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  1. derekmac

    Coffee Night

    I was planning on coming out, but I can't make it now. 😞
  2. derekmac

    Club Run 19 January 2019 - Muddy Myra

    Could have also run a winch line over the bridge and used a snatch block to get to me if needed. Always one way or another to get where we need to go. πŸ™‚
  3. derekmac

    Club Run 19 January 2019 - Muddy Myra

    Guess I could have winched myself down backwards, lol.
  4. I should be there.
  5. derekmac

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    I got it all installed yesterday. First let me say, the plastic airline that Viair sends to use for the pressure gauge is the worst stuff I've ever tried to work with!! Super stiff, and kinks easily. 15min in the oven at 170 did the trick though and made it easy to work with. Since I installed it inside in the back, I put my Instatrunk back in so I'd have a shelf to put stuff on. I was going to mount the tank underneath tucked up by the frame (which is a common place), but I really wanted to keep everything inside.
  6. derekmac

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    I did! πŸ™‚ I think I'm going to mount the switch here. I'm hoping to get the install at least started this weekend.
  7. derekmac

    Not a build or project

    Damn, I wish one of those would ask to come home with me!! lol Congrats on the new truck!
  8. derekmac

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    Well, Canada Post didn't process it until 3:15 today, so it didn't make it. This one isn't 100% duty cycle, but it does come with a better compressor than the last Viair OBA system I had (which I sold because I couldn't fit it in the TJ, and this one is even bigger, lol), and that one would easily air up 3-4 rigs without shutting down. This one should do the trick for me, plus I'll be leaving the CT one installed since it's tucked away under the hood in an ammo can. This is it, and I managed to get it from the Warehouse Deals section for $228 πŸ™‚Viair Medium Duty Onboard Air System
  9. derekmac

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    Since my Canadian Tire compressor has been slowly dying, and will only air up two or three tires before shutting down, I decided it was time to replace it. Searching on Amazon, I found a great deal on a Viair OBA system, so I pulled the trigger and it should be here tomorrow. πŸ™‚
  10. derekmac

    Cummins Rehab

    Seized parts are never fun!!
  11. derekmac

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    I had plans to get lots done while off, but it hasn't really happened, lol. I did get the PS cooler installed today, but I need to pick up some fluid for it. I also plated in the rear lower control arm mounts as that's where the lower shock mount will be located with the outboard.
  12. derekmac

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    So, my plans are to still outboard the rear shocks, and I have a couple of new projects to add to the todo list. I ordered a transmission cooler that I'll be using as a power steering cooler. The pumps are known to overheat when running bigger tires through twisty trails, so I figured this was cheap insurance to help prolong the life of the pump. I ordered a Viair OBA kit that comes with a 2.5 gallon tank. My Canadian Tire compressor will only inflate 3 tires now before shutting down, so I needed something new. I'll keep the CT one installed since it's out of the way in an ammo can under the hood. I did a caliper swap on the rear in preparation for the shock outboard. I had to switch swap backing plates to mount the calipers in a forward position so the shocks would have clearance and not contact the calipers in the factory location.
  13. derekmac

    NSJC/Pirate Twisted Sisters run

    Only ran Twisted Sister once, a very long time ago. I remember it being a fun trail. I was a passenger and it was a night run, so couldn't see too much.
  14. Definitely a good day out!
  15. derekmac

    My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0

    Got it Matt. I think I'll only need two of them now, probably going to go a different route when I do the front. I'll try sending you a pm.