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  1. sar4x4

    New Member.

    Usually the Club Exec / Pres does. Things have been quiet for awhile… except for one in January that I couldn’t make it to!
  2. sar4x4


    I didn’t know the U-Joint / ears situation as stated. The Burb is notably heavier, and I was having breakage type issues with the GM 10-bolt (Dana 44 sized) front axle. I haven’t wheeled her that hard once I put the Dana 60 (king pin) axle under her, and I don’t expect to! But that axle will stand up to my use. Of course I have the Dana 60 equivalent under the rear, the venerable GM 14 Bolt behemoth.
  3. sar4x4


    I won’t re-visit the Dana 30 and 44 discussions….. Lol
  4. sar4x4


    Yeah, though I have no hand’s on experience with the Lock-Rite’s, that seems to not have much ‘clamping’ force. Are the ‘teeth’ and or clamping (interference) surfaces okay? Or abnormally worn?
  5. sar4x4


    Well it seems I had mistakenly / mysteriously lost feed (my fault) and had missed ( quite) a few posts. All caught up now! Wish I had something to post… Had hoped to give a verbal update at Coffee but had to shy away from that.
  6. sar4x4


    Thanks for the write up! That pic of your pinion angle shows a very steep pinion angle. I know you know how to test / amend if necessary, yada yada. Did Dave get an axle shaft or whatever was ailing his rig recently? Armchair wheeler here….
  7. sar4x4


    Having said all that, unless I’m having a brain fart, - I have always wondered how useful a track bar is with leaf springs??? I guess my leaves don’t have much travel in them….
  8. sar4x4


    I was in a waiting area when I typed that long dissertation. Lol It was for newbies…
  9. sar4x4


    Jay - I have front leaf springs on two old rigs as you know. I have very little steering issues NOW. Aside from checking all steering ‘bushings’, check steering column ‘rag joint’, steering box bolt tightness, and ESPECIALLY the frame for cracks near the box, and for frame flex (twisting) near the box. On my rigs I had to upgrade all those issues. ‘Fish plate’ the frame, cross-over braces frame-to-frame, etc. WHAT A DIFFERENCE once all tightened up!
  10. sar4x4


    But ‘Why’ J? ROFL
  11. sar4x4


    And now I can paint the Burb orange and not be copying Jay. Unless he does the WhyJ first! Orange has always been my preferred colouring. Incl. my first 4x4, a ‘72 GMC Jimmy, factory orange! And the HRSAR vehicles.
  12. sar4x4

    New Member.

    Nice! My bro’s got a ‘79 LC in the yard for parts….
  13. Robbie, Jay, you - a dynamic trio and base of the BackCountry club may soon be back out able to ‘BackCountry’ again! WooHoo! Then I will be a ‘hold out’. Well, I can ‘gravel road’ a bit anyway for now. It is keeping me sane!
  14. sar4x4

    Just visiting

    Hi Kroy: I don’t know that area very well, or at all! Also check us on Fb, same-ish name. It is a bit busier.
  15. Hi! No overnighting planned atm for that timeframe. However, it may be best to also follow us on ‘Backcountry 4x4 Club’ on Facebook. It gets more traffic at times. Thanks for reaching out! BTW, those new Frontiers look good!
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