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  1. They are called 'Man on a tractor' logos............... Just have to use a bit of imagination. It's an 'i' and an 'H' of course. For 'International Harvester'. The current 'International Harvester' logo/symbol is 'looking along a long highway', for their 'Over the Road' highway tractors.
  2. Original on the truck. Just popped them off and painted. ('Just' popped them off. LOL While my head was in the foot wells (for the IH emblems), feet on the garage floor, my back like a pretzel, one hand stuck behind the kick panel....) 'SSS' lists used ones at $56US each, and repro look-alike stickers for very little $. But my Scout was well 'restored' when I purchased it. Just needs some 'sprucing up'.
  3. Again, it looks way better in person, there are reflections on the chrome and lettering in the photo. I never noticed until I posted them! The red lettering is super, and really makes the text pop! It was just chrome before. More similar work to be done, as well as a lot of wrenchin'!
  4. They look much better in person... the lighting and camera caught some corrosion imperfections in the old chrome.
  5. Worked in the garage Saturday for 4 hours. Had/Have to straighten the front bumper to get the Grille Guard on. Almost ready to install. My helper pulled some parts off and painted them on Sunday. Pics follow!
  6. I have an ol’ ‘Corn Binder’ that I drive once in a while....
  7. We have 6 Ton stands at my brother’s garage. When they’re not high enough we have some 6”x6” x24” blocks that we nailed together with plywood, that make a nice base under the stands.
  8. So I got my Birthday present from 'Super Scout Specialists'.......... I purchase a lot from them and 'IH Parts America'. I've scheduled the garage for Saturday................
  9. Should be easy to source. I think I got mine at NAPA, iirc. In layman's terms I swapped a 3/4 ton rear axle into my half ton vehicle. Combo U-Joints are even used right from the factory! Hence, easy to find. I just measured the trunnion length and diameter, etc etc. and went to NAPA. IN STOCK.
  10. Get a proper jack set up, you seem to have the gear there, and lift the front end up (lifting under the frame), and block it................. at the front frame ends. No cutting corners on safety!
  11. You know a woman's nose is much more sensitive than a man's.................. You won't get away with it unless you have an air exchanger! Looking good! I've been reading, thinking, stockpiling parts,.... AND made great progress on non-mechanical items in life. Maybe someday, ..
  12. I'm just making baked beans whilst I read your post and do some SAR work. Thanks for the great read and the garage as clean as an ER!
  13. Loooong transmission and transfer-case combination! Did we discuss this before in the post? How is it going to work out?
  14. Love this thread. The garage I use is not mine, so that's my excuse for never doing a job any where near as particular as this! Good on ya!
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