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    wheelin wrenchin break em do it all again.
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    93 suzuki sidekick /SAS with long arms /10,000lb winch/ beat hard put away wet..

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  1. thats a bangin idea jay ...shal look into this
  2. lets leave it up for a bit scott,...see how things go ,...damn covid bullshit im not allowd to go sit inside ......and im not going against what my beliefs are for tim hortons .....they can kiss my ***
  3. this was bback in the summer ittt was rrerly dry back there .....looked totaly differentt' scuse the typos,....my keyboards toast on my laptop...took 3 attempts to write this
  4. man itt is good to have u back
  5. Anytime man oh hey jay we could attach this to coffee night thread??
  6. what are you building jj????
  7. eugene.... could you have used the petronics ignition conversion ...its an electronic upgrade from the older style distributer module .....i have one swapped into my boat (cause its a 1978 350,...had points ) and works wikkedd
  8. Where we meeting this week ?? fall river??.... :smiley-transport027:
  9. did nothing .....aint fixin nothing ,...dont plan on it either .......ohhhhhh the life of a zook!!!!......why u may ask...well this winter comming she is getting either a new body (southern) or a complete weld up job,....again it was done over 6-7 yrs ago so no shame for it ...and i only trail drive it beat it then take it home and park it :canada_wave:
  10. :deadhorse: :deadhorse: :deadhorse: :deadhorse: is an understatement
  11. i may even try to pop out tonight :thinking:
  12. all that weight gotta be hard on parts eventually ...then toss in the mix them biggggg tires . more stress on fr end parts
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