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  1. Recently noticed the spare tire was moving a lot more than normal. So I had to remove the spare tire and carrier temporarily because the supports are cracked through the bumper and the tire was starting to hit the tailgate lol I need to beef up the bumper some more to give that massive 35" tire some extra support. That's a LOT of weight hanging back there. Looks a little sad without it lol
  2. More maintenance. Cleaned and tightened the 2 front side arms. Almost had a problem with one as the first threads are really bad, and it took me 30 minutes to get them started. Gonna need to buy some spares, just in case.
  3. Owning rare rigs is cool, but also a PITA
  4. Noticed the MAF sensor housing bracket had broken off it's mount, and the air filter was rubbing on the moisture boot, and ruined it. So, made a basic more flexible aluminum bracket with double MAF mounting bolts. Hopefully it's not going to stress the MAF housing any more.
  5. One for Eugene.... if you haven't watched it already. Derek is a hoot to watch, and his vehicle revivals are hilarious @sar4x4
  6. Isn't the internet marvelous lol
  7. Fancied a change of wheel colour and can't afford new rims. Initially went with white, but it was too bright, so changed it to a sand/beige
  8. DEATH WOBBLE After replacing tie rods and swapping tires for MVI, the Zuk has suffered with immediate death wobble, even on smooth flat road. I had the whole steering apart, adjusted the tracking a dozen times, swapped tires and still death wobble. These Duratracs have airsoft beads in them to balance them out, and the street ride was always always shakey after 80kms. Sometimes it would come and go as the beads moved around. And the highway was plain miserable. So, I had the beads removed and tires balanced problerly. No more DW, and no more shakes I suspect the tire in the photo was bad enough to cause it.
  9. Soooooo.....safety inspector did NOT like my rebuildable tie rod ends. When I turned up with them pumped full of grease, he said I'd filled them with plastic to get them through....or something weird along those lines. I guess that was an old-school trick back in the day. I think he just wanted to see new parts TBH. I had to buy a couple of regular 90's Landcruiser/Lexus 450 TREs. $90 for 2 isn't bad at all, so with shiny new parts I'm all passed now You can really notice the big difference in quality and amount of material between the stock and rebuildable TREs. I'll keep the rebuildable TREs for trail spares. On to more maintenance...... This Rock Assault front housing does not have an oil drain hole, so I bought a drill pump to get what I could out of it. Couldn't service the rear diff oil as the fill plug is a 14mm hex that I don't have a tool for....another trip to PA for me lol
  10. yup LOL. I just got it back from safety and it failed on the 2 tie rod ends. I'm kicking myself because (I didn't know) these are EMF rebuildable tie rods, and the movement he saw was most likely a lack of grease not hydrolocking the joint solidly in place - it was moving up and down. Pumped them full of grease, easy fix Here's a screenshot of a cutout EMF TRE
  11. getting close to sending it in for inspection LOL
  12. Got the rear center and captains rear Rubicon Express Super Flex joints serviced. I had to cut the rear center 2 out as both were seized in the bolt, any no amounts of cherry red torching was getting them free. Drives nice and tight now. Just need to do the same for the drinkers side rear 3 and I should be mvi ready. Also relocated the ebrake cable so it's not Sat on top of the muffler, and adjusted the rear shoes....got brakes again now


    Welcome to the site. You could try Andre @ East Coast 4x4
  14. Took an early morning drive to Lynds in Truro and got what I needed
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