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  1. Welcome! Tacos and D’Tracs are well liked and have great reputations. Stay tuned and follow this site, maybe the Fb site, and maybe attend one of our coffee nites! Cheers!
  2. We just had the SAR-Burban on Miller Road. Icy spots, and bare gravel in others. We would have come rescued yah!
  3. The battery hold down and the wiring looks factory!
  4. Woo Hoo! Congrats on the sourcing. Get ‘er working properly!
  5. It's a 2019, and iirc it's Hot/Red Pepper. This colour is not available for 2020, otherwise I would have custom ordered a 2020 vehicle with the accessory package(s) I wanted. There are/were several trucks this colour on the lots around, but few-to-none even close to having the packages I wanted. As well, I didn't get to assess one or more packages on any vehicle in any lot, so I would have been ordering blind on some of those! But I'm REALLY REALLY HAPPY with my decision, the packages it came with I'm happy with, and I've tweaked some things. One example: I wanted a factory spray-in bed liner. This truck came with a 12v port in the bed, with a drop-in liner. The factory doesn't offer the 12v port with the spray-in liner. I gave the dealer the drop-in liner and they had a spray-in liner installed, they just taped off the 12v port. No charge to me. So now I have the best of both worlds.....
  6. A little overdue.....
  7. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Hope / plan to make it....
  8. Did some work on the Scout on the weekend. Cut the 'Show Bar' (as International called it) some more so that the back seat will fold properly. Haven't re-checked function yet. Painted half of the Grille Guard for the Scout. Have to flip it to paint the other half. Had hoped to do it today, but that didn't work out. And received some gaskets from 'Super Scout Specialists', in the mail. Simple. Now the side marker light lenses and housings are all fixed up properly and ready for re-installation. Had the headlights re-aimed on the Ranger. The Levelling Kit Installation Instructions did not mention re-aiming the headlights. (Shake head...) They were pointing skyward! They are good now! Also had the first maintenance performed on the Ranger. Good to keep on truckin'! Waiting impatiently for the BackRack, red tow hooks, hmm..
  9. Lol. It’s a never ending quest. But I find wrenching fun as well as driving.. The big challenge is balancing it all...
  10. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    And Joc and I didn’t make it out last night. It’s just been too busy of a week. (And I just donated blood, Donation #93, I kid you not!) Probably next week!
  11. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    I don’t remember ever going over that culvert. But I’ve only been in there a couple of times, almost 20 yrs ago. Time to make some new memories!
  12. I'm tempted to ride along with Jay, but I may work on the Scout instead. For quite a number of reasons. Good Luck and HAVE FUN!
  13. Ooops, sorry. The LED bar and Cubes were from Canadian Tire, 'Ever..' something brand. Not installed yet, so no idea of their quality.
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