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  2. Is everyone safe? I have folks staying with me now as they were evacuated. We are ok.
  3. I was using the JK to winch out stumps last weekend and I noticed that the brake pedal was soft and the winch was pulling me into the stump. I was hard on the brakes, at idle, and the brakes were slipping - the Jeep was inching / rolling towards the stump. I added some throttle to get the RPM up to give the winch more power and I noticed that the brakes also locked the wheels solid and I was then being dragged towards the stump with wheels locked and tearing the grass up. This was repeatable. At idle the brakes couldn't provide enough clamping force to prevent the wheels from being turned when the winch was pulling me toward the stump. Increase RPMs and the wheels would lock solid and I would be dragged, with wheels not turning towards the stump. I was thinking bad booster, but that should make the pedal firm. Bad master cylinder?
  4. Also try posting on the Backcountry page on Fb, this page doesn’t get much traffic anymore. Good luck!
  5. Hi looking for suggestions on where to bring a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter to install a lift I have here in the HRM (or close and I will travel). I have done the suspension aspect of it myself as the job is not that hard but I do not have the tools/ability to do they rest of it (the body lift). I cant track down a good place to bring it, Ive tried APJ and they are too busy, and Ive called a few places that dont seem very comfortable. The instructions are very detailed and should be a job that can be done with the right gear. Thanks
  6. And have the wheel bearings repacked! No. 1 failure on trailers!
  7. Provincial Spring in Bayers Lake. I’ve used them a lot when they were off Robie Street. For my bro’s Power Wagon, my Burb and my big trailer. Mainly for spring work, but they also build trailers. And Canadian Tire (little trailers) and Miller Tire in Burnside (big trailer).
  8. I would think Fraserway in Bedford can do a trailer even if its not a travel trailer. Not sure anywhere else, but lights, trailer brakes and chains I would think are the big ones for inspection. However I dont know for sure lol
  9. First time having to get a trailer inspected. Where do we like to take our trailers in HRM? What sort of things should I watch out for / make sure are tip top before I bring it in?
  10. I love the naming scheme - hilarious!
  11. Besides the bronco sport, we have a 91 ranger called “stumpy swamp donkey” with welded diffs and 35’s and an exoskeleton, a 06 ranger called “Boots” with welded diff on 33’s. My wife’s rig is a 02 explorer (called “Dora”) on 33’s. sometimes I take my f150 where I shouldn’t because it’s 2wd. It’s called “backpack”. Heres me abusing it
  12. Welcome! What sort of off road rigs are you driving??
  13. Welcome! I’ll have to check out your YouTube channel sometime. I was working on my ‘79 Scout ‘go for ice cream’ rig today. And looked longingly at my off road rig. You can also check ‘Backcountry 4x4 club (or something like that name ) on Facebook. We just had a run a week ago and are tentatively planning another one soon.
  14. Hi everyone, my wife and I are new members here and drive a bronco sport on road and several vehicles off road. my you tube channel is “ low range in Nova Scotia” can’t wait to meet up and do some runs.
  15. 3 out of 4 ain't bad, right? The bolt pattern doesn't fully line up - there is a "kink" in the bolt pattern that is a bit different than what the ARB must be. I could drill the fourth, but I'll see how it goes like this for now.
  16. Nice! Nothing like a good workbench. We’ve got several medium-sized ones at my brother’s big garage, and I’ve got a small one in my big ‘garden’ shed here at home. A few years back I had built a medium one in my attached garage at the time. And, like yours, mostly ‘over’-built with re-purposed lumber. Sometimes the top is ‘butcher block’ style made of 2x4s on edge. My plans for this summer include a good bench at the cottage in the ‘good-sized’ new Old Hickory shed there. There is one in the small ‘Kent’ shed as well.
  17. Also, my M.O.R.E. underhood ARB dual mount arrived. Initial eyeballing thinks the bolt holes will line right up with the Princess Auto compressor. Now to put that workbench to work ...
  18. Tired of working on the floor. Built a ratchet workbench using old wood from my old deck. The red you see is 4x4's from the railing and the red / orange / stained 2x4's you see are actually from the 2x8 joists that I ripped down to size. Workbench is 32" x 96", about 38" tall (I'm 6'3") and is on locking castors so I can move it around the garage. I'll put a shelf on the bottom eventually, maybe some drawers or something ... but wasn't a priority for the initial build.
  19. Matt, not sure if I posted this somewhere. Saw it last summer,
  20. Thanks , its coming, Yes, 73-80 has straight side windows and removable steel top. 81-93 curved glass and fixed roof.
  21. Looks good! I love these things. Is it the 1st generation that does not have the curved back glass?
  22. Here is a better pic of the ramcharger right before it got tucked away all winter in the garage. The engine is tired, and leaking oil from every where oil can possibly come from. I have a 360 magnum efi engine, most likely will end up doing efi conversion with the 360 magnum.
  23. I had a manual back-up light switch on my ‘88 Cherokee. The in-trans one was u/s. I placed it on my shifter as well, but I wouldn’t say it was ergonomically correct. It was very convenient though when someone was tailgating me or running their high beams. They tended to back off really quickly when they thought I was going to dump a transmission on the road directly in front of them! Lol.
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