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    Got the truck home, Shop did everything I asked them to, yesterday I saw that the antifriction pads were missing in the rear location of the deck. Ended up getting a sheet of UHMW ( Ultra High Molecular Weight ) polyethylene. It's a very dense very slippery surface , used between the aluminum deck and the steel subcarrier. It was a bit of a chore to cut but I got it cut and placed in the plate. I have enough uhmw to replace all the pads and the strips . Then onto wiring , the deck side marker light have been out since iv owned the truck , so now they are operational, also the upper signal lights didn't have brake lights, found the issue, made some wire swaps and now they function with brakes and signals. I put my youngest to work on polishing. And she did pretty good. Few more minor things to do, more updates as they get done
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    Accessory bar done. Next job, exhaust....it's slowly sawing through the front driveshaft when 4wd is engaged lol
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    Truck has made it to the shop to get work done. Having the Brakes, Throwout Bearing, slave cylinder, starter, main power cable, transfer case and the driveshafts done along with the drivers side floor repaired. Should be good for a bit after this as long as I keep my right foot out of it.
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    Loose mounted springs on the front axle, stuck tires and wheels on the axle to take some measurements. Also have the new winch for this truck, still need to fab up some mounts for the winch plate.
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    Heard it may be going in the shop this week to start the work, excited to get it back!
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    It’s still like new just a tiny ding. I test flexed it in a big rut before taking it out. It takes a fair bit to flex out the suspension that far so it was easy to avoid until I got a chance to extend them.
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    There is one route of the loop I'm thinking of that is a bit of a winch fest, I'm looking at other possible bypass for it, also it is over grown with some underbrush and some scraggly evergreen, it will be hard on paint, but but is wide enough that it shouldn't inflict any damages. I haven't had this truck through there yet , will need to get the winch mounted. I will probably do some more scouting with my 4 wheeler, it's a little quicker and more nimble to do some scouting. From my house is pretty awesome for trails in the area, can head many directions, from Beaver bank, to ellershouse, to rawdon , and to tantallon and more in no specific order
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    Bumper is done. I have to re weld the vertical runs as they are shocking....I cannot weld up hill!! I'm super pleased with how it came out. I'll add a stubby bull bar the height of the market lights later. Burnt it all with my DC stick 7014 rods on my generator. 100ft of 12/3 on a 15amp breaker doesnt work very well lol.
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    Had a little poke around Ellershouse and Bowater yesterday. I don't have a mount for my phone so I didn't do GPS ... I also didn't think to take photos. Getting used to driving the Jeep now vs. what I was used to. First time airing it down and disconnecting the swaybar. I'm getting used to it.
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    Thanks, it cleaned up pretty good, the interior was a positive point of decisions to purchase this truck, I also have some pics of this truck when it was rebuilt in the 90's. It has an interesting history with alot of sitting around. There is a Toromont Cat reman engine in it, and I don't believe there is much for milage on it, it's showing 150,000kms on it. And I don't think it was a tow truck its entire life, but am not sure of its previous history
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    It's factory, but it's also the same piece in the other brands. They all stamp their p/n on them. But made from the same manufacturer, and are interchangeable between them. Just letting ya know if you need to replace a lens or switch, not to limit your search to just ford. Makes it easier to find in multiple applications
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    And I should have posted this under the Runs Section perhaps...
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    This past weekend I extended my front bump stops. When I first put them in years ago they were limiting travel so I cut them down but took too much off. I was able to flex so much that the tire was getting into the fender and the springs were going more negative than I would like. More importantly with the new engine I could flex so much that the drag link was hitting the oil pan. To get out for a run I put in some 3/8” shims but it still wasn’t enough so I added back in a section of what I took out previously. I had also left my battery holder slightly loose fitting so I could add in some thin rubber to secure the battery with. Dave hooked me up with a truck tube that did the trick.
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    Started to mock up a mount for my lights out of some 1x2 rectangle and flat bar
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    I was doing some trail scouting, on a few trails I knew were there, but never traveled them, they were overgrown, but easy going. However one trail decided it liked my fender emblem and kept it, went back the next day and collected it. There are alot of fun trails in the area , but are short, I'm looking to map a loop out of a few of them to make a good day of wheeling, as running only one would be short and sweet.
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    Looking forward to hearing more about these trails, and eventually getting out on them in the ‘Burban ! Man, it’s been a long time since she’s been out. Personal sickness, Global Pandemic, domestic partner issues, etc. Shake head!
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    Yeah, good luck with that! Lol Good to hear it's being worked on!
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    The Vette is a 2005, Targa roof , 6speed manual and was for sale last year, It's my mom's car.
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    Hi I have a sfa 94 Toyota with a 2.7 engine, and am looking for 4.88 gear sets, lockers etc. Thank you. Doug.
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    I got the gas leak sorted out today so I could get out for a drive in the nice weather. Turns outs I had mixed up the return and vent line at the gas tank a while back but never noticed because the vent line was plugged up until the swap. Having replaced that section of the vent line it now mattered that the two were reversed. I was able to get out and put the last few km on so I could call it the engine broken in. I changed the oil again and took it past 4000Rpm for the first time. The exhaust is also much quieter now! IMG_9403.MOV
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    The front frame on those trucks have no support from the coils springs and forward, that's why it is not recommended to install a plow on that body style truck, I twisted and mangled the frame in Tom's truck plowing with it, it compressed, twisted and dropped about 4", they move alot, and straighten easily, with the rails tied together with the winch Mount, that frame in Jays truck is stronger now than it ever was, squeezing the rails slightly will not effect anything on his truck, newer frames are much more ridgid than older frames
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    I developed a pretty bad exhaust leak at the connection between the crossover and the downpipe while breaking in the engine. I reused the original downpipe thinking it would be good enough for now. “Now” didn’t last very long so I ordered a section from rockauto to make the repair. The quality was poor overall, the O2 bung was welded so badly a sensor wouldn’t install. Thankfully I didn’t need that piece and cut and rewelded the other bad seam. What I was really after was the flange where the gaskets seal as the original was missing a lot of material. I buttoned it all up and took it for a nice quiet drive. During this drive I developed a gas leak on my return line. I plan to address tomorrow with a new section of line and a union. 100km more to go and it will be broken in and ready to be put to work!
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    Got the oil changed in the Jeep today and hung my fire extinguisher on the roll cage in the back. The straps are a bit long, but this is a 2 lb extinguisher (I thought it was 3). I suspect a 3 lb would fill out the straps nicely.
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    Some pics of the latest fun.
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    When it's up and running, I can take ya out on a call or two, of course after the pandemic clears up
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    Very cool! I'm learning a lot about tow trucks.
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    Yep, all the time, if ya get a run up to cape Breton or into newbrunswick, after ya already put in 5 hrs of your shift, by the time you get to your destination, the driver ends up being out of hours. Or even heading down to Yarmouth, that would be around 7 hr round trip in a towtruck including loading, and unloading and driving time, easy to run out of hrs while on the job so the sleeper pays for itself, rather than turn down the job or cut into the expense of the job with motel or accomadations. here are a couple local trucks with sleeper bunks
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    Nope, most heavy towtrucks have sleepers, but mine is kind of light being only single rear axle, I'd say the med duty trucks are not as common to have a sleeper, but most of the heavy towtrucks with tandem or tri axles have a sleeper
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    Those seat belts look awesome!! Love the man on tractor logo
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    Nice scores!! That dome light isn't a ford product, however a optional piece supplied to major car manufactures, I used to have a bunch of those here , I took them out of Chevy vans, and Cadillacs, but have seen them in Ford's and the odd dodge. The truck is looking real good!!
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    Found a completely incorrect 4wd shift knob to replace my broken one. The pattern is good, but there's no need to 'push down' on my tcase. Also a very trick Ford 'tripple' dome light at Kenny's today. I'll swap it over to LED because it gets super hot when all 3 bulbs are on, and I burnt my fingers lol Also tripped over a perfect sliding rear window seal... for a mere 5 bux I snagged that too....I'll leave it mellowing in the sun
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    Thanks, more progress today, got the headache rack bolted down, it used to just sit in the stake pockets but was partially torn out , did some drilling, rerouting wires, fixed some wires going to the lights on the headache rack in the process, did some body adjustments on the fender, the pass door was binding slightly, waiting on some engine mounts and some sleeper bunk mounts and a new pair of front signal lights. After those items were finished up, I did some more polishing , here is the before and after
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    Took an impromptu little rip through Bowater yesterday. Stayed on the main road, barely got a puddle splash or two. Did the loop from the power station, up past the ‘Old Annapolis Hiking Trail’ and back out at the new 103 exit into IngramPort. Also checked where the washout was just in from the IngramPort exit and was very surprised to see it was fixed! It gives a ‘new‘ short crossover between the two entrances. I’ll have to lead a day’s run through all the maze in there, and out to the 101, etc. Beautiful day to be out! Having ‘Asplundh’ cut a tree today for our new shed. Amongst power lines.. Busy busy!
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    Those look real tight! Always happy to see new trail though.
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    State of emergency was extended on May 1 (sorry I missed it). Punting out this week and next week's coffee nights on the calendar.
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    Looks good man
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    Looks great! Woo Hoo!
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    That looks great! Really suits the truck and follows the lines well!
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    First impressions arnt to bad, looks like a nice winch, has great reviews, supplier in Canada, handheld remote feel cheap, has built in wireless, comes with everything pictured, mounting hardware, wireless and corded controller, snatch block,hook, 85' of 3/8" wire rope, roller fairlead and weather proof cover. It's also available with synthetic rope for slightly more $
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    Hello. My name is Travis. I do a lot of trail riding and exploring in my area. I recently bought a more reliable vehicle to hit the trails with. 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road. All stock except new tires. I love the out doors and respect the environment also. Over landing seems to be my new obsession. So I'm planning on building my rig to full fill that obsession.
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    good eye! Not new, they came with the '74 SAS setup I bought for the Explorer. I've installed them because I was chasing a noise, and I thought the RC springs that I had on before were moving around in the coil buckets because the RC coils are smaller at the bottom.
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    I thought about that ... it's right inside the trunk. Being a two door I figured that was better than high on the cage in the back seat.
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    727 lbs of refundable steel. The old shop vac canister is chock full and overflowing. Another load to go next week.
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    So I went off script, took a chance and bought a Warn winch tray. It wasnt too much more than buying materials and getting bends made etc. Plus itll look nicer, plus I can return it if I cant make it work. If I do keep it, I'll add side bumpers later. It's generic fit and they sell really expensive brackets made to fit all kinds of different trucks. Tray is 1/2" narrower than the frame. So...I have a couple of decisions i need to make. Do I 1. mount with the frame inside the tray by pulling the frame inwards, as pictured. 2. cut the frame horns back so the tray is tight to the body, and use brackets to the frame 3. make some brackets to mount it above the frame. I'm thinking 3 to keep the winch up high. Im interested in thoughts
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    Sizing up the mount for the winch , looks like it will be an easy mount, just need to pick up some material, the mount is a warn Brand winch Mount, for what, I have no idea, but here is the sizing up pic. It will be a little closer to the bumper than in these pics
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    Wind took the door the other day and tore the fabric door limiting strap. Ordered a couple replacements (will replace both) ... also ordered a fire extinguisher cage strap so I have somewhere to mount it. Jeep doesn't have power windows or locks - thinking about just "deleting" the wire that goes between door and tub. I think it's just to tell the Jeep the door is open (on the dash) and to turn on the dome light when the door is open. AFAIK when you disconnect the wire on the JK it just triggers the dome light when the ignition is turned off for 30 seconds.
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    I have good experience with armour coat brand as well. Iv used it in aerosol form, gloss black. Very shiny when it dries, and extremely hard, however it sprays very thin, multiple coats are needed. Also it's as good as your prep. It is the cheaper line of aerosol cans at Canadian Tire, cheaper than the tremclad , found in their paint section, not the auto paint section.
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    Saved an $80 delivery charge the other day, it was a beautiful day for a drive to the valley! Shows the summer rims. Tires will be okay for street/dirt road. Mud not so much! Picked up a pair of small ‘detail’ parts at PA the other day for the Scout. Will post pics once installed. Also picked up a tow bar w/shackle and a recovery strap, and stored them in the Ranger. Overdue. 4WD ‘truck’ is not much good if ya can’t at least tug something out of a ditch, up a wet grassy lawn at the cottage, etc.
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    Rust check is my preference on undercoating, here is my experience with rust check, it is from hundreds of examples from every type of undercoating you can imagine. Being in the autorepairtrade the ones with the rust check stickers were the ones in the best condition, the others were good, but rust check seemed to have the advantage on cars 20 and 30 years old. Crown would be my second choice, Other cars that get the grease and graphite and thick stuff, it prolonged rust, but gets so thick that it hardens and flakes trapping moisture and debris /salt silt behind the undercoating and accelerates the rotting process. Rust check also has an inhibitor that will stop rust from going anyway further. Another advantage of rust check is it doesn't deteriorate the rubber bushings or door seals , iv seen some cars come in with saggy door seals, saggy hood seals and suspension bushings that are pushing from the joints because of the chemical reaction from petroleum based products. Like getting transmission fluid on a rubber floor mat, it changes the properties and gets all gooey and swollen . I recommend treatment every year of winter driving. Also another observation, my mom bought a brand new truck in 2013, Chevy Silverado, she rust checked it the next day and faithful every year in the fall. I noticed that it was "rusty flaky " on the frame while doing maintenance to it , told her she should inquire to rust check because they warranty, they said it was what was under their coating that was coming off, went to gm about it, they looked at it and decided to repair it, since it was rust checked from new , they removed the cab , box and completely stripped the frame , painted the frame and when finished sent it down to rust check and had them re treat the truck. The truck was 5 years old at that point, pretty impressed that they recognized it was rust checked and decided to do the repair because if it. Those are just my experience with rust check. My Nissan has some thick undercoating on it, going to remove as much as I can, paint as much as I can and then rust check it.
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