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  1. Thanks for the info. In Nova Scotia Engineering Terminology/ Regulations I’ve seen the term ‘qualified person’. I hope that applies here as well. I’ve had the electrical panel cover off recently adding a couple of circuits… dedicated to outdoor plugs and a sunroom circuit at the cottage. (The outdoor plugs are GFI as well.)
  2. . Do you work for others? I’m a fussy old bastard though…. Lol.
  3. ‘49 license plate, KB on the RF fender. 1949 KB series International
  4. At the Woodside car show last night…
  5. BTW, great to see you at the car show last night! Check my other post I’m about to make….
  6. Common problem amongst many, if not ALL makes. I’ve had to add reinforcements to both the ‘Burb (w/37’’s) and the Scout. Fish plates, gussets, sleeves, xmember to the other side even. Both factory add-ons from later model trucks and aftermarket designs.
  7. And of course when rolling it on there is no worry about overspray!
  8. Ahh, urethane. I forget what type is on the ‘Burb. Same idea. Holds up really really well not showing scrapes. It is Rustoleum brand. I couldn’t get my gun to work well (I really know NOTHING about spraying) so I rolled it on! I’m still happy with it! And it’s ‘Old Caterpillar Yellow’, of course.
  9. Sadly no….. Needs a couple smaaaaalll items…. Priority has been the home and cottage…. Sometime soon..
  10. Shiney! Not so good in the woods???
  11. The engine pic at the start belongs to the 5th pic in. Very interesting. 426, dual carb, one carb over each bank of cylinders. Looks like an old wide block? Mopar Matt will know….
  12. Made a quick visit to the ‘Pictou County Antique Auto Club’ Annual Car Show yesterday. BEAUTIFUL weather! I’ll try to post some pics.
  13. Valve body - In the transmission or something in the engine?
  14. On another note - Got water?
  15. Nice! We’re selling the Escape and I’m dealing with scammers right now. ‘Send us your VIN # and bank account # so we can wire you the cash, w/o seeing the car first. We trust you.’ LOL
  16. Sounds like a Friday or Monday build. Tell them to replace it!
  17. Yeah, this is all over the Scout forums. Doesn’t mean anything to me! I like my classic!
  18. Good luck with the sale! For what my 2 cents are worth, I wouldn’t go a cent lower for that rig.
  19. Nice! I thought you drove a Ram?
  20. IMG_2987.MOV
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    Good to know!
  22. sar4x4


    Diesel prices may only be this bad in Atlantic Canada. We import Russian oil, instead of Western Canadian oil. Go figure!
  23. sar4x4


    Oooops, my bad. Thanks for the correction! What is on a Danish plate?
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