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  2. That is an early 86, so it's the Datsun truck with Nissan badges
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  4. What year is that one? I had an 89 and it was an awesome little truck!
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  6. Went for a little self isolation tour, checked out some mild trails, breaking the little truck in. Mini me had fun, we found a real soft thick gooey spot along the way, the truck did well I think for what it is
  7. Got some new skins on, Did some checking out for mvi, few minor details needed, adjusted torsen bars slightly, installed matching mirror heads on the arms , did some cleaning of the inside.
  8. Right on. It's good to have a rig to just drive.
  9. Plans are to drive it as is, needs some minor love for the road, tires, u-joints and things like that. Then drive and enjoy, maybe further down the road a Toyota front axle sas
  10. Cannot overstate this. So much of wheeling is understanding your rig and honing your skill. You'd be surprised at how far the stock truck will get you. Tires help a lot. Lifts and other goodies get you further, but you can easily hide an issue with ability with an overbuilt rig (and underbilt skill).
  11. Don't see those every day! Plans?
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  13. Daily/ mild trail exploring fuel sipper. It is a Nissan 720 king cab 4x4. Stay tuned for more. It takes a better pic than seeing it in person, but overall solid. Some minor cancer to repair.
  14. Awesome, yes manuals off road have pros and cons , I prefer to wheel manual, Nice looking jeep out in the natural habitat
  15. Iv only ever wheeled long box ext cab full size trucks, hasn't been a trail I haven't fit on yet, or wait.....does self clearancing the body panels between trees mean I don't fit?.... Anyway, your Toyota will be fine, It's really not that long of a vehicle, and a great platform to start, and as you get more familiar with how it responds in certain situations , you can modify or improve its capaby accordinly, don't just throw a bunch of parts at it and expect to follow the built rigs, add each part or stage of the build one step at a time, so you can see what it does for you.
  16. We could do a virtual coffee night ... either by way of some existing platform (e.g. Skype) or I can stand one up for Backcountry.
  17. No coffee night sux
  18. Per the state of emergency being in effect until April 5, deleting the coffee night for April 2. https://novascotia.ca/news/release/?id=20200322001
  19. This ... you will certainly alter your paint. At the very least you're going to get "pin stripes" in the clear coat from alder bushes, low branches, narrow track (tree branches on each side of the truck). The first few hurt ... then you don't even give it a second thought. Check out "high clearance" bumper mods for the Taco. I have no idea what is out there. I did look into mods like this for the RAM. With the RAM you actually have to cut part of the bedsides (that the bumper wraps around). You can do it right on a body line so it isn't even something you'd realize unless you looked for it. It nets you close to an extra foot or so of ground clearance below the bumper. Not sure what the degree of departure increase is, but significant.
  20. Yeah! I figured it was a close / safe place to take it solo. I had an hour or so opportunity so I went for it. Manual transmissions offroad are 1) great and 2) weird. 4 low + 1st gear and letting it idle down a hill is very nice. Conversely 4 low + 1st gear and letting it idle up a hill is weird.
  21. the base is always a good spot for a photo-op
  22. how do you feel about pin-striping ?
  23. Those are some strait forward answers! thanks guys. Seen a lot of the bumper dragging on vids online. I can start looking into some bumper protection when I get on a few more trials. Thanks for that its been a major concern for me for a while, bought the truck without overlanding in mind. looking forward to my first club run!
  24. yes it was super soft up on the rocky part and on the trail - you could barely stand on it
  25. Here's the full unedited version of me trying to climb the rocks - the ground was super soft, and I only made it once my rear tires got some traction
  26. Looks like a good day at the Range! Soupy?
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