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  2. Could not be happier with my light choice. They're not crazy bright like leds, but they're not blinding drivers and have all the coverage I wanted The front end in the truck however was not happy the last 2 club runs....making lots of binding rubber noises when extended. Once it's back on pavement it drives perfectly. I think the pivot bushings are long gone. Time to pull it in to the garage soon for its SAS.
  3. Hit Hard and Soft again and night this time. We arrived at the trailhead and unfortunately Ken had to leave as a pully decided to let go on his F150. The rest of the run went well. On of my exhaust tips decided to shear off at the muffler and Roby had a coolant issue at the end of the trail that was easily fixed by adding some.
  4. Last week
  5. Originally salvaged off a pickup in a salvage yard in Harrietsfield, around year 2000........
  6. Sounds more like tradsies to me ...
  7. You are most welcome! Want me to delete this thread Mr. Anonymous?
  8. I believe I have lots of spare that-era roof clearance lights........... I really like them and have them on the Burb. Could be donated for a good Ford for a Hot Chocolate...
  9. Installed the new H4s and discovered the source of the poor lighting LOL Old transparent light is the left one in the 1st 2 photos
  10. Done. Keep this in mind if you have login issues - you should be able to use your email, but it may now look for your original name.
  11. Yeah I dig the styling of this era f150
  12. yeah can you delete the text and change my user to ovrlndr please Anonymizing a little Thanks
  13. It's an admin field. What do you want me to change it to?
  14. I know I can change it as admin for you ... I'm sure it's a setting somewhere. Hang on.
  15. I really like this truck. I like old iron.
  16. Hi, there was a time when you could change your display name and the text highlighted. How do I change it now ? Thanks
  17. Installed the Hellas....just got to wire them up I wasn't sure about round lights, but I really dig the look of them without the covers...the covers are waaaay to white.
  18. Thanks Eugene, I'll take a look next time I'm in there
  19. I've purchased bulbs at Cdn tire, no issues. H4 IIRC.
  20. hope so cuz they were only $24 for the pair delivered LOL.....need to find bulbs, but they can't be any worse than what I already have
  21. As noted before, I have similar. I bought the relay kit from LMC Truck. One for the Burb first, then later one for the Scout. BEST! You WON"T be disappointed.
  22. My H4 light conversion housings and Hellas came in. Can't wait to get these headlights installed with relays
  23. dont get me wrong, it's merely an observation rather than a complaint...I have no desire to build it, and the bouncy bench seat takes care of the rough ride just fine LOL
  24. I run a lot lower air pressure than the Manual suggests, because of course the Manual is spec'ing for factory 28" tall tires. And leaf springs. You're spoilt Jay, by the 'plush' Zuk ride! Maybe you want trailing arms with coil springs like the early 70's Chevs, or the current Rams....
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