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    Rad support is finished, next is onto brake lines, going to replace 100% of hard lines and flexlines
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    Got the new front seat installed in the Ford. Did a test drive and its much nicer now!
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    Update, iv been working on the Ford off and on over the summer, did the world's longest time consuming rear brake job known to man on this truck, parts unavailability, made some parts, but back brakes 100%new, and new park brake stuff , new used beefy springs, all new spring perches, bushings in the springs, new shackles, new hardware to bolt it all together, , new u bolts, new rear shocks, painted the back half frame, Removed rear fuel tank, installed new radiator support, new used grille, headlights, bezals, performed 5speed swap, all the heavy trans swap stuff is done, new clutch kit, flywheel, but still need to install pedals, changed the transfer case, relocated the trans crossmembers on the frame, new used front springs with old bushings pressed out, new front shackles and all new hardware, swapped out the front axle housing, here it is sitting on its wheels again, still a ton to do but it's coming.
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    Got some done today, pulled cab supports, and rad support mounts from the burnt wrecker, they were still good, tom came over and grabbed some parts today, then I started dissembling the f350 front clip in preps for removing the cab, got lots done today, also pulled the rusted mounts off the good frame . lots more to take apart, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Progress is halted till after the rain
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    Radius arm pivot and C bushings ordered. Just waiting on buddy to break another truck as he owes me a disk brake swap and a short side inner and outer shaft. The bonus with this front axle is the radius arm perches are welded on, as apposed to the 78/79 which was cast with no tube in between the perch. Since my frame is a couple of inches narrower than an f150, I can simply cut off the perches and weld them inbound. That will save me from having to deal with the coil towers, and keep the factory hardware.....the more I can keep stock the better.
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    Yeah, one would think, but iv got a bunch of welding to do on the cab floor and driver sill, also the bed needs some work on the cross ribs, Doing all the mechanical before I get to the body work.
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    That has not played into my scenario @TomWood. Pipe down over there
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    Got the front bumper on the truck now, looks a bit better
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    Some pics as is for some before and after comparisons
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    Picked up some tires for the ford too,
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    It turns out gaskets kits for this engine aren’t easy to come by and aren’t cheap. I decided I would clean some parts up until I was ready to order. It might as well look half clean if its going to get rebuilt.
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    Good for you! I can't imagine driving w/o ps. Although I did on something or other back in the late '70s...………. Although I have to do some minor finagling to convert the Burb to cross-over steering. On the list! Been working slow but steady on the Scout lately. I'll post pics someday!
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    XLT Ford trucks we have a fleet of them with the 5.0 engine and 10-speed Transmissions, they are all having issues with oil consumption all five of them 2017 and 2018 models one of them got a complete short block one of them got a pair of heads and the other two haven't been diagnosed yet and one is still in the oil consumption monitoring stage so that's five trucks all with an oil consumption issue the one that got the short block was using a leader a day with City driving, also the 10-speed transmission sucks it's always hunting never in a gear with up shifts and downshifts Skip shifts it just never seems to be in a gear it's always changing gears, I don't think any of them are over 20,000 or 30,000 clicks yet
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    Since my Canadian Tire compressor has been slowly dying, and will only air up two or three tires before shutting down, I decided it was time to replace it. Searching on Amazon, I found a great deal on a Viair OBA system, so I pulled the trigger and it should be here tomorrow.
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    So, my plans are to still outboard the rear shocks, and I have a couple of new projects to add to the todo list. I ordered a transmission cooler that I'll be using as a power steering cooler. The pumps are known to overheat when running bigger tires through twisty trails, so I figured this was cheap insurance to help prolong the life of the pump. I ordered a Viair OBA kit that comes with a 2.5 gallon tank. My Canadian Tire compressor will only inflate 3 tires now before shutting down, so I needed something new. I'll keep the CT one installed since it's out of the way in an ammo can under the hood. I did a caliper swap on the rear in preparation for the shock outboard. I had to switch swap backing plates to mount the calipers in a forward position so the shocks would have clearance and not contact the calipers in the factory location.
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    Maybe we can plan a club run and do some more exploring around there ?
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    I'll sell ya a gently used ford on tons
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    Big Grin! I don't remember 'overall' it being too hard...……… But I haven't fixed my two 'bumps' yet either! But they were from being a bit too ambitious, the trail is full size friendly if you take your time on the twists and turns..... But you can break stuff if you try! I bumped the LF and RR fenders right at the very corners of the truck. On the by-pass to the Mud Hole I believe. Overall, I think our M.U.D. runs have been EPIC! Always going somewhere that most folks don't know about. And most folks don't tend to re-run either. Technically, M.U.D. 2017 was the 'hill' in Ledwidge, (Muddy Myra), and the Drill Road was maybe the second weekend of M.U.D. 2017, or not. Ahh, good times. More to come another year! I'll have a year of lost time to make up for!
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    Picked up a dirt-cheap Warn winch mount the other day. Unfortunately I think it's going to be a little too narrow to bolt on directly. It's all just bolted together so I might be able to disassemble it and use some of it and make it fit, then build a C channel bumper around it.
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    Found another complete '79 D44 axle set with arms but stripped gears thanks to Clarance, courtesy of Guys Bronco D69 upgrade. So I'll have all the 70s Ford D44 spares soon lol
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    Pulled the axle set I bought for the Explorer out of the weather. Looked at it, scratched my head and wondered WTF am I going to do with them. I'm thinking eventually the 9 inch will get the 4.56s swapped with 3.50s and put under the truck. The front '75 Ford D44 could be a nice winter project, it needs knuckles out for disk brakes...idk, source another complete axle and keep this one for parts. Maybe sell the 4.56s. @Powerram do you still have one for sale, and how much?
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    Running Hard & Soft from Beaverbank Everyone welcome to join. This is a DAY run. MEETING 9:00am - Tim Hortons, Middle Sackville - 1624 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8 DEPARTURE 10:00am sharp PREREQUISITES Have enough fuel, food and water for the whole day. All vehicles should have proper front and rear recovery points. Rigs without will be turned away. Be sure to review the 'Rating Guide', 'Trail Risk Matrix' & 'Basic Requirements' pages below before deciding if the trail is for you and your rig. TRAIL INFO LOCATION - Beaverbank RATING GUIDE - 3.0 (Formed Trail) FULL SIZE DO-ABLE - YES BASIC REQUIREMENTS - https://www.backcoun...ent-guidelines/ NOTES Trail Information https://www.backcountry4x4club.ca/forums/forum/46-trail-information/
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    I'm picking up a set of 235/75-15's tonight. Can't wait to see how funny it looks, lol.
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    Coffee this week is 7pm Thursday at the Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 .Fall River (winter) / Woodside (summer) .Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8
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    Definitely! The new road/trail itself may peter out quickly, I don't know. I only went a couple hundred metres on foot, mostly walking a very small dog. But it was heading towards another road. There are just so many interesting roads/trails in there that we haven't been on in ages. And a few that we haven't. And maybe some more new ones I don't know about! If someone will give me a ride, I'll supply the 'intelligence' (I use that term loosely, lol). We may start off of the Pockwock Road and end up in Ellershouse........... So late yesterday I 'brought up' the detailed map I have of the area. And started fixing it up. It goes up and over as far as most of the west Panuke Lake trail 'Big Jones'. I am fixing that up as well. AND it covers where you folks went last February(?) at the end of the 101 service road. And I'm not forgetting the new, as yet untested, hill climb I found in Rocky Myra this spring. Sooo many trails to run.......!
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    If my calendar math is correct, tomorrow's coffee night is Middle Sackville.
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    ha very true, there's no rush as I have aftermarket gauges for everything but gas, and it's PITA carrying around a loaded gas can everywhere LOL
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    Thats not too bad! Pretty decent list
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    Needs some light(s). DITCH the incandescent headlights to start! Oh wait, I'm thinking like it's my truck, lolol.
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    Welcome to the world of a classic and robust winch. And a beautiful Jeep with quality workmanship..... Congrats Derek! I hope to meet you on the trail/event sometime again soon!
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    Full size, non-computer, non-AC North American rigs ARE easy to work on! Sit in the engine bay. Sit upright underneath. The only things you can't do, like you did with the Sammi, is lightly pick up T-cases, axle housings, ENGINE BLOCKs, etc. lol
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    If they were square bodies I'd have already bought them
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    G'day everyone, Aussie here; I'm in and out of NS for a couple of weeks at a time with work, lovely place! I'm a Patrol guy back home (Y61 GU4), and while moving about the place here I can't help but imagine how much fun it'd be to run some of the trails around here. So to sate my curiousity -- what does the law and regulations have to say about off-roading (in road licensed vehicles -- we too have specific rules for unregistered bikes and quads) for you guys? This is mainly out of curiosity, of course. The land here looks fantastic and I doubt it would stay looking this fantastic if there weren't strict rules in place, but seeing some of the trails leading up and along the power lines (a common and well known place for people to start out over my way) I imagine they definitely get some use. A lot of the track use my way is regulated by knowledge of the track's existence, and respect for the track and surrounding environment's quality. Well known, close-to-the-city spots typically get gated off because of dumping and other issues. Thankfully we definitely don't have a shortage of land -- and having tracks a little further out definitely helps to keep them in much better shape for everyone. Cheers!
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    ha yes...it's feels weird driving something this big after the Zuk LOL. It's going to take some getting used to
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    Two light coats on the underside, which is probably all it really needs since it won't be seen and will get dirty fast.
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    went and picked up the box , it was rotten, however, it had Full replacement fiberglass box sides on it. Iv successfully removed one side , planning to remove the other tomorrow morning, I have a box that has no rust underneath, but the sides are a mess. That will work perfect for the donor box to put the glass sides on.
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    Set of Irocks, only a few hrs of use, 2 mild trail runs, never seen pavement, rims are 15x10 5 on 5.5 so that fits dodge , ford, Suzuki and some old jeeps. Will trade straight across for pre superduty front, ford dana 60 axle. Ball joint or kingpin doesn't matter to me, dually or srw doesnt matter either. also have a set of 8 on 6.5 wheels I could mount instead of the rims currently mounted , or I could mount your wheels on the tires. Will do straight swap on the axle, or $1800 cash. Really looking for that axle.
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    Testing image upload.
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    Whilst trying to decide what to do about a snorkel on this thing, I took a look at the air intake tube and noticed the front of the intake tube bolts to the core support facing forward. Great for cold air, even better to suck in water! Also the intake tube is narrow, is probably restrictive and takes warm air off the manifold with a vacuum valve. That junk is all gone now. I've decided not to install a snorkel this time, but I'll add a reverse intake scoop and use 3 inch flex pipe to connect it directly to the air box. I doubt water would ever get up to the hood level after the SAS.
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    Do you know something @TomWood?
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    Also in terms of reliability I bought the truck with 90k and have 110k on it now with nothing but gas being put in.
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    This, good call! I always ran mine inside the truck as well.
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    I got it all installed yesterday. First let me say, the plastic airline that Viair sends to use for the pressure gauge is the worst stuff I've ever tried to work with!! Super stiff, and kinks easily. 15min in the oven at 170 did the trick though and made it easy to work with. Since I installed it inside in the back, I put my Instatrunk back in so I'd have a shelf to put stuff on. I was going to mount the tank underneath tucked up by the frame (which is a common place), but I really wanted to keep everything inside.
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    If/when my Crappy Tire one fails, I'll know what to buy!
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    The Cummins has sat unmoved for about 5 years, and the wheels weren’t removed before that for I don’t know how long! Restoration coming!
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    Only ran Twisted Sister once, a very long time ago. I remember it being a fun trail. I was a passenger and it was a night run, so couldn't see too much.
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    'Petrol' is cheap right now, you should fill 'er up!
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    I still gots lots of seats to choose from
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