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  3. Welcome back James! Looking forward to hitting the trails with you soon.
  4. I dunked the motor on the XJ in a wet spot during a rally by the old Stanley Airport. After pulling the spark plugs and getting her running, and several days later pulling the interior and hanging the carpet to dry, she threw a rod out the block on the highway near Moncton. And and and. Great memories!
  5. ‘Welcome back’, sung to the tune of ‘Welcome back Kotter’. Haha, probably a TV show from before your time. I have a soft spot for XJ’s. I had me one of them! And I had a red ‘72 Jimmy, with a white removable roof, waaaaaay back around 1978/79….. Bought it in Revelstoke, BC one summer during University and drove it back East.
  6. Great to see u out wheeling again James. Jeep works good, and I like the red too
  7. Well it’s been a while since I’ve been around here. Finally got a working rig again. I never liked red phuckin’ Jeeps, but one managed to find its way to my house. I may have helped guide it here… Damn, I have missed wheeling
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  9. Not sure either. I've done some really lazy research and nothing obvious comes up. There are e-brake conversion kits which use a 2nd calliper which I've thought about ... but they are generic kits, not specific to the vehicle.
  10. um, hold on mr @TomWood - no mention of the Bullnose?
  11. Lol, I never even thought of that. I started a trend! A Suburban-coloured Ranger! Imitation is a great form of flattery!
  12. IDK what options you have for the Jeep and RAM, but this is a super popular hotrod conversion using this style of caliper.
  13. Hey @TomWood! Good to see you. The Ranger with the color, light, and rally decal just SCREAMS 1984 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 4x4
  14. I reeeeally would like to do a parking brake conversion on the Jeep and RAM so it uses this style vs. the internal shoe that ALWAYS sticks and constantly needs adjustment.
  15. Parking brake was super easy to install, as the stock cable was a perfect fit with no modifications needed
  16. Good stuff, Mr. Wood! I too luv my current-gen Ranger. And BTW I have a used PA Back Rack looking for a good home…. Interested?
  17. Well havent been around here much but have gone through a couple of vehicles. Also figured where we are vehicle/off road enthusiasts its a good chance to have a picture thread of your rides Picked up a 2011 Wrangler Rubicon for my wife, have had it a few months and it works some good. Also got rid of the Focus ST and picked up a 2021 Ranger XLT FX4, use it for towing the travel trailer and a daily. Rubicon has a 4.5" lift on 35s, ARB Rear Locker factory front locker, Chromoly shafts all around, and all kinds of goodies. Ranger has a 2.5" level kit in the front, the rest is bone stock. So far loving the Ranger, and the Rubicon (As some saw at the event) works amazing! Happy to be back into the 4x4s.
  18. Sold other vehicles so the Ram Raider will stay.
  19. Yeah, was sad to see it go, however, going to focus on keeping the Raider.
  20. I hope you were happy to see it go, that it wasn’t a ‘must sell’ thing. It has been a heck of a couple of years…
  21. Sold this truck today, going to a good home.
  22. Brakes are in, just need to hook up the parking brake lines. Took me a while to bleed them as they cannot be bled in place as the bleeder isn't at the top. Had to make the hard lines, which are toyota bubble flare to GM double flare.
  23. sar4x4

    Dodge Raider

    Yeah, the Paris - Dakar Rally. I used to watch it every January! Then even after it moved to South America. The USA doesn’t own claim everything big. The Baja 1000 is impressive, but big winners from it didn’t do so well in the Dakar….
  24. They are a pretty awesome little rig. They are re badged Mitsubishi Montero / Pajero / Shogun imported for dodge. Doesn't actually say dodge anywhere on it other than a Raider Ram badge on the fender, and a "Imported by Dodge" emblem on the rear door handle. Extensive racing history with wins and top ten finishes in the early 80's Dakar Rally Race. The Dakar rally race was a 9884km race through the desert and jungles with no rest days. Out of all entry's, only 32% got to the finish line. The first race for the Mitsubishi Montero was a basically stock Montero, 2.6L gas and only safety modifications in 1983. Pics below are of 1983, 1984 and 1985 Dakar races. I used to have every years race on vhs from 1983 thru 1986 but not sure where they are now. The creator of the race died on course of the race in a helicopter crash in the desert mid race. The race went on, but atmosphere had changed.
  25. Thanks. The stress-reliever has been laid up for a few weeks now, so really looking forward to getting it back on the road!!
  26. Thanks for the update! Lots of work required at the rear of your rig. Good luck!
  27. Bit of an update on the rear brakes. Unfortunately the Mitsubishi rotors are not going to work without major reworking, because they are too tall and a bit too deep to fit the caliper within the 15 inch rim..clearance is tight!!. No big deal as they were super cheap, so worth a shot. Because of MVI and the fear of an inspection seeing DIY brakes, I decided to buy Sky's Offroad Design caliper brackets and pre-modified Chevy rotors, just like Clarence's. If I factor in materials, my free time, which is pretty limited right now, it works out about the same cost as making my own brackets, buying standard Chevy rotors and paying for them to be turned to fit. So, excuses out of the way, I've got one side offered up, and made some brake line brackets. Next step is to chop out the other side and do the same. One thing I have learned is, the GM metric calipers with ebrake are an absolute PITA to setup. There are videos with various techniques to get it done, so no worries there.
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