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  1. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    Yeah, I need high back seats / or somehow add headrests for the Burb, although they have never bothered me. But if I get rear ended, I could have serious whiplash. And the Scout, the seats have too much rearward rake to them. Not sure if they are factory or not. Kenny U-pull is going to get a visit this summer!
  2. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    Good for you! I can't imagine driving w/o ps. Although I did on something or other back in the late '70s...………. Although I have to do some minor finagling to convert the Burb to cross-over steering. On the list! Been working slow but steady on the Scout lately. I'll post pics someday!
  3. sar4x4

    Dodge Ramcharger.

    Ya might want to narrow the front bumper a tad! lol Add and/or re-arch the leaves. They've sagged over the years. Wheel it!
  4. sar4x4

    New pickups

    My bother had a rented GM last summer. 4x4, crew cab, 1500. He's used to a 2008 Dodge 2500HD Cummins 4x4 single cab. He hated the GM. Especially the start/stop engine management in traffic. Other than that I have no comments to offer! Good luck!
  5. sar4x4

    Not a build or project

    Great to hear good home/family stories! Best of luck to you and see you around! And congrats on the Fox!
  6. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    Jay bought me coffee and more, and the mirrors are still sitting on my passenger seat...……………….. I'll get them to ya yet!
  7. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    I’m bringing some A-pillar mount mirrors. Dave Palmer might bring a sector shaft. Jay is in the loop. A three way swap! I might go in the Miller Road in the afternoon, and then meet you folks in Fall River. If I get stuck, everybody’s coffee will be on me after you get me out! 🥴
  8. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    I have the A pillar mount mirrors that I just removed from the Scout. They'd be more useful on your Zuk than sit in the garage for a decade or two! You'd only have to buy me 'coffee' at Tim's on Thursday!
  9. sar4x4

    Coffee Night

    Be ready for the rain!
  10. My thoughts exactly! Just thoughts, about what to do in a real pinch!
  11. Thanks for the pics and vids, as well as the explanation! I didn't think that quarry/pit looked like the one on the Myra. I think another time I would consider winching folks down a slippery hill like that!
  12. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    Ouch. Good luck solving the issue! I’m on the fence about attending tomorrow and catching a ride with someone. Trying to help my bro get some stuff moved in the yard here before the snow really flies. Sorting some small logistical around that. Cheers!
  13. sar4x4

    What did you do to your rig today?

    For sure! Working on things several times a week. More progress pics shortly!
  14. sar4x4

    What did you do to your rig today?

    And something is missing on the Burb! Had to remove it to facilitate the removal of the winch. Story starting tomorrow or soon!
  15. sar4x4

    What did you do to your rig today?

    The other side. Just because I'm a bit oc! Yeah, that's a Scout 80 I believe. My bro's. Been like that for 10+ yrs.