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  2. I like the divider a lot @SQRLPWR! My Heep came with an aluminum basket that attaches to the cage and divides the rear space when the back seat is removed. I've kept it as I like the idea of splitting the vertical space for more storage.
  3. Do it! I’ve planned/wanted a similar cover/divider for the Suburban. Been on my long list forever. It will allow me to securely store tools underneath, and give a nice working surface above. I’m considering a flip/hinged open top as well.
  4. Thinking about some kind of sectioned off area in the back of the Zuk because with the soft top, out of sight is out of mind; I'm storing a spare tire there I like to carry some parts and tools, just in case So, I mocked up a divider out of scrap wood. I'm thinking really simple and not necessarily super secure, either ply top covered in speaker carpet with 2 sides, or a fitted canvas/tarp arrangement. Pros/cons plywood - cost, concerned about if I get rear-ended, solid, can add rails on top for extra carry capacity, could be a place to mount radios etc., IDK how I would fold the soft top down canvas/tarp - cheap, might be noisy, easy to remove/change if needed I'm on the fence.
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  6. It’s good that you can do the maintenance!
  7. Recently noticed the spare tire was moving a lot more than normal. So I had to remove the spare tire and carrier temporarily because the supports are cracked through the bumper and the tire was starting to hit the tailgate lol I need to beef up the bumper some more to give that massive 35" tire some extra support. That's a LOT of weight hanging back there. Looks a little sad without it lol
  8. More maintenance. Cleaned and tightened the 2 front side arms. Almost had a problem with one as the first threads are really bad, and it took me 30 minutes to get them started. Gonna need to buy some spares, just in case.
  9. Owning rare rigs is cool, but also a PITA
  10. Noticed the MAF sensor housing bracket had broken off it's mount, and the air filter was rubbing on the moisture boot, and ruined it. So, made a basic more flexible aluminum bracket with double MAF mounting bolts. Hopefully it's not going to stress the MAF housing any more.
  11. It has been a three step forward and two backward kind of week with the Scout. Currently waiting for new calipers from RockAuto and the proper aforementioned lock ring from a Scout parts site in Oregon, US of A. Not any in Canada for a ‘79 Scout. Not going to be able to work on it for a few weeks. A good domestic change happening. More later!
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  13. @SQRLPWR. Thanks! It popped into my feed yesterday and I got to watch only the first 5 minutes so far. And in that short clip we (J and I) confirmed something on our rig.
  14. One for Eugene.... if you haven't watched it already. Derek is a hoot to watch, and his vehicle revivals are hilarious @sar4x4
  15. You might/should be able to paint the calipers w/o removing them. I have them off to replace the rotors and brake flex line. Made it easy.
  16. I keep thinking I should paint callipers ... and decide I don't want to deal with bleeding brakes. Looks good!
  17. A bit more. And some parts arriving today as well.. Just for fun!
  18. And using YouTube to see how to do things. Timesaver!
  19. Isn't the internet marvelous lol
  20. Took front RH hub/brake apart today. Partially reassembled. When removing the hub, the wheel bearing lock nut was loose, but had not backed off. Found the locking ring / mechanism was FUBARED. In true today’s digital era, while we ate lunch in the garage, we ordered a new-style locking ring set. It will be here Saturday.
  21. Bit more progress on the brakes. Currently working on the front. I hadn’t worked on external style hubs before, only internal style.
  22. I'm not mad at the white actually. The sand color looks like a shadow in the photo on the white wheels. Regardless, both look great!
  23. Paging @Lil'monster - any thoughts?
  24. Fancied a change of wheel colour and can't afford new rims. Initially went with white, but it was too bright, so changed it to a sand/beige
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