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  2. Second payload under new management. Brought home a load of lumber last night for the deck. I'll have to snap a pic later - didn't grab one yesterday.
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  4. Looks pretty good and should be a nice addition. The Ford is also a great addition
  5. hey paul didn know his was u .....good o see u ....my keyboad is ttoastt took me 20 min o ttype this davve
  6. remove pirate stickers be worth more ......
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  8. Yeah, this is all over the Scout forums. Doesn’t mean anything to me! I like my classic!
  9. Good luck with the sale! For what my 2 cents are worth, I wouldn’t go a cent lower for that rig.
  10. So I'm thinking about putting the Jeep up for sale. With the way prices are now, I'm not really sure on what to ask, so was thinking about listing it for $9,000 and go from there. 2005 Jeep TJ Rubicon 208,000ish km on it 5x 35" General Grabber X3 tires (lots of life left!) 3.5" RockKrawler Triple Rate front springs 4" Rough Country Rear Springs 1.25" Body lift Fox 2.0 Steering Damper Stock JK rear shocks with shock relocators Rough Country belly up skid plate Warn Engine/Trans skid plate JKS adjustable front trackbar Extended rear sway bar links Rugged Ridge steering box skid Ford Windstar cowl intake Black Widow Gear front and rear tube fenders Hand throttle Mesh top Viair onboard air system Insta-Trunk Bestop HighRock Tailgate carrier (comes with new brackets to mount it inside as well) The below are all pretty new with very few miles on them. Rancho RS5000X front shocks RockKrawler double adjustable rear upper arms RockKrawler adjustable rear lower arms RockJock Antirock Front Sway Bar Rubicon Express double cardan rear drive shaft Rough Country adjustable rear trackbar (not yet installed) New passenger side floor pan (not yet installed) The frame is in excellent shape, and the tub is good except for a couple of spots on the rear passenger side by the tailgate hinges (should be looked over as I haven't looked at it much in the past two years). The drivers side floor pan had rust around one of the drain holes, but was patched. Both locker pumps work, though the rear locker is not engaging, and I haven't tore into it to figure out why. I have no intentions of the Warn M8274 going with it, but might include it for the right price. With the crazy prices of Jeeps now, I'm just guessing for a listing price for this. The Jeep isn't perfect (it is an 05 that was used in the woods), but works and runs well. Only thinking about selling as it hasn't been used much in the past couple of years, and I'm enjoying getting out on the ATV more right now.
  11. For @sar4x4 - apparently VW is bringing back the Scout nameplate as an EV! Volkswagen is resurrecting the Scout as an EV. But what was the Scout? (autoblog.com)
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  13. Oh ... right. I also got rid of the Ram and got a Ford.
  14. Nice! I thought you drove a Ram?
  15. I guess I can start a build thread for this? I picked up a car hauler - scratching an itch I've had as long as I've driven a vehicle capable of towing such a rig as I'm sure some of the cronies can attest to. Appears to be "well used" but solid - plenty of life left. Previous owner went through it and gave it a coat of paint on the areas you could reach without laying on your back (i.e. crossmembers are still needing paint). He also freshened the brakes, bearings, put new LED lights all around, and got it saftey'd one week before I purchased it. It's hard to tell in the photos, but there were a couple of items that needed to be addressed right away 1) the trailer brake battery was a lawn tractor battery crudely wired and strapped to the deck (see blue strap at front of deck between the ramps in above pic) and 2) there was no plate mount or plate light (how did that pass safety?). So I picked up a new trailer brake controller, attached it to the front of the frame, and wired it all in. I also put together a plate bracket and light and put it on the rub rail on the back - it is "supposed" to go on the lower driver's side fender, but I knew that would have just got rekt on the first drive. A bit hard to see, but the battery box is just inside the second upright on the front. I also yanked off the old straps that are attached to the front of the frame. I think I'll cut the winders off the front someday and perhaps reuse them on the sides ... or I might just take them off and save a couple of pounds lol. Here it is with its first payload under new management. I picked up four concrete pillars for our new deck. They are about 900 lbs each and about 5.5 feet high. Pulled it great. The deck is fine ... but it's showing age and has a couple of holes. I think I might pull it later this year. That will also give me easy access to rehab the crossmembers and inspect / clean up any wiring hidden below it.
  16. IMG_2987.MOV
  17. Got one! Should be sufficient for what I need.
  18. Check that the coupler is in good condition, not beat with a hammer or bent, the breakaway cable and batterybox, make sure the little pin is there to pin the coupler, safety chains and hooks present. To get rough idea of wheel bearings, Just rock the top of wheels in and out , listen /feel for clunk. Slight movement is normal, excessive movement and very audible clunk probably needs repack or replacement. There not too much to them, just tapered roller bearings, and drum brakes are just shoes with a magnet on the brake arm. Sounds like ya got the rest under control, there are 2 types of suspension, torsion axles and spring axles. All personal preference, torsion axles are usually smoother running in my experience. But I have had good luck with my spring axles, cheap to replace a leaf pack or a bushing. But both are tried and true. Sometimes torsion axles have more center clearance for rough terrain.
  19. Any tips on what to look for when checking out a trailer? I'd look at "obvious" stuff like the deck being rotted, wiring, paint, check lights, tires ... but what about the "important" stuff? Best way to check hubs, brakes, axles? Anything else?
  20. I do the jack for all cars on my trailor
  21. sar4x4


    Good to know!
  22. Do we really? Irving claims that it does not import any Russian oil.
  23. Good info, thanks @Powerram! Would be pulling behind a 1/2 ton. Based on the Jeep alone it seems like a low deck would be the better option. In future, if it's not the Jeep / 4x4 it would be some sort of sports car type thing which makes a low deck make even more sense. TBH I've just always wanted a trailer and these are loose justifications for buying one
  24. sar4x4


    Diesel prices may only be this bad in Atlantic Canada. We import Russian oil, instead of Western Canadian oil. Go figure!
  25. I'm sure if they paid to ship that beast over here, they aren't too concerned about the cost of fuel haha. Awesome looking rig tho
  26. It will fit, I hauled a crew cab long box f350 on a 16' Deck over and between the wheels both have pros and cons, yes break over angle is an issue, some of that can be relieved by having a 10k jack on the front, lift the nose of the trailer to load Lower items, helps, but doesn't fix everything. Can do the same on a standard car trailer too, iv had corvettes on my 20' 14kgvwr trailer that is between the wheels. An added bonus of the deck over is width, and all flat, makes hauling big hot tubs a breeze. The other question is, what are you hauling it with? Deck over puts your hauled item up into the airstream more. For example hauling a lifted jeep on deck over will be well above the roofline of most pickups and in the breaking its own wind path, something to think about for efficiency, that adds alot of wind resistance, increasing fuel consumption


    Chocolate and pastries, usually.... DK I think
  28. Good point. 4x4 ok, but anything lower would be useless.
  29. With a deck over you can forget about hauliing cars . To much breakover at the ramps . I have that problem with low cars on my trailer
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