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  2. All mounted up, and the plug for the controller is installed. I went a little different with the plug for the controller. I'm mounting the contactor under the hood, so the box won't be on the motor with the original plug. I figured where I put it, it would be pretty safe from stuff hitting it, and from road spray.
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  4. I guess that means you don’t have to lift it any higher! Lol
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  6. I have a Titan and absolutely love it! I've had it on rallies, to Newfoundland and to Quebec. Like Tom already mentioned just drive them all. Quality wise I find Nissan is right up there if not better than a lot of the others. I have a PRO 4X and went to Antigonish this weekend, averaged 11L/100km. Up and back I used about half a tank and still have 400kms till empty (according to the onboard computer), my best mileage so far was in the 10L/100km range. Overall I'm extremely happy with it thus far.
  7. Oh, and here's a sneak peak of it on the Jeep.
  8. She's all welded up, and the fist coat of bedliner has been sprayed on it.
  9. Replaced a rear axle seal, the brake shoes and hardware for the inspection. Also for the inspection I wanted to hook up the parking brake hardware, but the parking brake lever and auto adjust cable has been 'deleted' on the left side. 2 steps forward, and one back LOL Oh, and it fits in the garage....just gotta trim the mechanism a little.
  10. jay


    Shortly after I bought it, a guy in Truro IM'd me about it, and his massive Explorer addiction.....it was him that bought it. I took a loss, some you win some you loose. But I'm happy it's gone, and that it went to him as hes a nice fella and he'll enjoy it, and I also think it would have sat for a long time otherwise.
  11. Picked up a piece of 1/4" plate today, and started making the winch plate. I have the general shape cut out. My poor old angle grinder was pretty hot by the end of it. I have to say, I love the Canadian Tire Maximum super thin cut-off discs. Took 3.5 of them to cut it out. I still have to notch here out some more, and round the corners a bit on both sides. I think it's going to look pretty good when it's done though.
  12. The bedliner is done, now to just wait for it to cure fully and put it back together. I'll probably have a few spots to touch up, or that I missed that I'll need to just brush it on.
  13. derekmac


    Man, that didn't take long!
  14. Picked up a rear bumper, blower motor (not 100% sure it'll fit tho) and emergency brake equalizer, thanks Matt Now I have the equalizer and my in inlaws are back in the UK, I can start with the little laundry list of repairs for the safety.
  15. jay


    Exploder is sold....gone to a new home.
  16. I'm looking for a piece of 1/4" plate, 34"x9" (can be bigger, but not smaller). If you have a piece you'd sell, please let me know.
  17. So I started the next project, bedlining the interior. I have a bit more sanding to do, then a final wipe down before spraying it.
  18. My brake service kit arrived, so the winch is back together. The new contactor will be here Tuesday, along with a remote for it. I think I'll mount the contactor under the hood, and put the plug for the remote in the grill. Still undecided on that though. I also need to get a piece of 1/4" plate cut so I can have the TMR mount welded to it and get it on the Jeep. I should make a post and see if anyone has any... Anyways, here's how it's sitting right now.
  19. My Ramcharger also has a np208, I have zero concerns with that case,
  20. Good to know about the tcase, and I wasn't going off experience As you know I drive like an old lady, but now I have a V8 theme tune, I have to admit my right foot is getting very heavy. And yes, the Ford is somewhat heavier LOL
  21. Full size, non-computer, non-AC North American rigs ARE easy to work on! Sit in the engine bay. Sit upright underneath. The only things you can't do, like you did with the Sammi, is lightly pick up T-cases, axle housings, ENGINE BLOCKs, etc. lol
  22. As Powerram says. The NP208 has a bad reputation by virtue of it's aluminum case. And chain. Sure, it's not going to survive Big Block power, 54" tires, etc. But GM put it behind (low torque) diesels, military trucks, etc. And my Burb is on it's original NP208C. With the chain, it's a LOT quieter than an all-gear case. And survives moderate use. You should be all right Jay!
  23. That is an awesome t-case, it survived in my ford for years, the only issues iv had with the np208 is impacts cracking them, both times I had no skid plate
  24. Made a little progress after work today....tackled the heater controls. First off...I'm loving how simple this thing is bolted together Removed the blower motor and found a chunk missing out of the plastic 'basket blades'...so that's what the vibes are. So I ground the same again off the other side to balance it out. The bearing is toast tho, so I coated it with WD40 as a temporary fix until I can replace it. It doesn't vibe any more and it's quiet...for now. Fixed the defrost problem...thankfully the blend door is good, the cable had just popped off it's mounting clip The temp control vavle moves but the cable has seized and somebody forced it and snapped it, so it'll need replacing once I figure out how the heck I remove the control panel LOL
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