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  1. great to hear the old girl is getting some love
  2. lol, yeah BMW bought the Mini brand. I can't use stock bolt on exhaust because of the 2.3 and the 4-link arms would also get in the way. I enjoy making stuff
  3. Zuk exhaust is horrible, it's loud, farty (no leaks) and drones, especially since the rpms are consistently at 3k plus. So much so, i started looking for parts to convert to a manual. Decided to re-do the whole cat back. Re-did all the pipework, added a CAT (was CAT-less) and removed the magnaflow (magnaflow is the muffler on the bottom) Since space is T I G H T, I found a nice little muffler at Kennys from a Mercedes, but it didn't make any difference. I exchanged the Merc muffler for a Mini Cooper muffler. The Cooper has 30bhp more power, so I figured it would work. The Mini muffler is BIG, but I managed to squeeze it in, and it's nice and quiet now 20220809_090013.mp4
  4. yeah, I was out with the NSJC last run on Stagecoach. I'll probably tag along on their next run too....hard and Soft
  5. it's nice to have doors off. I'm thinking about tube doors too.
  6. received_396599525787099.webp
  7. had to do it. my feet an legs are getting cooked with the heat of the Trans. Thinking of switching to a manual. I have a Tracker Trans and pedals, but idk if the tracker Trans will bolt up to the 2.3 modded a $12 pair of bicycle mirrors (threads were too thick for the door bucket holes) got some pins on order received_396599525787099.webp
  8. I ended up repairing the cracks and plating it with double thickness steel, and plug welding the center.
  9. Got the steering back together. Added snaps to the bikini top 'ears' The 96-98 model has snaps to hold the side pieces to the wind deflector, where the bikini came with velcro strips for the 89-95 models. Easy fix
  10. I'm hearing it might be for those who wheel their sidekicks. Thinking back to winter tho, and the steering wheel center point changed on a tour, right after I slid sideways into a huge hole....I actually smacked my head hard on the overhead radios it was so violent. Anyways, I think that is when the box got pulled away from the frame, and probably cracked it.
  11. looks wicked, nice work
  12. 2 hours just to undo the tetris lol
  13. ah the joys of having a popular rig.....aftermarket
  14. yup a lot of stress in that area, epecially with big tires
  15. I've not really looked properly yet, but it seems like access might be ok once the box is removed. Might have to remove the rad. There is a fish plate on the outside of the frame at the same location, so IDK how that will play into things.
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