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  1. I would have liked all the posts, but the site tells me I used all my likes up today, lol. Great thread and build Paul!
  2. derekmac


    Sad to see ya sold it, but happy that Dave has it now.
  3. Lookin forward to this!! :)
  4. Your brother might have worked out of this hangar at one time. Thanks! I really want to start, but it's still too damn cold out. Oh really? I might just have to take you up on that! I don't think I'll be putting any decals on the outside of the Jeep, but I've been putting them on the inside of the tailgate.
  5. Thanks man, I can't wait to get it painted. I'm starting to get little things done now to get it ready, like removing the decals. I also got the new rims mounted last night, and I'm quite happy with how they look.
  6. derekmac

    March AGM

    Since I wasn't able to make the AGM, am I able to email transfer the dues?
  7. Welcome man, you've found one of the best 4x4 clubs going! Don't worry too much about the size of your truck, I guarantee we've had bigger on the trails. 😉 From Suburbans to extended cab 8' box trucks, we've had em all. 🙂 The only thing is, not all body panels are straight on those rigs now, lol. Keep an eye here and on the FB group for coffee night locations (every Thursday night) and upcoming runs.
  8. Finished the spare up last night. That rim was in much worse shape than I had thought. Cleaned up the rust on it as best I could (ok, maybe not best), but it doesn't look the greatest. Oh well, they'll all get beat up on the trails anyway. Hopefully next weekend I'll get the rest switched over.
  9. To help fix the rubbing issues I've had in the front with the 35's, I bought a new set of rims (that also match my spare). They're nothing special, but the backspacing on them is 3.75" compared to the 4.5" on my current rims. I'm not a fan of black rims though, so I painted them. I had a few different colors in mind, but when I saw a pic of them in desert tan, then saw the below Jeep, I decided to go with that color. Before: After: How I plan on painting the Jeep:
  10. derekmac

    March AGM

    Put it in my calendar. 😁
  11. I was planning on coming out, but I can't make it now. 😞
  12. Could have also run a winch line over the bridge and used a snatch block to get to me if needed. Always one way or another to get where we need to go. 🙂
  13. Guess I could have winched myself down backwards, lol.
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