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  3. DM = direct message. PM = private message. Same thing.
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  5. Had a play in The Range and The Flu tonight
  6. We're also thinking of changing to Wednesdays due to work commitments.
  7. Okay, okay. I Googled DM. D’uh.
  8. DM, PM, Messenger?
  9. So, I’m not a big social media guy, what’s a DM? PM? Thanks, I see it a lot lately.
  10. Hi Folks, Our new sponsor Extreme Terrain (www.extremeterrain.com) has provided me with a few coupons to use with orders on their site. If you're making an order DM me and I can provide you with one. I'll update this thread when they're gone. I just received some new door seals and front inner fenders for my Jeep - shipped quickly and prices were good! They even have open box deals which you might be able to take advantage of.
  11. A couple of us have still been trail running for a couple of hours on Thursday nights, so send me a private message for more info.
  12. Ok, so that exhaust tip turndown position was better, but I was still getting fumes in the cab, so I've been playing around with bends to figure out what will work. Then, I found a photo of a stock Sidekick, so I replicated that, which seems to be MUCH better. Just need to fix the extreme loudness @3500
  13. Added an exhaust turndown because I switched to the soft top and fumes were getting into the cab
  14. It comes with wires for power, rear camera and a GPS unit, and also a wire to connect to the reverse light, so when in reverse it flips to the rear camera with a faux distance marker. You can do without the gps and rear light wire, but it's got to be wired in, because the on board battery is just enough to keep it powered to save the video file correctly
  15. Pulled next week's from the calendar as well since we're in lock down.
  16. Pulled this week's coffee night from calendar. Assume with current COVID restrictions nobody is going out.
  17. I bowed out of a luncheon date today because of the # of new COVID cases.
  18. With the announcement of 38 new COVID cases this morning I'm going to bow out of tonight - fam going back to hermit mode.
  19. Removed tonight's coffee night and added this event to the calendar.
  20. The club is now doing "trail exploration nights" in lieu of some coffee nights. Check out the Trail Rides and Events forum for latest details - https://www.backcountry4x4club.ca/forums/forum/8-trail-rides-events/
  21. I was actually thinking about splitting these into individual threads and putting them in trail runs / events. Some folks likely subscribe to that forum and get notification when posts are made there.
  22. Anytime man oh hey jay we could attach this to coffee night thread??
  23. Thursday is trail exploration night! This week we'll be exploring the Airport Pipeline area. Leaving the Halifax Airport Tims at 7.15. The idea of these Thursday events is to spend 2 or 3 hours exploring new or existing trails. It's meant to be very unorganized and impromptu. It's not a club run, but everyone is invited. We also actively encourage you to put forward requests or ideas for trails that could have the potential for a club run.
  24. On sale until April 25. https://www.princessauto.com/en/10000-lb-12v-dc-winch/product/PA0008890659
  25. Free if anyone wants it ... otherwise it's going to the dump at next opportunity.
  26. Apologies for the recent spike in personal message spam. Two users managed to register / bypass spam defence and took the unique approach of spamming personal messages. The forum saw a spike of over 700 PMs sent in the span of minutes. "Circuit breakers" tripped and notified me of the anomaly and I shut it down. Unfortunately I cannot see or clean up your PMs - I had a couple of reports so I know they are unsavoury. I do apologise. If I see more registrations I'll take more drastic measures to curb the occurrences. In an effort to reduce damage on a future occurrence I have capp
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