck. One for the Burb first, then later one for the Scout. BEST! You WON"T be disappointed.
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    My H4 light conversion housings and Hellas came in. Can't wait to get these headlights installed with relays
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    dont get me wrong, it's merely an observation rather than a complaint...I have no desire to build it, and the bouncy bench seat takes care of the rough ride just fine LOL
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    Picked up a dirt-cheap Warn winch mount the other day. Unfortunately I think it's going to be a little too narrow to bolt on directly. It's all just bolted together so I might be able to disassemble it and use some of it and make it fit, then build a C channel bumper around it.
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    Truck works incredibly well. The 3.50 gears and bull low NP435/NP208 combination is super slow. But I'm not rock bouncer, and the hardest trail it's seen so far was the little ATV-ish trail through the woods by Kelly Lake......it was rocky and very very tight. But zero issues in terms of crawling through it and being able to get a line through it all. I'm surprised how well it does considering it's immense size compared with the Zuk. On the downside.....I can feel the lightness in the rear sometimes. The radius arm bushings are totally shot, but the TTB is going away so I'm just keeping an eye on it. Also the lighting on this thing is worse than terrible as one of the sealed headlights isn't working very well. I have some H4 conversion headlights coming that I'll wire up on a relay as apposed to through the headlight switch....oh and Hella 500 fogs coming too
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    Ahh, Kelly Long Lake. Only been in there once. It was a good little jaunt.
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    ....and a sliced tire ...and Dave Robbie and I at Kelly Lake, and some very tight trails back there which were only just full size doable.
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    Had a small leak coming into the cab. Initially it seemed to be coming from the sun visor area, but I finally got around to locating the drip drip from the windshield seal and gooped it up with more of the same.
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    Yup superduty swap on the old Bronco
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