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  1. She was still there today! Bit too pricey for the condition. Not showroom 'mint'. Not even 'Pepper Mint', lol.
  2. Nice, in a rough sort of way. ‘67 Chev, 327 V8, manual tranny with floor shifter, GM 14 Bolt rear, 8 lug front. Big Edelbrock carb, 16” rims
  3. Okay, so what does it do? Restrict air flow? Jk...
  4. For Jay: Several times I’ve seen a Ford F-250/F-350 Quad Cab Long Box of your rig’s generation with BIG tires and other gear, mostly at the Bayer’s Lake Timmie’s... Tires looked a bit like old skool Ground Hawgs....
  5. Adapting an old cargo box to the Ranger atm. Going to look like an old man’s truck! Gotta live the part, lol. My Chinese-made aluminum spark plug wire separators finally made it to me yesterday. Woo Hoo! The Accel wires I put on the Scout are 8.8 mm.. Needed big holders! Back at the Scout soon. I hope! Pics when available..
  6. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Same story as the last several weeks for me. But, starting next week we’re back in town for the foreseeable future! And we will make it there!
  7. Trimming the top of the uprights would remove too much functionality. Cutting the bottom of the uprights would then require re-welding them back on. Just going to remain as-is for now!
  8. The Universal rack I bought is designed for full sized trucks. A short trim or two with the grinder made it ‘fit’ the Ranger. Admittedly it’s too high, but it works for now!
  9. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Not going to be at this one either, at the cottage atm. But we will be again soon!
  10. Princess Auto ‘Universal’ headache rack. Not bad, since the ‘Back Rack’ brand is delayed until at least the fall.
  11. Now I can run with the ‘Trail Rated’ Jeeps and Chev Z71s, lol.
  12. Waiting impatiently on some parts. But too busy to install the ones I have on hand! Lol
  13. I’m living 4x4 by reading your folks’ posts these days. I haven’t even got my Tow Hooks on yet! But all is good. Yesterday we got her son and his gf moved out, the lawn cut, and got switched from Eastlink to Bell. Not just playing the switch-eroo game, recently there’s a signal problem on our street Eastlink hasn’t solved yet.
  14. Nice little TLC..
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