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  1. So I'm thinking about putting the Jeep up for sale. With the way prices are now, I'm not really sure on what to ask, so was thinking about listing it for $9,000 and go from there. 2005 Jeep TJ Rubicon 208,000ish km on it 5x 35" General Grabber X3 tires (lots of life left!) 3.5" RockKrawler Triple Rate front springs 4" Rough Country Rear Springs 1.25" Body lift Fox 2.0 Steering Damper Stock JK rear shocks with shock relocators Rough Country belly up skid plate Warn Engine/Trans skid plate JKS adjustable front trackbar Extended rear sway bar links Rugged Ridge steering box skid Ford Windstar cowl intake Black Widow Gear front and rear tube fenders Hand throttle Mesh top Viair onboard air system Insta-Trunk Bestop HighRock Tailgate carrier (comes with new brackets to mount it inside as well) The below are all pretty new with very few miles on them. Rancho RS5000X front shocks RockKrawler double adjustable rear upper arms RockKrawler adjustable rear lower arms RockJock Antirock Front Sway Bar Rubicon Express double cardan rear drive shaft Rough Country adjustable rear trackbar (not yet installed) New passenger side floor pan (not yet installed) The frame is in excellent shape, and the tub is good except for a couple of spots on the rear passenger side by the tailgate hinges (should be looked over as I haven't looked at it much in the past two years). The drivers side floor pan had rust around one of the drain holes, but was patched. Both locker pumps work, though the rear locker is not engaging, and I haven't tore into it to figure out why. I have no intentions of the Warn M8274 going with it, but might include it for the right price. With the crazy prices of Jeeps now, I'm just guessing for a listing price for this. The Jeep isn't perfect (it is an 05 that was used in the woods), but works and runs well. Only thinking about selling as it hasn't been used much in the past couple of years, and I'm enjoying getting out on the ATV more right now.
  2. Welcome back! It's great getting out wheeling with you again!
  3. This stuff is all way over my head!! LOL I guess I'll stick with my handhelds for now.
  4. I have a few handheld units, but I wouldn't mind getting something like the Midland MXT115 or MXT275 to keep mounted in the Jeep. I can't seem to find a Canadian place to buy them though...
  5. I would have liked all the posts, but the site tells me I used all my likes up today, lol. Great thread and build Paul!
  6. I was planning on coming out, but I can't make it now.
  7. Just wondering which location coffee's at this week?
  8. Ah man, that really sucks about the no coverage. Fingers crossed that this one turns out to be as good as it sounds!
  9. Just saw it on Facebook. So sorry Matt!
  10. And we could just drive over them if they don't behave!! LOL
  11. I really wanted to make this one, but we had friends in town from out west that we haven't seen in 4 years. I always seem to have something on the go when it's in Fall River.
  12. Awesome Matt! It looks to be in damn fine shape too! What are your plans going to be for it?
  13. Oh yeah, skip the one close to me. JK, I wasn't going to be able to make it tonight anyways. Hope you guys are able to get a bunch of work done tonight!!
  14. Well crap. I was planning on making this one, but our son isn't feeling good, and the wife and daughter are at a hockey game.
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