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    The speed sensor issue has been resolved. I swapped out a burned out component with a spare dash and I now have an electronic output from my cable driven speedometer to my ECU. No codes and no engine light now on my swap!
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    Update, My towtruck is in a shop to have the repairs done and MVI, I believe I left it with the best, I have picked up the parts needed for the MVI, nothing major, mostly little things, it's a smaller shop iv left it with so it's not first in line, but I know they will get to it when they can. Getting pretty excited.
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    Rad support is finished, next is onto brake lines, going to replace 100% of hard lines and flexlines
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    I picked up a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport with about 73,000 km and lots of goodies. 6 speed manual. I'm the second owner. Factory hard top + "sprint top" soft top from Bestop. Smittybilt XRC 9.5k winch w/ synthetic rope. ProComp 4" Stage I lift kit with AEV control arm drop brackets. ProComp adjustable front and JKS adjustable rear track bars. JKS quick disconnect swaybar end links. Aftermarket tie rod and drag link - looks beefier than factory, but not sure of manufacturer. 35" Goodyear Duratrac's on some sort of aftermarket wheel. Rubicon axles + factory lockers. Rear is trussed, front is trussed and sleeved. 4.10 gears ... looks like it may have C gussets as well. Superchips Flashpaq to account for gears and tires. Aftermarket front + rear bumpers (Smittybilt I believe) and a few other goodies like Rigid lights and bumper mounted tire carrier.
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    Got the truck home, Shop did everything I asked them to, yesterday I saw that the antifriction pads were missing in the rear location of the deck. Ended up getting a sheet of UHMW ( Ultra High Molecular Weight ) polyethylene. It's a very dense very slippery surface , used between the aluminum deck and the steel subcarrier. It was a bit of a chore to cut but I got it cut and placed in the plate. I have enough uhmw to replace all the pads and the strips . Then onto wiring , the deck side marker light have been out since iv owned the truck , so now they are operational, also the upper signal lights didn't have brake lights, found the issue, made some wire swaps and now they function with brakes and signals. I put my youngest to work on polishing. And she did pretty good. Few more minor things to do, more updates as they get done
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    Accessory bar done. Next job, exhaust....it's slowly sawing through the front driveshaft when 4wd is engaged lol
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    Truck has made it to the shop to get work done. Having the Brakes, Throwout Bearing, slave cylinder, starter, main power cable, transfer case and the driveshafts done along with the drivers side floor repaired. Should be good for a bit after this as long as I keep my right foot out of it.
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    Loose mounted springs on the front axle, stuck tires and wheels on the axle to take some measurements. Also have the new winch for this truck, still need to fab up some mounts for the winch plate.
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    Some pics of the latest fun.
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    Yep, indeed. Today, more parts research and measuring, and eyeballing, figure I'll use 1.5" lift jeep yj front springs for the front of my swap, Chevy flat top knuckles for crossover steering, regular tierod but shortened for the application, figured out the spring pearches, got the front designed pretty well in my head, not doing the rear springs untill I have the front installed and figure ride height, Today I removed the spring pearches from the H233 rear end, just need to pick up u bolts and it is ready to install. Planned tire size is a 33-12.50R15 tire.
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    Luckily I had a spare cam pulley. I reassembled and the noise is completely gone, no tick, nothing. The only noises to be heard in the driving video are the truck itself shaking because my krawlers are no longer round from sitting for the last couple months. They flat spot and I need to put more than 10km on them to get them round “ish” again but this test drive was a success! IMG_9361.MOV IMG_9362.MOV
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    Really excited about this! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnXnIiJSgyq7qDx1M-81GQ
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    I picked up my driveshafts last night after a quick turn around from a dam good machinist. Tonight I painted them and put the rear in the truck. I was also able to adjust my tachometer because my new cheapie amazon obd2 reader came that gives me real time readouts. The wheels were all torqued, seats installed and clutch system bled. I am hoping to take it for a test drive tomorrow!
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    Went for a little self isolation tour, checked out some mild trails, breaking the little truck in. Mini me had fun, we found a real soft thick gooey spot along the way, the truck did well I think for what it is
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    Update pics
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    I got everything buttoned up tonight, and the old girl made it out of the garage. Will test on it in the daylight.
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    It has now seen light, it drove out under its own power and it stops haha, the floorr is done, one brace to put back in for the driver seat, still a ton of stuff left , but mostly little things, the last batch of repairs were alternator, and 2 idler pulleys, tensioner pulley, new belt, water pump is seeping, so I have replacement pump, just not installed, new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, changed the ECM, as soon as the truck saw a speed input, it went to high idle for the automatic, so I replaced it with an ECM calibrated for a manual transmission. Seems to run correctly so far, Here it is , made it under its own power to this spot haha,
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    Got the new front seat installed in the Ford. Did a test drive and its much nicer now!
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    So this turned into a saga with a happy ending..... In between re-organizing my bomb-site of a garage after filling it with a used pool over winter, my Lincoln welder has gone missing. So I ended up repairing the gun on my Mastercraft only to have low speed wire feed issues. I totally forgot it was the wire issues that caused me to buy the Lincoln in the first place. So I ended up getting super frustrated and ruined the patch. Thankfully Paul came to the rescue and did a real nice job of welding it up for me
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    Here is the ramcharger with its stock tires on, runs good, needs some TLC and a steering column. Drives nice, more to come
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    Heard it may be going in the shop this week to start the work, excited to get it back!
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    It’s still like new just a tiny ding. I test flexed it in a big rut before taking it out. It takes a fair bit to flex out the suspension that far so it was easy to avoid until I got a chance to extend them.
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    There is one route of the loop I'm thinking of that is a bit of a winch fest, I'm looking at other possible bypass for it, also it is over grown with some underbrush and some scraggly evergreen, it will be hard on paint, but but is wide enough that it shouldn't inflict any damages. I haven't had this truck through there yet , will need to get the winch mounted. I will probably do some more scouting with my 4 wheeler, it's a little quicker and more nimble to do some scouting. From my house is pretty awesome for trails in the area, can head many directions, from Beaver bank, to ellershouse, to rawdon , and to tantallon and more in no specific order
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    Bumper is done. I have to re weld the vertical runs as they are shocking....I cannot weld up hill!! I'm super pleased with how it came out. I'll add a stubby bull bar the height of the market lights later. Burnt it all with my DC stick 7014 rods on my generator. 100ft of 12/3 on a 15amp breaker doesnt work very well lol.
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    Got the oil changed in the Jeep today and hung my fire extinguisher on the roll cage in the back. The straps are a bit long, but this is a 2 lb extinguisher (I thought it was 3). I suspect a 3 lb would fill out the straps nicely.
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    727 lbs of refundable steel. The old shop vac canister is chock full and overflowing. Another load to go next week.
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    Sizing up the mount for the winch , looks like it will be an easy mount, just need to pick up some material, the mount is a warn Brand winch Mount, for what, I have no idea, but here is the sizing up pic. It will be a little closer to the bumper than in these pics
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    Bought an almost free cheap dirty broke down tool box, just to throw my recovery gear in and keep the box free of clutter. Also pulled out the plastic liner. I'm glad I did because the bed is painted with bedliner, and the plastic liner has started to rub away through to the metal and surface rust is starting. Also pockets of vegetation and water had collected under the plastic liner too. Box is in mint shape though...and I want to keep it that way
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    I mounted some LED ‘cube’ lights on the push bar, and will wire them in as DRLs, with an override switch so I can also start or drive the truck without them. I like multiple functionality..
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    So the tube bumper is growing one me lol. The old girl has had some modifications to the front frame. A section of c channel was used to 'box' it and a bracket was welded to that. Maybe for a plow. So, I cut off the bracket and kept the c channel, so I can make way for a winch plate.
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    While waiting for my driveshafts to be modified I finished wiring up my accessories to my auxiliary panel, got the computer mounted, put the rest of the dash together and put a coat of tremclad on the floor for good measure.
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    Some pics during the face lift stage... Before: Mid re-fit: And with the signature side window,
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    Iv only ever wheeled long box ext cab full size trucks, hasn't been a trail I haven't fit on yet, or wait.....does self clearancing the body panels between trees mean I don't fit?.... Anyway, your Toyota will be fine, It's really not that long of a vehicle, and a great platform to start, and as you get more familiar with how it responds in certain situations , you can modify or improve its capaby accordinly, don't just throw a bunch of parts at it and expect to follow the built rigs, add each part or stage of the build one step at a time, so you can see what it does for you.
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    The coolant system is now complete. The last piece of the puzzle was the inline temperature gauge pickup housing. It came as a 1/8”NPT and was drilled and taped for 3/8”NPT to fit my mechanical gauge. I’m not sure if my temperature gauge in the dash is dead or if it was a sending unit on my old engine. This way I can be sure not to overheat my new engine.
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    I got the fan brackets built today and radiator in the truck. Lots of clearance and just have to wire it up to finish. Also got the exhaust welded up from the muffler back. Getting really close to startup!
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    Oh buddy.... Im pumped!! Shaking like going through withdrawal, can't sleep, chest tight, I'm ready for this!!
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    Saw this today and thought of your rig!
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    One from yesterday. Plan to go there again tomorrow. This was the only pic taken of a finished item yesterday, but other small projects were well underway and will be finished shortly!
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    Another update, replaced all the baljoints, front calipers, dissembled rotors from hubs, cleaned, repacked bearings, new seals, reassemble, ran another 15' of brakelines for the front, made short lines to "bench bleed" master cylinder while installed in the truck, finished bleeding the entire system, installed all new body mount bushings in the cab, new steering components, ordered new clutch pedals, picked up fender mount solenoid for the starter,
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    Update, iv been working on the Ford off and on over the summer, did the world's longest time consuming rear brake job known to man on this truck, parts unavailability, made some parts, but back brakes 100%new, and new park brake stuff , new used beefy springs, all new spring perches, bushings in the springs, new shackles, new hardware to bolt it all together, , new u bolts, new rear shocks, painted the back half frame, Removed rear fuel tank, installed new radiator support, new used grille, headlights, bezals, performed 5speed swap, all the heavy trans swap stuff is done, new clutch kit, flywheel, but still need to install pedals, changed the transfer case, relocated the trans crossmembers on the frame, new used front springs with old bushings pressed out, new front shackles and all new hardware, swapped out the front axle housing, here it is sitting on its wheels again, still a ton to do but it's coming.
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    Coffee night was fun...we hit the Range for some light weeling Jesse got some cool shots of me with her fancy Samsung S10 :)
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    No more progress yet, but im off all weekend, should get some work done on the ol truck. Hoping to pull both fuel tanks, and clean up the frame, also need to remove rear suspension. Hoping to have frame and a suspension prepped for reinstalling the box.
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    Well I got it antiqued today and i almost didnt make it home..it had no power, was kangerooing and backfiring out of the exhaust. Turns out the coil was on it's way out. Luckily I had a spare MSD Blaster 2 from the carbed Zuk that I forgot to give Dave So number one priority is replace plugs, wires, distributor cap & rotor. It's still got a misfire under load, but at least it's driveable now
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    I forgot about this thread … My “new” gauge cluster malfunctioned shortly after installation - the speedometer needle jumps around +/- 5 or so km/h. I’ve been working with the dealer for a couple of weeks now on another replacement (issues with stock).
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    The bedliner is done, now to just wait for it to cure fully and put it back together. I'll probably have a few spots to touch up, or that I missed that I'll need to just brush it on.
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    Got some work done on the crew cab, swapped front bence for buckets and center console, alse got new rad support in, had to change the rad support pearches out, they were rotten too. Going to replace all the body bushings, The red paint is all I had here, it will be painted black eventually
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    I hold my hands up and admit I had severe buyers remorse with the Explorer. So, I bought a 99% rust free 1982 F150 with a 4 speed standard, 351W 4 barrel, lifted 6 inches with 3 inch body lift and 37" Wrangler MT/R's Originally a red automatic 2WD truck from Alberta that has been in the same owner for 7 years. it's had a lot of love. I always wanted a bull-nose and now my plans have changed to something I can keep long long long term....damn internet LOL It's not perfect...it needs a few little TLC interior jobs, a carb tune-up, and the trans is hard to get in gear. Maybe some paint here and there on the underside. Plans are ...well no plans really. Drive 'er
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    We should try and revamp / revive our club sponsors. We used to have good deals with various local and online retailers.
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