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  1. There are no less than 7 rigs at my brother's place. Only two anywhere close to being on the road. So very close, but not quite. Sigh... I'd better get to it and at it!
  2. Definitely! The new road/trail itself may peter out quickly, I don't know. I only went a couple hundred metres on foot, mostly walking a very small dog. But it was heading towards another road. There are just so many interesting roads/trails in there that we haven't been on in ages. And a few that we haven't. And maybe some more new ones I don't know about! If someone will give me a ride, I'll supply the 'intelligence' (I use that term loosely, lol). We may start off of the Pockwock Road and end up in Ellershouse........... So late yesterday I 'brought up' the detailed map I have of the area. And started fixing it up. It goes up and over as far as most of the west Panuke Lake trail 'Big Jones'. I am fixing that up as well. AND it covers where you folks went last February(?) at the end of the 101 service road. And I'm not forgetting the new, as yet untested, hill climb I found in Rocky Myra this spring. Sooo many trails to run.......!
  3. Was out for a little hike/drive on Sunday. Off of Hwy 103's new 'Ingramport' exit. Found an interesting new 'trail'. It looks more like a swath cut for a new road. And totally drivable. Although my rig won't be ready, I'd be willing to 'Ride 'n Guide' a run through here and some other old trails in the Bowater area. I know the area well enough. Maybe even cross the stream that we crossed when Matt Brunet had the transmission trouble. LOTS of interesting trails! What say you - Jay, Dave, etc?
  4. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Tom Wood Jason Dye Where's coffee this week? Since Lady Hammond isn't on the regular roto, I'm confused! lol Middle Sackville? Thanks!
  5. I can't picture what it looks like off hand. But if leaking is a consistent problem, the axle shaft is probably worn. Common problem I believe. You can by shaft sleeves....
  6. And oh, the one in the yard may be a 62, basically the same except it has 4 rectangular headlights. I know, I know, the rounds are more classic....
  7. Good luck sir! I will be tackling mine in a couple of weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Installation. I THINK I have all of the correct parts...……..
  8. I’ve got a dead one in the back yard for parts! It ran when it was put away. After the Summer Event in 2012 or so....
  9. Pics of the new seat missing!
  10. My Burb is going to look small and out gunned when flanked by this and Jay's truck..............
  11. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Ooops, I meant access is restricted at the top end, in the evenings.
  12. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    There has been construction happening on Ackerley Blvd for weeks, in the evenings. I suspect access is mostly limited to the East end, (top). Just a heads up!
  13. I think the TTB can be beefed up and can work well. With a lot of attention. If I was in your situation though, I'd be going Solid as well. I've only had solid axles, and I've never had problems, (at least that weren't caused by me)!
  14. Where there's a will, there's a way! You'll have her all fixed before I have mine!
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