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  1. Nice vid! From what I’ve watched so far. Including the early 90’s bobbed Chebby!
  2. Our power was restored at 19:30 hrs. (7:30 pm). With the website at the time saying ‘eta’ of Wednesday night, and a robo-call an hour earlier saying Tuesday night. So we were overjoyed at this Sunday night!
  3. Pics or it didn’t happen, lol.
  4. All pretty good here in Lucasville. No main power but we have a good sized generator. And we are on city water so no disruptions there. We have Bell Fibreop cable and Internet, so we power the ‘cable box’ and the TV, and we are good-to-go. The only main thing not on the gennie is the electric hot water heater.. but we are working to change that before the next storm. Raked the few leaves and twigs up..
  5. Looks mint to me! At least by camera and 200 km away….
  6. There are other meets out there. Check out Winnie’s List or Maritime Classic Cars……
  7. Thanks for the post. I read the ‘media’ post as referenced by you above. I saw a Fb post a couple of weeks ago, basically stating that if things didn’t improve…. and they obviously didn’t. I just hope the other ‘meets’ are prepared for a possible influx of ‘unruliness’ and are able to keep it in check. Sigh..
  8. Yeah, when I get started thinking about gearing stuff up again I’d better start watching Marketplace for goodies!
  9. Sorry to hear of your new-car woes. My Ranger continues to run GREAT. Just over 62,000 km atm. Although I have never abused it, she’s been well put through her paces!
  10. Aulac Big Stop charging station
  11. And don’t think we are ‘lucky’. Both previously married and both now retired, we have weathered A LOT in our lifetimes. And our permanent home is not a $400+k detached multi-story home. But we luv it all! Our next goal once completing our current home and cottage upgrades is finish resurrecting the Scout and Burb.
  12. We have a 37’ Park Model. Parked permanently with NS power, a drilled well, full septic, external 15 gallon hot water heater, swapped-in 15 cu. ft. fridge, etc. etc. 35’ attached patio deck, partly covered with a fully insulated 12’ x 14’ sun room. Two sheds, one an Olde Hickory. 42” deck John Deere. 100m to the Northumberland Strait beach. (Warm water). We can see it, although obstructed. 3 acres of mowing and lumbering and bonfires… Oh, and the entire trailer/sun room/deck is covered by a large, peaked, metal roofed, post-below-frost canopy. And a big not-quite-Big Stop sized lawn pole and flag.
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