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  1. Thanks , its coming, Yes, 73-80 has straight side windows and removable steel top. 81-93 curved glass and fixed roof.
  2. Here is a better pic of the ramcharger right before it got tucked away all winter in the garage. The engine is tired, and leaking oil from every where oil can possibly come from. I have a 360 magnum efi engine, most likely will end up doing efi conversion with the 360 magnum.
  3. Hopefully this year I get wheeling again, I'm not married to my towtruck anymore and with every weekend off, Hoping I can participate and maybe even lead a few runs. My daily/wheeler is in the works and not bad on fuel. Getting the reliability part finished up, next will be the Sas drive train to suit wheeling. Glad to hear the club will carry on .
  4. Well was going to do 100%white, but I'm liking the top white and thinking I'll keep the red. And when ready, the bottom will be white too. Anyway , the top is done, and it's very white lol
  5. Update on these rigs, iv got a Cummins and nv4500 going in the yellow truck. Just picked up the transmission yesterday, it's from a Chevrolet 3500 2WD. Iv got everything needed to make it hook to the Cummins engine. as for the 6x6 nothing yet.
  6. Update on the Ramcharger, This is the last pic in it's current form, currently getting some upper bodywork done , and paint. Getting the roof blasted , and repainted as well as the hood and everything above the upper chrome trim line
  7. The engine thing, I know you shouldn't have to, but have you tried switching to premium fuel, yes more cost but as an expirment. Iv noticed in a car that has always ran regular, it has had some noticable spark rattle lately and has a rough idle. Assuming that this is caused by the ethanol in the fuel, guessing they are pumping more than the 10% as advertised in the lower grades, but supreme doesn't have the ethanol added into it. The same car now idles smoother and the spark rattle is gone . Never needed to run supreme previously in that car till just lately.
  8. Good luck with the sale, it's a good rig.
  9. Check that the coupler is in good condition, not beat with a hammer or bent, the breakaway cable and batterybox, make sure the little pin is there to pin the coupler, safety chains and hooks present. To get rough idea of wheel bearings, Just rock the top of wheels in and out , listen /feel for clunk. Slight movement is normal, excessive movement and very audible clunk probably needs repack or replacement. There not too much to them, just tapered roller bearings, and drum brakes are just shoes with a magnet on the brake arm. Sounds like ya got the rest under control, there are 2 types of suspension, torsion axles and spring axles. All personal preference, torsion axles are usually smoother running in my experience. But I have had good luck with my spring axles, cheap to replace a leaf pack or a bushing. But both are tried and true. Sometimes torsion axles have more center clearance for rough terrain.
  10. I'm sure if they paid to ship that beast over here, they aren't too concerned about the cost of fuel haha. Awesome looking rig tho
  11. It will fit, I hauled a crew cab long box f350 on a 16' Deck over and between the wheels both have pros and cons, yes break over angle is an issue, some of that can be relieved by having a 10k jack on the front, lift the nose of the trailer to load Lower items, helps, but doesn't fix everything. Can do the same on a standard car trailer too, iv had corvettes on my 20' 14kgvwr trailer that is between the wheels. An added bonus of the deck over is width, and all flat, makes hauling big hot tubs a breeze. The other question is, what are you hauling it with? Deck over puts your hauled item up into the airstream more. For example hauling a lifted jeep on deck over will be well above the roofline of most pickups and in the breaking its own wind path, something to think about for efficiency, that adds alot of wind resistance, increasing fuel consumption
  12. There is two intake tubes on the air breather assy, one under the hood, the other goes straight in the cab. The other open one is supposed to go to the carb that is missing. To use the in cab intake, remove this cap and place it on the under hood intake.
  13. POR 15, usually, but will probably go a different route on this one, Going to try the rust reformer and paint over that with the surplus of gloss black paint I have.
  14. Doing some frame prep, on the Cummins 4x4 build. The frame in the 4x4 chassis is rusty but not rotten. Here is a before and after pic of my rust removal
  15. will we have to login in each visit? Or can we stay logged in on our phone
  16. Got her home today, had a friend trailer it for me
  17. Been thinking about tires for both army trucks, and both have just standard issue army tires, here is some thoughts I had on cutting the tires from the existing tread patterns and give a bit more bite here is the stock tread pattern. Then modifed version And another modified idea
  18. Good question, I have no clue, I'll check that out and advise once it's landed. @sar4x4 thats a pretty good guess
  19. Holy crap handle. @sar4x4 that's right on, yep those are the specs. How was your experience driving them
  20. Bringing it home on Sunday, can't wait. Original plans were to use it as a parts rig, however, it's alot better shape than I expected, and all intact with the exception of a missing wheel,missing one rear axle shaft, and a few missing external engine parts. Unsure of the exact plans, but forsee diesel fumes coming from it
  21. Only reason I went with advance adapters, is they offer a new factory replacement piece, for the same price that I can get one used . And the people who are selling them used seem to think there is a pot of gold hidden in them or something. So far I'm into new parts for $1800. There are a couple other new items not shown. Busy helping a friend move that sold his house, so progress will pick up on the weekend. Hmm.......I'll think on that hahah
  22. More boxes...and expensive. Since the transmission I'll be using is hooked to a 360 v8 and I'm putting it behind the cummins, some changes need to be made. The input shaft will need to be replaced with a larger unit to mate to the bigger clutch. the inputshaft housing and bearing retainer needs changed to match the large input. the bellhousing needs to be changed from the small block dodge to the cummins, so advance adaptors makes a replacement bellhousing for this and the nessary pieces are included with the bellhousing. the clutch kit and new flywheel is in this pile too.
  23. @sar4x4got it, I don't pull wrenches in cold or snow anymore lol
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