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  3. Nice vid! From what I’ve watched so far. Including the early 90’s bobbed Chebby!
  4. Another video of High Voltage got posted by Rick
  5. This is my current biggest regret in life ... I didn't get the phone out to take pics. I still have one stump to pull so perhaps I'll remember to get a pic / video of that action. The full tree would have been something to watch I think - about 10 feet in diameter and about 20 - 25 feet tall. Yanked it up and over like nothing with the loose rootball.
  6. Our power was restored at 19:30 hrs. (7:30 pm). With the website at the time saying ‘eta’ of Wednesday night, and a robo-call an hour earlier saying Tuesday night. So we were overjoyed at this Sunday night!
  7. Pics or it didn’t happen, lol.
  8. Successfully used the winch on the Jeep to yank a stump out of the ground and pull another tree into a better position to be broken down. It fell over into a bunch of other trees and yanked the root ball with it. So I righted it and then "over pulled" it so it fell the other way so that I could more easily cut it.
  9. All pretty good here in Lucasville. No main power but we have a good sized generator. And we are on city water so no disruptions there. We have Bell Fibreop cable and Internet, so we power the ‘cable box’ and the TV, and we are good-to-go. The only main thing not on the gennie is the electric hot water heater.. but we are working to change that before the next storm. Raked the few leaves and twigs up..
  10. Still no power here not excpected unti Wednesday . Cell service is spotty at best . Had none until this morning . Only damage is lost one of the shades off outside light on garage .
  11. How'd everybody do? We lost power for a couple of days - came back last night. Six trees that I can see down - including three of the ones in our front yard which were planted over 20 years ago That's a bummer. No structural damage though so we're lucky.
  12. Earlier
  13. I probably have aa second gen one kicking around
  14. ah I see. yes I did find some like that, but with the handbrake and tiny dimensions, i think they would take more reworking than starting from scratch. maybe I'll still make one if I run out of zuk-chores
  15. TBH - it does look great! I'd keep running that for now. re: generic console - not sure specifically, but they do make stuff like below that just "generically" can be made to fit into a rig. You'd have to find the general dimensions and then probably massage the bottom of it to sit properly.
  16. Looks mint to me! At least by camera and 200 km away….
  17. hhhmmmm maybe. tell me more. I ended up playing with the JB weld. if u squint it's mint
  18. I read the top right quadrant in the direction of travel is where you don't want to be.
  19. videos don't do that hill justice. I was in 2 minds whether to do it or not for quite some time lol.
  20. Sounds like that hill claimed a few casualties.
  21. I was impressed with the Bronco, considering where he put it for a brand new rig it did well. Just one snapped CV climbing the same side Hill that Jay has the video of his going up. I sheared a valve stem trying to climb that hill lol
  22. As prepared as possible. Have to take some time tomorrow to run to the house and get it ready for the hurricane. Then tie down the stuff at the camper lol
  23. Looks like Fiona is coming right for us. Hurricane Fiona remains on track for Atlantic Canada | CBC News Based on the current track Halifax will get less wind (relatively), but a ton of rain. Everyone prepared?
  24. Very cool! Not quite as "off the show room floor" as the H2 with 38's and literally nothing else but a slight t-bar crank, but I love to see these factory wheelers supporting the industry.
  25. Some of my photos from the weekend.
  26. Badlands with 3" level/lift with 37s
  27. would a generic center console work?
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