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  1. Some serious fab going on!
  2. Hmm, interesting. Ya can’t see it from the front of the truck!?! It seems most truck cabs have a flat roof. The current-gen Ranger has a rounded roof. High in the middle, lower front and back. All good though!
  3. Installed! Looking back - Princess Auto rack for a full-size: And removed before the BackRack:
  4. I have Eldorado calipers for the rear of the ‘Burban. To Be Installed…..
  5. My local Ford dealer called today, my looooooong awaited aftermarket accessory has arrived!!!!! I’ll pick it up tomorrow and post…
  6. There’s always a problem, hopefully they’re usually minor and fixable. Lucky you caught it before your little road trip!
  7. The calipers from RockAuto have arrived, as well as the proper locking ring. However working on a more pressing domestic item atm. Some day, some week, some month, we will be working on the rigs again. Life priorities! . LG!
  8. Looking Orange! Lol
  9. Oh yeah, because of the length of the Burb, it becomes a sleeping cot as well!
  10. Do it! I’ve planned/wanted a similar cover/divider for the Suburban. Been on my long list forever. It will allow me to securely store tools underneath, and give a nice working surface above. I’m considering a flip/hinged open top as well.
  11. It’s good that you can do the maintenance!
  12. Keep up the good work!
  13. Certainly at times! Lol
  14. It has been a three step forward and two backward kind of week with the Scout. Currently waiting for new calipers from RockAuto and the proper aforementioned lock ring from a Scout parts site in Oregon, US of A. Not any in Canada for a ‘79 Scout. Not going to be able to work on it for a few weeks. A good domestic change happening. More later!
  15. @SQRLPWR. Thanks! It popped into my feed yesterday and I got to watch only the first 5 minutes so far. And in that short clip we (J and I) confirmed something on our rig.
  16. You might/should be able to paint the calipers w/o removing them. I have them off to replace the rotors and brake flex line. Made it easy.
  17. A bit more. And some parts arriving today as well.. Just for fun!
  18. And using YouTube to see how to do things. Timesaver!
  19. Took front RH hub/brake apart today. Partially reassembled. When removing the hub, the wheel bearing lock nut was loose, but had not backed off. Found the locking ring / mechanism was FUBARED. In true today’s digital era, while we ate lunch in the garage, we ordered a new-style locking ring set. It will be here Saturday.
  20. Bit more progress on the brakes. Currently working on the front. I hadn’t worked on external style hubs before, only internal style.
  21. I don’t know anything about weekends. Two of us ended up at the Woodside cruise and ‘shine’ night this past Thursday. There was a plethora of folks there, from many different groups. Bikes, street rods, diesel pickup, tuners, etc.
  22. My IH V8 is flat tappet. And given the lack of high rpms, etc, IH fans recommend a high zinc oil as well. They rec Shell Rotella T4. So I’m going to switch.
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