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  1. I dunked the motor on the XJ in a wet spot during a rally by the old Stanley Airport. After pulling the spark plugs and getting her running, and several days later pulling the interior and hanging the carpet to dry, she threw a rod out the block on the highway near Moncton. And and and. Great memories!
  2. ‘Welcome back’, sung to the tune of ‘Welcome back Kotter’. Haha, probably a TV show from before your time. I have a soft spot for XJ’s. I had me one of them! And I had a red ‘72 Jimmy, with a white removable roof, waaaaaay back around 1978/79….. Bought it in Revelstoke, BC one summer during University and drove it back East.
  3. Lol, I never even thought of that. I started a trend! A Suburban-coloured Ranger! Imitation is a great form of flattery!
  4. Good stuff, Mr. Wood! I too luv my current-gen Ranger. And BTW I have a used PA Back Rack looking for a good home…. Interested?
  5. I hope you were happy to see it go, that it wasn’t a ‘must sell’ thing. It has been a heck of a couple of years…
  6. sar4x4

    Dodge Raider

    Yeah, the Paris - Dakar Rally. I used to watch it every January! Then even after it moved to South America. The USA doesn’t own claim everything big. The Baja 1000 is impressive, but big winners from it didn’t do so well in the Dakar….
  7. Thanks for the update! Lots of work required at the rear of your rig. Good luck!
  8. We close the cottage at the end of October. It’s not winterized. Then back at the rigs - l hope! LOTS of maintenance and upgrades done at the cottage. Mama bear is happy, so I’m happy!
  9. Yup, no big football goal posts! Just littler ones.
  10. sar4x4

    Dodge Raider

    They look like they’d be a capable rig!
  11. Some serious fab going on!
  12. Hmm, interesting. Ya can’t see it from the front of the truck!?! It seems most truck cabs have a flat roof. The current-gen Ranger has a rounded roof. High in the middle, lower front and back. All good though!
  13. Installed! Looking back - Princess Auto rack for a full-size: And removed before the BackRack:
  14. I have Eldorado calipers for the rear of the ‘Burban. To Be Installed…..
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