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    Started to make a snorkel. I prefer the neat stealthy look without all the exposed pipework. I was looking at something off the shelf, but they have the pipe running down the outside of the fender, which I don't like , and isn't cheap either. So, here's the plan - hard to tell from the mock up, but the flex pipe will disappear down into the cowl for that neat look like the one in the photo. For the head....I'm not sure yet, but I might make one - I have some ideas.
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    My buddy bought this off kijiji last night for $850, needs a clutch. 1997 4runner 2.7 5 speed from the family that bought it new.
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    Made it back into the garage to button up some of the 'easy' stuff....radius arms, shock mounts etc......of course the easy stuff became a pain in the *** as I had to tap out all of the holes. I also made sure every bolt would come back out with a liberal application of anti seize LOL I just need to find (or make) some lower shock bushings as the XJ shocks that came with this 4 inch lift kit came with a different style mount than the Bronco. I'll also need to get the brake lines too. Now just 8 bolts and she'll be attached to the Xterra LOL
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    Lined up Mitch's busted a** truck today. It was so far out the heads wouldn't read without first pulling the toe in about 2*, damn haha
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    bought some grade 12.9 Allen bolts and the hubs are finally installed :)
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    Had some fun with a few rattle cans.... First off, my boy wanted to paint his BMX frame...so being a dutiful dad, we stripped it and painted it a colour of his choice. The steel rims that came with my latest aquisition were original and very rusty, so a pack of cards and a can of Krylon Non-Skid Coating fixed that :-D
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    Rad support is finished, next is onto brake lines, going to replace 100% of hard lines and flexlines
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    So , after loosing my tow truck to fire, picked up another wrecker body, that turned into a lost cause for now and dont have a chassis to put it on . Dont have anyway to lift anything around the yard. Iv decided to take a break from 4x4 trucks and tow trucks and projects in general and going to do some traveling and show the flatlander the east coast. This is the new family hauler for the summer. Runs good but need some minor love, drives great and has lots of room to travel comfortably. The flatlander is excited to expirence the east coast. The whole fam and the dog fit very well with room for wheelchair and other equipment.
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    I stopped and helped some stranded motorist's today, but not work related, was on my way home with the Magnum. But these stranded motorists weren't regular motorists, when I approached the scene, there were two sherrifs that had parked on the side of the road and we're digging with their hands to free up the wheels of the stuck motorist. The stuck motorist happened to be an ambulance. It had gone partly off the road with the rear wheels down and pointed up hill withe the front wheels.. I pulled over in a clear area, turned my Hazzard lights on and came over to offer my help, the two paramedics were trying to free the 1 ton dually ambulance chassis, but we're stuck pretty good. After a min of me being parked there pickup trucks stopped and offered to help , but for liability reasons were not permitted to hook up to the ambulance. I started digging armed only with an extendable snow brush. I had dug the rear wheels out and also cleared the front wheels. No LSD in the ambulance , just open diff so I suggested some park brake application to give both rear wheels some resistance. No help. I suggested I get in and try, so the paramedics let me, and with a bit of gentle fennese and stragitic park brake application, and moving first inches and shoveling and then moving feet, and shoveling again, I successfully drove the ambulance from its precarious situation and parked it back on the road in the desired direction of travel. The sherrifs thanked me and the paramedics were very happy, my response was .. " I always wanted to drive an ambulance so I figured this was my chance ." So with a wave we all departed the scene.
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    Driveshaft is installed. Punching the dash while shifting is fixed. Sorted out a bit more wiring, and most of the coolant hoses. Expanded the filler neck to fit a diesel nozzle and ran the fuel return line. Deleted the EGR, OMG those things are dumb. The intake manifold was full of soot.
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    Bump & Grind is coming up...I couldn't hit it without backup, now could it? TBH, CT got me as I was getting gear oil....$379 for a Superwinch LP8500. I figured my M8000 is gonna cost me $200+ for a new motor, plus an end bearing, plus the winch line has some damage, plus the free spool lever was locked up, plus whatever else I find once I start digging into trying to fix it. OK, a refurbished M8000 is better than new LP8500, but, I paid on my RBC Visa which automatically gets me 2 years no BS warranty. I even think the winch has a 2 yr warranty too. So this saves me a lot of hassle...it was a no-brainer. I know there are complaints about where these cheap Superwinch's are designed/made, but we'll see how well it lasts over the next 2 years of abuse I might even rewire it for my wireless remote
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    Did a couple more body mounts tonight . Then set the body on to check clearences. In the second pic the truck is sitting on its suspension with the full weight of the body on it
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    got the clutch slave cyl mounted and started on the master . Plated the firewall and started mocking the rod . I'm using all 86 chev parts as that is what my transmission came out of . The master mounted on the fire wall is for mock up , looks good but seals are bad . Just have to weld the rod and drill a hole in the clutch peddle arm .
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    Got back in the shop this evening and knocked out the shock mounts
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    Couple weeks ago I received my first order of small Scout stuff. Last Saturday started some installation. More to follow another day!
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    Funny story, I gave my 5 cents on the winch topic thinking that that was a recent post. Then I noticed that there are two more pages of posts! Geez.... I need to pay more attention apparently!
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    Got the new front seat installed in the Ford. Did a test drive and its much nicer now!
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    New meats installed. Glad my buddy and me got a tire machine and balancer. What a difference it's gonna make haha
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    Finished the front suspension today, well almost, still have to do shock mounts , but that is easy. This is its final front ride height after installing and yanking the front axle what seems like 100 times. Finally got the shackle angle where I want it. Its just a touch higher than I had figured, but that's OK, guess I have to do some work on the rear to make it match lol.
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    Just occurred that I don't have any pics of my truck when it was just an old truck. Here it is when I had first bought it for $200 . Only had front wheel drive in this pic as the 9" rear end was nfg. Since this pic it has had 3 rear ends installed , a complete lift installed and removed, an engine, front axle swap(ongoing). Only drivetrain component left original to the truck is the transmission. Also here is a pic right after lifting it with 39.5 irocks.
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    4 38"x13r16 superswamper tsl $550 In mt. Uniacke. No plugs or patches. Best to use as an off road tire, these suck on the road. They resemble using stop signs as tires. Awesome off road and in the mud, great on the rocks too.
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    Temp in the shade here today is 31.5*C, and I deliberately sat it in the direct sun all morning and all afternoon, and it's hardly expanded at all. I think it's good I read less liquid = more vapour = more expansion/contraction. So I filled it to the top as much as I could.
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    Front end rebuild parts came in !
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    I added a slot under the winch to allow some air flow to enter at the bottom of the radiator. Hopefully, that should be that
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    Axle oil has been leaking despite replacing the axle seal. During the last club run, the wheel bearing started making a nasty clicky noise. I've known the bearing was bad, so it was time to replace it. I have a trail spare that has the bearing and newer style removable backing plate. This allows the axle to be removed without having to remove the backing plate (and open up the brake circuit) So I zipped off the old bearing, and modified the old brake backing plate so the axle bearing would slide past it with having to remove it. I'll rebuild the old axle. Now I can replace the axle on trail in 20 minutes if needed
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    Now that the Ford fiasco is over with, the Sierra saga has begun. 2002 Gmc Sierra 4x4 Z71 4.8 auto.
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    Blew the R/R wheel cylinder, so replaced that along with the brake line. While I was in there I put new shoes in. What a ******* difference. I didn't realize how bad my brakes were until I got new ones. Maybe the cylinder was weeping for a while who knows.
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    That feeling when u emerge victorious out of the doom of the garage for the 1st time in weeks Just have a few little things to tinker with to make it 100% like a proper fuel pump mount etc, but it starts 1st time ans runs really nice.
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    I will one up your poser pics with a spy pic
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    I installed a new blower motor resistor today. It's going to be nice having all four fan speeds working again, lol.
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    Went on the Pirate charity tour of Renfrew to Beverbank on saturday. Had an issue with all 5 lug nuts backing out half an inch on one wheel! Now I'm regretting putting mag wheels on....they seem hard to keep tight. Picked up a clunk and a notch in the steering. So I've re-loaded all my steering joints....and found I'd left the pitman ball joint without a grease fitting LOL. A lot of brown liquid came out of it when I finally got a fitting and some grease in it. I may need to do some minor trimming on the front fenders LOL Plus side....the 35's and rear bump stops worked really well, and I didn't scrape anything on the ground once
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    Removed some more wiring today, did some wiring today with the fuel pumps, got most of the fuel lines hooked back up with return regulator and low pressure regulator, just have to make a short piece of line off the carb, installed new slave cylinder and bled it for the clutch, and since I have Chevy parts I might as well add some AMC into the mix,
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    I pulled the heater core out for rebuilding, been leaking for several years off and on and getting worse. I believe with the factory-looking seam sealer/grouting on the heater box the core is original! As is the blower fan! And actually there wasn't too much leaf and debris build up in the box/ducting. My records show the lower rad hose being changed in 2008. And the coolant in 2011. No records means I changed them when I built the truck 1998-2002. So I'm going to change the upper hose and the two different sized heater hoses and clamps. And the 'lifetime' coolant is now 5 years old............... Then the only other degradable parts to replace is some rubber fuel line, so I don't have another leak like at Hour 0 of M.U.D. 2015! Maintenance, maintenance! Looking out my window here at the MacDonald bridge there has been a gap in it all day, and all night so far!
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    Started burning in frame brackets and gussetting them
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    When trimming the Fenders I noticed a soft spot in the wheel well. Got to looking and found some more in the floor. Pulled out the carpet to find this. No real suprise there. So I made up some patch panels and will weld them in tomorrow. On the bright side the rear pans are still mint!
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    I always love them ads with: it needs minor work to be safetied. Then why doesn't everyone just do the minor work and sell their rigs for more. .. But no, they sell their garbage as is cause they know exactly what they are selling
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    Oh, the front that I pulled is also in WAY WAY WAY better condition than the one on my Jeep. Both spring perches on mine (one fixed) are a rusted out Swiss cheese mess, and the one off the parts Jeep, you can still see the paint on the perches!!!
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    Put an order for small parts in with 'IH Parts America' last night. Including a Borgeson steering shaft. Monday night I checked the Scout and it had almost as, if not fully as, much play as on Mitch's Taco! Both the upper U-Joint and the Rag Joint! Also I have an order started with 'Back Country Binders' as well for the remainder of the parts I need (or just want?). Stuff like a couple of electrical socket / pigtails that are hard to come by (currently held together by Duct Tape), a Steering Brace that is actually an extra cross-member (Scouts don't have many and the frame rails can twist under steering load), unusual thermostat gasket(s), door locks with keys! (currently no door keys!), an Owners Manual reprint, (the PO had bought Service Manuals), and other stuff like that for reliability and pleasure of driving!
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    Congrats Jay. You've become a great wrencher! Wow, nice job!
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    Got into an ice hole up to the bumper, then made the X sad LOL....brackets will most likely be bent, and luckily no damage to the winch, winch cables or rad.
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    I started hacking up my DCLB sliders. Shortened them 12 inches to fit my truck. Started welding the feet on them this morning. gottta refinish and paint.
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    Installed my air copmressor thats been sitting in my basement for weeks. Lol.
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    it gained 2 cylinders and 50bhp LOL
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    here are the photos I got of the run today.. Videos to follow soon, i'll put a teaser up this evening. Great day out, wont warm up for like a month, but worth it! So, it was an icy snowy day, hummer and ford parked part way through and hopped in with people...Rover was the winch bait of the day, but at the same time, shocked everyone in some spots that thing made it through! Everyone fell at least once, myself like 4 times, sprained my foot.. gonna be sore tomorrow !
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    Coming down Wildcard last summer... http://i1132.photobucket.com/albums/m577/eastcoastcam/2011%20Back%20Country%20Poker%20Run/DSCF2448.jpg]http://
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