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  1. Welcome to NS (eventually) and we think you’ll like it here! All of what you said is generally true. Most, if not all, inspections are not too nit-picky. I used to run an ‘83 Hi Lux. With an extra leaf all the way around. Good luck and we’ll see you when you get here!
  2. So, you will need a good view of the sky. It is a basically a GPS unit, and everything is derived from the GPS signal. Time, position, 3D (includes altitude), (and position history gives you speed and direction of travel). It may have another sensor to give you the inclination, although having two GPS sensors inside it can calculate 3D orientation aka as attitude, iirc.
  3. Yeah, I hope to be using my snowblower as well this year. But it’s still caught in the divorce.. My brother’s driveway is almost big enough for a truck plow. But he manhandles a snowblower as well.
  4. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. My TD Insurance uses them.
  5. Hmmmm. We may be busy with retrieving some of my household stuff tomorrow. But if not, we’ll be there just to check it out. I’ve never done H&S! It’s been a tumultuous 5 yrs...
  6. I even scraped the air dam on the F150. But it was fun!
  7. No.. Also I’ve been getting ready to work on the Scout, once my brother gets his truck out of his garage, lol.
  8. Oh, did I forget to mention a School Bus backed into the Ranger? I bet the 71 yo driver doesn’t drive School Bus anymore. But he was a nice guy.
  9. My brother is using the car, while he replaces the Transfer Case in his truck. We’re driving an F150 while the Ranger is getting the dents fixed. Although it’s a 2020 4x4, it’s no Ranger Lariat with a Levelling kit!
  10. Hopefully we’ll make it to this one!
  11. I did try cards. They wouldn’t stay put. I would have had to lower the air pressure to insert them further. The breeze wasn’t helping at the time! Lol
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