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  1. hmm the only hills I can think of would be the hill we did near myra and the one near Ellershouse that Matt took us on
  2. yes, true. my gen 6 Jetta has red LEDs recessed into the roof console. You cant see them when driving, but they shine downwards onto the center console. I really like that and I'm going to do it in the Zuk.
  3. red LED is much easier on the eye than blue.
  4. went out in a night run with the NSJC a couple of weeks ago, and busted on of the accessory switches. This was a perfect opportunity to fix my OCD, and delete the awful blue switches. In doing so, I found a bad wire for the front fog lights, which have never worked since I got the Zuk. Also took the opportunity to clean up the the wiring and put each accessory on its own fuse.
  5. I like it. I'm going see if I can get a vinyl sheet to cover it.
  6. well my center console didn't go quite to plan because space is so tight, so and ended up with a mini version. Part 2 will be a separate arm rest to match. I like it so far.
  7. yeah I'll polyurethane varnish it, and cover it. it'll be fine.
  8. thanks. I was looking at one in Kennys and it's way too different. So, I've decided to make a custom console with MDF.
  9. On the last run, I discovered there rear locker was not engaging. I could hear the air pressure relief on the front solenoid, but nothing from the rear. Troubleshooting the issue was weird because my test light was showing voltage on the bad solenoid. Thinking the solenoid was bad, I tore both down thinking maybe clogged with dirt. No. So, swapped the solenoids over and the problem moved to the 'good' one. I put my DVM on the bad solenoid wires, and nothing, just 0 volts. But my 12v test light was still lighting up...very odd. Eventually I traced the problem to a broken wire under the passenger seat!! RESULT!! I got my rear differential locker working without having to replace the very expensive ARB solenoid.
  10. Another video of High Voltage got posted by Rick
  11. ah I see. yes I did find some like that, but with the handbrake and tiny dimensions, i think they would take more reworking than starting from scratch. maybe I'll still make one if I run out of zuk-chores
  12. hhhmmmm maybe. tell me more. I ended up playing with the JB weld. if u squint it's mint
  13. I read the top right quadrant in the direction of travel is where you don't want to be.
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