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  1. Started on a little rack project to help secure gear on the parcel shelf. I wanted this ready for the summer event, but didn't have time. Rear brakes are on hold until the weather turns.
  2. Replaced the dead Mishimoto transmission fan...it was rusted up, and it was blowing forward too, so sorted that out whilst I was in there. Got a 1990 Toyota truck axle shaft from Kenny's...$22 lol. Started mocking up how the caliper is going to be positioned in relation to the axle. I'm super pleased with the Mitsubishi rotor as it slipped right on...the bracket will need a step.
  3. Correct, here's a good explanation of how it works
  4. I think I can guess what it is
  5. Those 1980 Eldorado calipers have ebrake levers
  6. Rotors came in for the rear disk swap from Wrench Monkey. The Toyota axle wheel mounting surface is roughly 7 inches in diameter. This means the swap kits that use the Chevy rotor requires the inner to be machined to fit over the axle. So, I took a gamble after some dangerous internet searching, and bought Mitsubishi Montero rear disks. These are 7 3/4" internal diameter, and will fit over the axle without modification. They are very deap tho, so I'll need to see where I land when I make the bracket.
  7. Me too. I was on the fence about doing it, but I really dig it.
  8. Plasti Dipped my grill
  9. Ebay rear brake conversion calipers came in today. 1980 Eldorado rears. Unfortunately my bracket is for a landcruiser, so too big to bolt on the axle. So I'll see if I can modify it, or just make new. I haven't worked out rotors yet, but I do have a set of new fronts for a 1984 toy truck.
  10. LOL. My 1st time up the hill, it was fun, but no challenge in the dry with lockers on. Dave had no brakes in the Sami midway up and almost flopped it on it's side trying to get up. It was a real slow-mo moment We did the trail parallel to International that has a pretty gnarly hill climb (I forget the name). Only 3 of us took the challenge, Clarence in his Zuk, Mark in his Rubi and me...only the Zuks made it without pulling cable
  11. The Summer Event was a blast, and extremely hot. I think I saw 40 degrees on the dial. Trails had been cut, but they were still pretty fun. My favorite of the whole weekend was Unnamed 2 Not many photos from me this year, but here's what I have...
  12. True lol. I 100% blame it on the t-shirt. 1st time wearing Roadkill for over a year, and the day I wear it, roadkill happens lol My rigs and the summer event always seem to be doomed for some reason.
  13. Ive got the whole week off work this week, so been talking advantage of the nice weather with a lot of Zuk road time. I could spend all day driving around...anyways.... Took Tracey out to an appointment, and on the drive I picked up a clicking/cracking noise. Turned out to be a bad rear wheel bearing. I don't think they're meant to stop dead on a spin like this lol Lucky I caught it this week, and not on the drive down to Fox Mountain!! Thankfully I already had a Trail Gear bearing set on the shelf InShot_20210810_163655718.mp4
  14. Thanks. I should rename from Tango to Microlander now lol Covered the privacy shelf with rubber mat and added some tie-downs for a cargo net. It's camping ready now Also switched out the restricted intake coupler for a 3" flex pipe. Should get at least 0.356HP gain now LOL And welded up the rear bumper so the tire carrier is back on now.
  15. Bought a used bench grinder, what a great tool that is!!! Shaped and painted the intake braket. Noticed the intake coupler has a nasty kink in it, which might be restricting air flow. On the hunt for a better one now.
  16. Privacy cover done. Just painted black for now. Might speaker carpet it later. Spare tire is going back on the tire mount once I weld up and beef up the cracked bumper mounts. I'll be adding a couple of 24" grab handles on top so I can tie up a cargo net for lightweight items, like camping gear. So far, super happy with how it turned out
  17. Thinking about some kind of sectioned off area in the back of the Zuk because with the soft top, out of sight is out of mind; I'm storing a spare tire there I like to carry some parts and tools, just in case So, I mocked up a divider out of scrap wood. I'm thinking really simple and not necessarily super secure, either ply top covered in speaker carpet with 2 sides, or a fitted canvas/tarp arrangement. Pros/cons plywood - cost, concerned about if I get rear-ended, solid, can add rails on top for extra carry capacity, could be a place to mount radios etc., IDK how I would fold the soft top down canvas/tarp - cheap, might be noisy, easy to remove/change if needed I'm on the fence.
  18. Recently noticed the spare tire was moving a lot more than normal. So I had to remove the spare tire and carrier temporarily because the supports are cracked through the bumper and the tire was starting to hit the tailgate lol I need to beef up the bumper some more to give that massive 35" tire some extra support. That's a LOT of weight hanging back there. Looks a little sad without it lol
  19. More maintenance. Cleaned and tightened the 2 front side arms. Almost had a problem with one as the first threads are really bad, and it took me 30 minutes to get them started. Gonna need to buy some spares, just in case.
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