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  1. Danger Ranger it was. We were following up on a swath of woods that was probably cut two winters ago. Now it looks all built up, graded smooth, and even mostly gravelled. I believe it’s for the new facility that’s going in that Westwood (?) residents were leery off.
  2. Did a little tour in former Bowater lands this afternoon. Tonight I’ll try to bring a map and show a new road being built!
  3. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Close to home, I hope we can make it! One of these weeks things will/might settle down.
  4. Still the original K&N too!
  5. Why? In case it gets wet perhaps? I’ve used a K&N in the Suburban for over 20 years. I just wash (with K&N cleaner) once every 5-10 years or so!
  6. And, is that a K & N air filter? Air raid?
  7. You didn't need the hot air coming from the radiator entering the air filter anyway..! Nice use of a Tote cover. Now what to use to cover the interior of the Tote. Hmm!
  8. I think I saw a Tango Tracker heading into Burnside this am! Nice!
  9. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Just got called out of town on a family issue. So we won’t make it out for coffee again. Soon...
  10. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Won’t be there tonight either, but soon! We often check out Vernon’s Diner on Wednesday nites. (Late summer Wednesday’s at least.) Last night there was an IH Scout 80 there. Beautiful Resto-mod from Liverpool way. Orange. And I forgot to take a pic! She had been at the big Brackley Beach show last weekend as well.(PEI)
  11. If it was simple, any fool could do it. Even me. Lol
  12. Nice work, and welds!
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