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  1. Yeah, this is all over the Scout forums. Doesn’t mean anything to me! I like my classic!
  2. Good luck with the sale! For what my 2 cents are worth, I wouldn’t go a cent lower for that rig.
  3. Nice! I thought you drove a Ram?
  4. IMG_2987.MOV
  5. sar4x4


    Good to know!
  6. sar4x4


    Diesel prices may only be this bad in Atlantic Canada. We import Russian oil, instead of Western Canadian oil. Go figure!
  7. sar4x4


    Oooops, my bad. Thanks for the correction! What is on a Danish plate?
  8. sar4x4


    Spotted in Bayers Lake. Danish.
  9. I’ll check with my bro if we want to sell ours but I’m 101 % confident the answer is ‘No’! He uses it a lot hauling firewood, using ‘sideboards’. He loads the truck and trailer, then hauls it up over Foley Mountain at 90 kph. ‘Souped up’ 6 cyl Cummins!
  10. I purchased LED bulbs and put them in the aftermarket Hella Quartz Halogen housings in the Scout. Aside from a quick test in the garage I’ve not had those out at night though! HOWEVER, we switched the factory Halogen headlight bulbs in the 2014 Ford Escape to LED and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. Over a year ago!
  11. I posted one video so far on the Backcountry FB page. . It’s a doozer, even if I say so myself!
  12. Jocelyn and I attended/watched Drill Road ‘0424’ today. It was a great lil trip out and about. Several big buggies, couple well built ‘Heeps’, and several SxS’s. Cool as f#%^ weather. Adam Bernier’s big buggy debut I believe as well. I hope to sort/post some pics/vids later!
  13. Coffee Night? Didn’t see any post about that….
  14. As y’all may remember, I ran/run dual AGM batteries in the Burb. LOVE them. Bounce them around, leave them unattended for months and even multiple years, sometimes hooked up, sometimes not, cold, hot etc. And never hesitated to start the vehicle. . Even when close to 10 yrs old.
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