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  1. Road cruza RA1100 are good, affordable all terrain tires and come in suv sizes. I had them on our caravan and loved them, we took that van all over dirt roads /mild trails and lived in the country with it. Was awesome. On my trucks I run Road cruza RA3200 which is more of a MT than an all terrain.
  2. Also got a new shop toy to play with, a very used but functional tire machine. Iv always had access to tiremachine, but since iv gone self employed I don't have that perk anymore. So here it is, tried it out on the spare tire for the Nissan, remove and reinstall lol. I'm happy with it, sure beats swapping tires manually lol.
  3. Not much of an update, but iv replaced the driver side door and a couple of little things,
  4. Something I do on bulb sockets on all my vehicles , is plug the socket full of dielectric grease, then stick the bulb into it, iv had to change alot of burnt out bulb sockets and pigtails, but never one iv " treated " to the grease , I think it helps cool the socket and wire contacts and prevents any corrosion too due to trapped moisture.
  5. Just sold my 4 wheeler , so getting ready to start putting this beast together
  6. It was aftermarket piece for the mini truck scene. This exact one was marketed for Nissan King cab mini trucks, there were several configuration available in the 80's for different wheelbase trucks.
  7. That's awesome, lots of progress!
  8. Picked up a fiberglass stepside Bed for the 720.
  9. Welcome, there is coffee night every Thursday in a rotating location schedule that's posted up. It's like meet and greet, can check out others rigs , ask and answer questions, gives us a chance to check out your rig.
  10. Good to know, looking into getting some
  11. Nice, Looks great!!! Iv done the same with the towtruck and mom's wheeler. I put in green for that old school glow from the 50's lol.
  12. LED light bar is installed! Works Great! Forgot what it was like to have good off road lighting
  13. YHere is the bronco front in a its glory haha
  14. Been a while, but here is an update, And yes I know, another direction lol. I had Toyota axles for this truck, however it is not cost effective for me to build these axles up, maybe the parts are expensive or I'm just cheap, or a combination of both, so I have sold them . Now in my possession is an early bronco d44 front diff, and I still have the Nissan Xterra rear diff H233B with 4.90 gears. The front diff came complete with front frame , steering and suspension cutoff at the firewall. The steering box is outboard on the frame. The bronco diff is 5 lug drum brakes, I'll be conve
  15. Truck has been working good, I now have a d30 high pinion solid front axle in my possession for this truck. But not doing anything with it until the Nissan is on the road.
  16. The lights on the back of the truck, iv been having some issues with them burning out, probably due to vibrations, the last filiment bulb I put in only lasted an hr and it was a grote 2.5" round marker lamp, so led markers in and no problems, now onto taillights, the taillights are just universal truck lights, similar to the old taillights on a YJ jeep, and take 1157 bulb and 1156 for reverse light. Princess auto has led 1157 led bulbs, and 1156 , so I took a chance on them, Wow! On the 1157, I went with the princess auto line and chose the red 1157 led and put it behind the red lens of t
  17. Did sparkplugs, and changed the fuel filter again, then light wheeling for the rest of the day received_2519739898172888.mp4
  18. Hope it's good for you, it's been in there a while now
  19. Before the roll bar , looked really long in the bed
  20. And green LED cluster backlighting
  21. PICTURES lol. Finished the lights on the roll bar, they operate, the switch is not my first choice as it is just 3m stuck to the dash, it came with something else , but is functional with red LED light for off and green led light when on.
  22. Like the chariot races with spikes on the hubs,
  23. Hopefully getting some pics, today, Baja Rollbar is now installed, removed the one remaining off road light from the bar and installed 2 smaller off road/fog lights? That were just sitting on the shelf. An LED light bar just didn't look right on this truck. I ran new 2 conductor 14ga wire through the tubes of the roll bar, also have the relay and interior switch wired, just need to connect the lights. Next thing on the mod list is to install a "tool" box in the bed, I have an odd box from the towtruck that opens "up" which is useless on the towtruck, but should work fine on this truck. N
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