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  1. Lines have ‘shipping bends’ if necessary. Bends with a 1’ radius. Box is 4’ x 1’ x 6”. Had 7 different lines inside. Such large radius bends Do Not kink the line and roll out easily. I think I posted a picture at the time of receipt on Fb.
  2. Broke a brake line 20 months ago. Too hard to use a flare tool, etc etc. under the truck. Scout hasn’t moved since! Bought a kit of custom pre-fabbed lines from In-Line Tube, direct fit for the Scout. Great quality! Removed old line in three pieces on the left, new line on the right. Now trying to install it. Currently taking one of the mufflers off to gain better access. The exhaust pipe leading into the muffler was well into the main body, not just into the short inlet pipe….
  3. Scott - The new login methods messed things up for me!. Until the change I could log in on my iPhone by my Face ID. I loved it. Now I have to put in a username and password again.
  4. D’uh. I should’ve thought if that last coffee night!
  5. ‘I’m not married to my tow truck anymore’…. do we take that literally or is it a figure of speech? Lol
  6. And oh yeah, IIRC Dave mentioned a hill that you and him and … someone else tried that has a side-step on it…. He mentioned it when I mentioned I’m still very interested in the ‘new’ hill I don’t know of anyone ascending yet, that I co-piloted a few folks in to at the end of Myra Road / Porters Lake. (Dave IIRC, Logan White, and Nick?)
  7. Hey man. You probably already talked to Dave, but here is another summation. ‘Let’s carry on!’ Straighten out the club bank account. Hopefully some of us will get our rigs running again. (You’re good with that right now!) I’m still hoping/planning to get my show and woods rigs running again………………….
  8. Now Jay has to show me on a map where the hill is that Dave mentioned……….
  10. There’s a reason all Night Ops use red!
  11. WOW! That looks REALLY good.
  12. On a little overlanding trip we took last Sunday. Some ‘Roads Less Travelled’ here in NS. A mix of wind damage and lots of scenic and interesting views.
  13. I made a small post on NS Overlanding…
  14. One camper trailer blown over across the field at the cottage. A mobile home around the bend rolled several times. And one camper at the ocean’s edge atop a 10 foot bank blown over as well. Other folks down the shore a few miles, not so lucky. Our unit it’s several hundred feet from the ocean’s edge.
  15. Nice vid! From what I’ve watched so far. Including the early 90’s bobbed Chebby!
  16. Our power was restored at 19:30 hrs. (7:30 pm). With the website at the time saying ‘eta’ of Wednesday night, and a robo-call an hour earlier saying Tuesday night. So we were overjoyed at this Sunday night!
  17. Pics or it didn’t happen, lol.
  18. All pretty good here in Lucasville. No main power but we have a good sized generator. And we are on city water so no disruptions there. We have Bell Fibreop cable and Internet, so we power the ‘cable box’ and the TV, and we are good-to-go. The only main thing not on the gennie is the electric hot water heater.. but we are working to change that before the next storm. Raked the few leaves and twigs up..
  19. Looks mint to me! At least by camera and 200 km away….
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