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  2. Through the week may be a bit more difficult but not impossible. Its an offroaders campground so there should be lots of people willing to go out
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  4. That would be cool. We arrive in NS on the 14'th, and interested in wheeling on the 15'th through the 17'th.
  5. We will be at Fox Mountain campground that has a ton of amazing trails off it during that time. I am sure there could be a nice run organized around that time to go on.
  6. Thanks for the invite. I'll certainly join a group run if dates allow.
  7. Hey Greg - your best bet is to keep an eye out here / FB for a "group run". We won't post details of trails publically as some of them are on private land, etc. That said - you're more than welcome to join us on a group run / club run. I'd like to see that Bronco in the dirt!
  8. Thanks Eugene. I found the FB group, and will watch that for ideas as well as this forum. gp
  9. Hello Greg P, from Eugene P. Thanks for reaching out! A few folks will post some ‘bucket list’ ideas / venues, including myself. Also consider checking our Fb page of a similar name, it garners more activity these days. After a record breaking warm January (basically above freezing the whole month), we are being invaded by a Polar cold front. The temperature just dropped 12 degrees Centigrade in the last 6 hours….. from above freezing to 0 Fahrenheit….. Come visit in the summer! Lol
  10. Hello, My wife and I are visiting Nova Scotia this August for 4-5 days from Virginia, as part of a longer trip to Newfoundland. We're wheeling a '22 Ford Bronco, and interested in trail recommendations, from easy up to perhaps your rating of 2.5 or 3. As we'll be a long way from home, I don't want to risk damage. The Bronco is a 2 door on 35's, with lockers both ends. Like (I assume) many tourists, we're arriving on the boat in Yarmouth and departing North Sydney, and currently keeping our options open regarding the best areas to wheel. Scenery is more important than the technical attributes of the trail.... just hoping to see some of your beautiful province off the tarmac. Thank you very much in advance for any recommendations, Greg and Kim 20220919_172856088_iOS.heic
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  12. they look amazing...and I really really need to stop visiting that site LMAO
  13. Sticking with the stock 5x5 bolt pattern, I did a 17x8.5" wheel with 4.75" backspacing. There is also a 17x9" with 4.6" backspacing. Tons of options on their site for other bolt patterns. https://www.methodracewheels.com/products/701-matte-black I ordered them through Performance Edge in Tantallon.
  14. The wheels look awesome! What backspacing options were available? A half decent joint with tore boot makes a nice trail spare if you replace!
  15. It’s called a Tie-Rod end, appropriately enough, and usually abbreviated as TRE.
  16. Got the tires mounted on the wheels and the wheels on the Jeep. Super happy with them for fitment. No rubbing lock to lock. I think they will get into the liners a bit when articulating, but I do have a new set of metal liners for the front that hopefully will help there. Ended up replacing the front left caliper and new pads in the front. I should have done the right side as well - so I'll do that next. Still pulling slightly to the right under braking, but much better than it was. The left caliper piston was clearly stuck. Greased up the front end components (they needed it!). Found a boot with a pin hole on one of the ball joints for the tie rod. Can I just replace that boot or do I need a new ball joint? I think it's called a ball joint ... screws into the end of the tie rod and connects it to the pitman arm.
  17. Bleeding the front brakes (including proportioning valve) is a 3 person job. Have to hold open the valve which reduces pressure to the front discs vs. rear drums. (ATM mostly sprucing-up our 35 yr old home……) All good!
  18. The Scout is more driver than Concurs(?), lol, but I hope (4 letter word), plan (another 4 letter word), INTEND to have it at the New Glasgow car show this summer. And other shows.
  19. Jay - you can get Grade 8(?) ‘pinch’ nuts. Very similar to a Nylon lock nut but all-metal construction. The ‘pinched’ part of the nut won’t wear off like Nylon could, nor melt like Nylon could. Parts For Trucks Burnside used to carry them. I have a few on the ‘Burb for critical bolts.
  20. for the high steer, but they are just generic Land Cruiser TREs
  21. I have been eyeballing the same wheels for some time but can’t justify yet just like jay said. But if 37” BFG KM3s ever are available again (been trying for a year to order a set) I might sell my krawlers on the rims in hopes to get a set of these methods! Can’t wait to see the photos of the tires mounted and hear how they perform!
  22. Great that you are making progress! I’ll have to drive up some night in the summer for coffee night to see it!
  23. What brand are they? Are these for the trail gear high steer?
  24. TREs came in....no castle nut or provision for a cotter pin, just a nylock nut. I might have to drill it for a cotter pin to be extra safe.
  25. Just noticed this today! Now I’ll Google Kendrick Lane… lol
  26. Been installing a new muffler to replace the one I had to cut off, to get at the brake line, etc etc. Slow but sure…. Thanks for the likes Paul! Lol
  27. Tracking down some steering vagueness. New 1995 Land Cruiser tie rod ends on order.....
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