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  1. Great to see u out wheeling again James. Jeep works good, and I like the red too
  2. um, hold on mr @TomWood - no mention of the Bullnose?
  3. IDK what options you have for the Jeep and RAM, but this is a super popular hotrod conversion using this style of caliper.
  4. Parking brake was super easy to install, as the stock cable was a perfect fit with no modifications needed
  5. Brakes are in, just need to hook up the parking brake lines. Took me a while to bleed them as they cannot be bled in place as the bleeder isn't at the top. Had to make the hard lines, which are toyota bubble flare to GM double flare.
  6. Thanks. The stress-reliever has been laid up for a few weeks now, so really looking forward to getting it back on the road!!
  7. Bit of an update on the rear brakes. Unfortunately the Mitsubishi rotors are not going to work without major reworking, because they are too tall and a bit too deep to fit the caliper within the 15 inch rim..clearance is tight!!. No big deal as they were super cheap, so worth a shot. Because of MVI and the fear of an inspection seeing DIY brakes, I decided to buy Sky's Offroad Design caliper brackets and pre-modified Chevy rotors, just like Clarence's. If I factor in materials, my free time, which is pretty limited right now, it works out about the same cost as making my own brackets, buying standard Chevy rotors and paying for them to be turned to fit. So, excuses out of the way, I've got one side offered up, and made some brake line brackets. Next step is to chop out the other side and do the same. One thing I have learned is, the GM metric calipers with ebrake are an absolute PITA to setup. There are videos with various techniques to get it done, so no worries there.
  8. Started on a little rack project to help secure gear on the parcel shelf. I wanted this ready for the summer event, but didn't have time. Rear brakes are on hold until the weather turns.
  9. Replaced the dead Mishimoto transmission fan...it was rusted up, and it was blowing forward too, so sorted that out whilst I was in there. Got a 1990 Toyota truck axle shaft from Kenny's...$22 lol. Started mocking up how the caliper is going to be positioned in relation to the axle. I'm super pleased with the Mitsubishi rotor as it slipped right on...the bracket will need a step.
  10. Correct, here's a good explanation of how it works
  11. I think I can guess what it is
  12. Those 1980 Eldorado calipers have ebrake levers
  13. Rotors came in for the rear disk swap from Wrench Monkey. The Toyota axle wheel mounting surface is roughly 7 inches in diameter. This means the swap kits that use the Chevy rotor requires the inner to be machined to fit over the axle. So, I took a gamble after some dangerous internet searching, and bought Mitsubishi Montero rear disks. These are 7 3/4" internal diameter, and will fit over the axle without modification. They are very deap tho, so I'll need to see where I land when I make the bracket.
  14. Me too. I was on the fence about doing it, but I really dig it.
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