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  1. The 2.3 conversion runs a manual transmission ECU with no provision for the 3 speed automatic torque convertor lockout. A switch was added to the dash to facilitate the TC lockout. The location of the switch wasn't great, and the LED was burning a fellas retina. So, I moved the switch to a more accessible location. Now I can flip the switch without having to lean over into the dash. It looks a bit odd on the photos, but it's not. I might cut and inch or 2 off the top to lower the button so it's at my finger tips...maybe
  2. wow that looks like a straight up copy of my ARB, even the castings look the same if u compare to my spare motor. Can't got wrong for that price. Hopefully you'll get some good use out of it.
  3. they look amazing...and I really really need to stop visiting that site LMAO
  4. for the high steer, but they are just generic Land Cruiser TREs
  5. TREs came in....no castle nut or provision for a cotter pin, just a nylock nut. I might have to drill it for a cotter pin to be extra safe.
  6. Tracking down some steering vagueness. New 1995 Land Cruiser tie rod ends on order.....
  7. I hear ya about costs. I keep looking for some nice rims, but my sensible side keeps asking 'but why do I need them?' maybe one day i'll be deaf lol
  8. jealous, I would love those wheels on mine
  9. hmm the only hills I can think of would be the hill we did near myra and the one near Ellershouse that Matt took us on
  10. yes, true. my gen 6 Jetta has red LEDs recessed into the roof console. You cant see them when driving, but they shine downwards onto the center console. I really like that and I'm going to do it in the Zuk.
  11. red LED is much easier on the eye than blue.
  12. went out in a night run with the NSJC a couple of weeks ago, and busted on of the accessory switches. This was a perfect opportunity to fix my OCD, and delete the awful blue switches. In doing so, I found a bad wire for the front fog lights, which have never worked since I got the Zuk. Also took the opportunity to clean up the the wiring and put each accessory on its own fuse.
  13. I like it. I'm going see if I can get a vinyl sheet to cover it.
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