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  1. sar4x4

    The Ford

    👍. Good plan! Yeah, I have some parts, some for years, that are waiting to be installed. I suspect we all do! Good that you were watching that coupler/adjuster!
  2. sar4x4

    The Ford

    Yeah. Could have been really bad. And embarrassing to a mechanic! lol
  3. I look forward to any and all pics! I won't be able to make it. Sad. (A few too many things on the go and I didn't pre-clear it with the boss. So I won't use up my brownie points this time.) Next time I go, I plan to make it through the water obstacle though! Leading the group last year on this new-to-us trail I wasn't about to stretch my limits too far. But since Matt made it in the Dodge, I'll have to add the last of the North American Big 3 Truck makers to the list. I suspect Ford will be well represented this weekend, by Mopar Matt! Have fun!
  4. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    You need to add a second gauge then. And maybe rotate it 180 degrees so it only works on LH turns. Lol. Think outside the box?!
  5. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    'Petrol' is cheap right now, you should fill 'er up!
  6. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    What he said! Yup! lol
  7. sar4x4

    The Ford

    Interesting. Distributor bolt lose? Wear and tear I guess. I’ve NEVER checked the timing on my ‘Burb or Scout. And I’ve had the Burban 25 years.... The Scout 4 or 5. On my list of things to check! Lol
  8. sar4x4

    The Ford

    Don't leave us hanging! Loose wire? Dirty connection? Something full of mud an water? lol
  9. sar4x4

    Looking for some suitable trails

    Watch this site, and the FB site. We'll see you out there in 4x4 country!
  10. Big Grin! I don't remember 'overall' it being too hard...……… But I haven't fixed my two 'bumps' yet either! But they were from being a bit too ambitious, the trail is full size friendly if you take your time on the twists and turns..... But you can break stuff if you try! I bumped the LF and RR fenders right at the very corners of the truck. On the by-pass to the Mud Hole I believe. Overall, I think our M.U.D. runs have been EPIC! Always going somewhere that most folks don't know about. And most folks don't tend to re-run either. Technically, M.U.D. 2017 was the 'hill' in Ledwidge, (Muddy Myra), and the Drill Road was maybe the second weekend of M.U.D. 2017, or not. Ahh, good times. More to come another year! I'll have a year of lost time to make up for!
  11. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    We’ll be interested in seeing your fab work! Carry on!
  12. sar4x4

    LF late 80's - early 90's F250 shock towers

    I put a similar item on the front of my Burb. Easy to mount, longer shock travel, etc. Luv 'em!
  13. sar4x4

    Matt 79 ram convertible build

    Thanks for reminding me! I’ve needed some reminders. I’ll have to come over in the spring and pick something out. Stay in touch! Lol
  14. sar4x4

    Matt 79 ram convertible build

    The only thing I don't care about the Ramcharger is the low back bucket seats. That I've seen anyway. I always wanted to buy the black model with thin pin stipes. Back when they were new! I forget the name! Having said that, my Burb has a bench seat, no head rests. It's an issue.
  15. sar4x4

    Jays Zuk

    And batteries are heavy and volatile to ship! So I don’t expect many Chinese made batteries around, but I don’t know!