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  1. Yes. Standardized channels.
  2. The tiny Scout decal is of a real life Scout, that participated in Ultimate Adventure 2020.
  3. Tell me about it! They predicted delivery by 12 noon! I just received the factory Service Manual set! And a small ‘Heep’-style decal to place on my windshield, back window, rim(s).... Thick!
  4. The paper flyer showed both the DeWalt and Cobra brands (certain models) on sale. When we were in-store they didn’t have a sale sticker on the Cobra 3-pack, but at the check-out it rang in at the sale price. $69.99 down to $49.99. They aren’t the heft and quality of DeWalt, but not the expense either. ‘Disposable’ if you break/lose the Cobra units. The Cobra even has the weather channel(s). I’m happy for a first try at using these.
  5. I purchased a 3-pack of radios today. Ready for a foray into nature w/o having to worry about losing/ruining a cell phone! And following BackCountry’s lead on the last run. On sale at Cdn Tire this week...
  6. First item(s) to arrive via UPS tomorrow (Tuesday) by noon. And I should have the third tracking number shortly,.............
  7. Been running the Ranger, no issues! Love it! Winter tires are on, oil changed. Going to modify the Back-Rack to fit it properly next....... (It's a Princess Auto one-size fits some/maybe.) Had the Scout out and running! Drove it around the block (~1 km). While my brother was using his garage. Everything seems to work properly. But she is going to undergo some needed maintenance and minor loving upgrades. On Friday, the day after my honey retired, I put in three orders to suppliers in the US of A. A total of well over $600.00 in parts..... (small orders..) Some i
  8. Got the Ranger back today! Woo Hoo! Everything seems okay, but I will give it a good going over. There are a couple of small cosmetic parts on back order... Now to put the winter wheels on, and it needs an oil change... I do like it much much better than the 2020 F-150 XLT rental...
  9. And the Ranger: The previous update from the body shop was that it would be ready yesterday. So I called, before showing up, as they direct... It just needed to go through final inspection. I am supposed to check with them again Monday morning. Having said that, they also said there is a trim part on backorder. But it doesn't affect driving and they will contact me to bring it back in when thy have the part. So here's fingers crossed!
  10. Little bit more on the Snowblower: When last I posted, I had lost the choke linkage and had a new one on order. In the meantime I had jury-rigged it with some wire. It worked for the last little snowfall we had. Well a couple of days ago, after the snow melted, I found the choke linkage on the lawn! So I got her all fixed up yesterday. And changed the oil, only 4 years old or so....
  11. Got my snowblower running again last weekend! It had not run for the previous 3 winters. Put new fuel in and turned her over a few times. Nothing. Ended up pulling the fuel tank off and taking it in the house over night. Which thawed the ice in the outlet line. And dumped a chunk of ice out of the fuel bowl. So, with all the water in her, there was no gasoline-varnish. And she started right up!
  12. Don’t bump your shins into those lug nuts!
  13. Wow, good luck! I’m sure one of my rigs will be on your flat deck at some point...
  14. Yeah, I dunno! But the rear parking sensor and many other sensors have been unplugged while they’re working on it. My FordPass app keeps dinging when they do that. I drove by the shop one day. Weird to see it in the lot with a taillight removed and rear passenger side window taped over.. As long as it’s fixed right..!
  15. They are at the terminal..
  16. Ranger repair delayed once or twice. Hidden damage not visible from the outside. Currently scheduled to be completed next week.
  17. Little update.. My bro got his daily rig back on the road. Sooo, we get the Escape back. 2 months and 2 days my bro had it. We immediately had the oil changed, it was a bit overdue. Had to do some unexpected home maintenance, that’s nearly completed. Some rodents had removed the insulation underneath the floor between two joists. The full width of the home! No wonder that part of the floor was cold last winter... but we don’t regularly use that part of the home. And the normal household rearranging of furniture, etc. Couple new pieces of assemble-it-yourself furniture
  18. Nice! I wondered what that was when I saw it on another site...
  19. Welcome to NS (eventually) and we think you’ll like it here! All of what you said is generally true. Most, if not all, inspections are not too nit-picky. I used to run an ‘83 Hi Lux. With an extra leaf all the way around. Good luck and we’ll see you when you get here!
  20. So, you will need a good view of the sky. It is a basically a GPS unit, and everything is derived from the GPS signal. Time, position, 3D (includes altitude), (and position history gives you speed and direction of travel). It may have another sensor to give you the inclination, although having two GPS sensors inside it can calculate 3D orientation aka as attitude, iirc.
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