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  1. Originally salvaged off a pickup in a salvage yard in Harrietsfield, around year 2000........
  2. I believe I have lots of spare that-era roof clearance lights........... I really like them and have them on the Burb. Could be donated for a good Ford for a Hot Chocolate...
  3. I've purchased bulbs at Cdn tire, no issues. H4 IIRC.
  4. As noted before, I have similar. I bought the relay kit from LMC Truck. One for the Burb first, then later one for the Scout. BEST! You WON"T be disappointed.
  5. I run a lot lower air pressure than the Manual suggests, because of course the Manual is spec'ing for factory 28" tall tires. And leaf springs. You're spoilt Jay, by the 'plush' Zuk ride! Maybe you want trailing arms with coil springs like the early 70's Chevs, or the current Rams....
  6. Ahh, Kelly Long Lake. Only been in there once. It was a good little jaunt.
  7. I was only slightly confused..... I was thinking Ledwidge Lake............ Miller Lake!
  8. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    I hope to make it. My plans keep changing though!
  9. Been there, done that! To the Burb!
  10. Saw some posts on Fb, looked like a 1 Ton front axle going under the Bronc. That's some hole in the knuckle Jay! Replace it and forget about it. Otherwise, it will be an awful weak spot and catastrophic when it fails...……...
  11. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    We won't be there. Just too many things going on that night, including Halloween and Coffee Night.
  12. Freshening-up / rebuilding the king-pin, leaf-spring, taken-out-of-a-running truck, Dana 60 for my Burb, was quite a bit easier than your task!
  13. sar4x4

    Custom leaf

    I've had leaf packs properly re-built at Provincial Equipment, but that was 20+ years ago, and at Nelson Bros(?), and that was 30+ years ago. So that's not much help! Oh wait, I had a leaf or two replaced at Provincial, about 15 years ago. But they've both moved or went out of business. My, where does the time go.............
  14. Beautiful................... I like the rims...... and and and....
  15. Wow. good to know! 'Tested in Canada'!
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