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  1. derekmac

    Custom leaf

  2. Wouldn't the 4.56's be a better ratio for wheeling?
  3. It'll be interesting to see how it drives.
  4. I'm picking up a set of 235/75-15's tonight. Can't wait to see how funny it looks, lol.
  5. Ahh, they won't fit. Thanks for the offer though!! :)
  6. I wish Eugene. I've been forced out to Hammonds Plains for work, so I'm driving and additional 80km a day. I'm trying to save my 35's from wear, and reduce my gas bill.
  7. I'm looking for a dirt cheap set of rims and tires for my TJ. The rims can look like crap, and the tires should be road worthy, but nothing more. I'll hopefully only need them for a month. Stock size preferred, and nothing bigger than a 31".
  8. Hasn't really been bad in Elmsdale at all yet. We still have power.
  9. I changed the starter and the front passenger side hub. Man, it turns over twice as fast than it ever has, and the slight shimmy I had on the highway is now gone. That hub was really loose!
  10. So no leaks at all today, but the starter did take a crap. I think it's been on its way out for some time now though as sometimes it would crank really slow, or it would take a couple of tries with the key for it to turn over. I'll get that along with the front hubs changed tomorrow, and hope all is good.
  11. I wondered that, so I ran it on jack stands, but I didn't see any run out. There was no leak on the drive into the city, and it would have been dripping pretty good before. I'll check again after the drive back out, and hopefully it'll be dry.
  12. There was no visible wear on the shaft, but it is possible. It hasn't leaked yet, but it hasn't had any extended driving either. I have to drive into Halifax tomorrow morning, so I'll know then if it's leaking or not. Fingers crossed it wont!
  13. I'm glad I don't have any spare cash lying around, as this would probably make its way to my driveway.
  14. This weekend I finally changed the leaky drivers side rear axle seal and bearing. The last two that went in it were Timken (seals and bearings), and they both leaked. I'm trying Federal Mogul ones (even though the bearing says Timken) a try this time. I changed the diff oil while I was at it, and it did look like a bit of water might have gotten in, but it wasn't too bad. I wanted to change the t-case fluid since I've yet to change it, but I ran out of time.
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