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  1. Also try posting on the Backcountry page on Fb, this page doesn’t get much traffic anymore. Good luck!
  2. And have the wheel bearings repacked! No. 1 failure on trailers!
  3. Provincial Spring in Bayers Lake. I’ve used them a lot when they were off Robie Street. For my bro’s Power Wagon, my Burb and my big trailer. Mainly for spring work, but they also build trailers. And Canadian Tire (little trailers) and Miller Tire in Burnside (big trailer).
  4. Welcome! I’ll have to check out your YouTube channel sometime. I was working on my ‘79 Scout ‘go for ice cream’ rig today. And looked longingly at my off road rig. You can also check ‘Backcountry 4x4 club (or something like that name ) on Facebook. We just had a run a week ago and are tentatively planning another one soon.
  5. Nice! Nothing like a good workbench. We’ve got several medium-sized ones at my brother’s big garage, and I’ve got a small one in my big ‘garden’ shed here at home. A few years back I had built a medium one in my attached garage at the time. And, like yours, mostly ‘over’-built with re-purposed lumber. Sometimes the top is ‘butcher block’ style made of 2x4s on edge. My plans for this summer include a good bench at the cottage in the ‘good-sized’ new Old Hickory shed there. There is one in the small ‘Kent’ shed as well.
  6. Matt, not sure if I posted this somewhere. Saw it last summer,
  7. I had a manual back-up light switch on my ‘88 Cherokee. The in-trans one was u/s. I placed it on my shifter as well, but I wouldn’t say it was ergonomically correct. It was very convenient though when someone was tailgating me or running their high beams. They tended to back off really quickly when they thought I was going to dump a transmission on the road directly in front of them! Lol.
  8. I like proper-length, stainless-braid brake lines. And I will follow your experience with the AirCom!
  9. Hello Greg P, from Eugene P. Thanks for reaching out! A few folks will post some ‘bucket list’ ideas / venues, including myself. Also consider checking our Fb page of a similar name, it garners more activity these days. After a record breaking warm January (basically above freezing the whole month), we are being invaded by a Polar cold front. The temperature just dropped 12 degrees Centigrade in the last 6 hours….. from above freezing to 0 Fahrenheit….. Come visit in the summer! Lol
  10. It’s called a Tie-Rod end, appropriately enough, and usually abbreviated as TRE.
  11. Bleeding the front brakes (including proportioning valve) is a 3 person job. Have to hold open the valve which reduces pressure to the front discs vs. rear drums. (ATM mostly sprucing-up our 35 yr old home……) All good!
  12. The Scout is more driver than Concurs(?), lol, but I hope (4 letter word), plan (another 4 letter word), INTEND to have it at the New Glasgow car show this summer. And other shows.
  13. Jay - you can get Grade 8(?) ‘pinch’ nuts. Very similar to a Nylon lock nut but all-metal construction. The ‘pinched’ part of the nut won’t wear off like Nylon could, nor melt like Nylon could. Parts For Trucks Burnside used to carry them. I have a few on the ‘Burb for critical bolts.
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