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  1. I love the looks of those ol’ Ramchargers! Especially the curved rear side windows! ( I know, I probably said this at the beginning of this thread, lol.)
  2. Man with comms…….
  3. My Xmas prezzie from my honey! I ‘loves’ it! I know, I know, I need to rotate it 180 degrees, the centre is just sitting in place.
  4. No, lol. And I hadn’t thought of that .. I hope to ‘house’ the Scout in there, eliminating the hour-long round trip to where it’s currently at. And my bro needs his garage for a while. It is his garage, after all!
  5. That is military style. Just like the 6x6 I’ll bet…. Harder to work on, but can you imagine what depth of water it will go through?!!!
  6. And a new idea…. I’ve got some more thoughts, pics, and ideas to post another day.
  7. Oh, I have an iPhone, if that’s good enough. You can reply via Messenger, etc. if desired.
  8. @Powerram Hi Matt: You can put me on your speed dial. I’m retired, and not scared of going out at the wee hours of the night nor am I scared of getting dirty. I was in Search and Rescue and have some off-road ‘Cred’ as you well know. . I’ve discussed it with my honey and she is fine with me heading out w/o her. (She may stage a stuck to get me out of her hair, lol.)
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Festivities to others.
  10. NOS key fob acquired… Jumpin’ Scout antique-bronzed fob from back in the late ‘70s. NOS score from BC. The Tasmanian Devil fob I've had since new for my ‘83 ‘Yota HiLux pickup. My brother still has the matching floor mats, in use in his 2008 Dodge Cummins, with 472k km’s on it. Stuff was built to last!
  11. I think you can do both. (Especially if you simply use a narrower box and just drop it to the floor.) BackRack brand racks state all options when purchasing a rack. $$$ to purchase all three pieces though!
  12. And spraying the inside of the tailgate with bedliner. It has been so long since I had bought the first can I had forgotten where the can was and bought more, of course. Sprayed at the end of the day so it would stink and dry before the next project day.
  13. Worked some more on the Scout. Installing new front flex lines, rotors, calipers , and EBC SUV pads. As noted previously it was not a locally sourced parts / one day job. RF not complete yet.
  14. Been picking away at a few things. Installed a (used) toolbox on the Ranger. I’ve yet to move a tote bag of stuff from the rear seat floor into it. The box needs a bit more cleaning and removing some ‘flashing’ from old bolt / screw holes. I hope to get a proper profile pic.
  15. The LF caliper is likely seized. Dirty, abused, and lack of use. In the old days we’d get ‘er up to speed and jump on the brakes to break it free. It’s good for a one time try. Otherwise just get a new caliber, they’re not crazy expensive.
  16. How long does the new paint last when pushing snow? Nice!
  17. Following! I was hoping a solution might pop up.
  18. I looked at the pics again, DROOL! It’s beautiful!
  19. I can see the 205 TCase from the ‘80 possibly being fitted on this!
  20. We’ve been back from the cottage for a week now. Although we’re mostly finishing up seasonal home projects, we’re prepping for working on the Scout!
  21. I dunked the motor on the XJ in a wet spot during a rally by the old Stanley Airport. After pulling the spark plugs and getting her running, and several days later pulling the interior and hanging the carpet to dry, she threw a rod out the block on the highway near Moncton. And and and. Great memories!
  22. ‘Welcome back’, sung to the tune of ‘Welcome back Kotter’. Haha, probably a TV show from before your time. I have a soft spot for XJ’s. I had me one of them! And I had a red ‘72 Jimmy, with a white removable roof, waaaaaay back around 1978/79….. Bought it in Revelstoke, BC one summer during University and drove it back East.
  23. Lol, I never even thought of that. I started a trend! A Suburban-coloured Ranger! Imitation is a great form of flattery!
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