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  1. Well it’s been a while since I’ve been around here. Finally got a working rig again. I never liked red phuckin’ Jeeps, but one managed to find its way to my house. I may have helped guide it here… Damn, I have missed wheeling
  2. So much for that new rad I put in the TJ last week... the fan broke off the end and took it out on the highway last night... f**k!
  3. Well the radiator in the TJ blew up on Cameron the other night. I went and towed it home with a strap and the Overland. Got the new radiator today (thank you @82Yota !) and new hoses and coolant. Got it all done today and all seems well again after a test drive !
  4. What was the solenoid you picked up for your winch? I believe ones for a f**d starter are a direct (and cheap) replacement. I will ask Shaun Hill and/or Brian Palmer which it is for sure, as they both have replaced them and will know for sure...
  5. I will try to make it out if I can
  6. I spent many a weekend afternoon there... The most entertaining thing about the place was "all you can carry for $29" days that happened twice a year, lol! I got a fiberglass raised roof for my old Dodge Tradesman camper van. I was poking around looking for something else and saw it and was in perfect condition. I called to find out how much and they said $80... I figured that was good for its condition, so I grabbed the father in law's truck and a buddy and off we went. 4.5 hours later we were pushing it up the yard on 2 carts from the far reaches of "Dodge Land" up to he building... Got there and couldn't get it through to the checkouts, so had to go around where they bring in the cars... Go in and pay and the checkout girl said $36... SCORE!!! That includes a $10 core charge, and I had all the trim... We rushed it out and got it into the truck as fast as possible... The next weekend we cut out the roof of my van and installed the fiberglass. The next day I took the cutout back in to get my core back... They rather looked at me funny and questioned it, but I got my $10 back...
  7. I can just about guarantee you will never find a Wrangler there... And if you do, there will be virtually nothing left of it...
  8. Matt... The 545rfe is the same transmission as in the WJ Grand Cherokees too... Maybe You'll need to go the same route as Derek, and have one ready to swap in and your problems will go away... lol!
  9. Trimmed out a bit of the front bumper and the bottom of the inner fender on the Overland, where the tires would rub when turned and backing up.
  10. I see, normal post speed here for me...
  11. Confirm what? I don't get emails for this thread...
  12. If you get it back to working, we can test it between my house and yours. we know the handheld works between there... can even try the CBs from "hill to hill"
  13. Tom came out tothe house today. We started the day off with a tea and deprogrammed the Overland and programmed his Jeep and went for a rip... Then we got down to business on the purpose of his visit and dropped the bellypan on the TJ to replace the transmission mount and install the new exhaust that's been hiding away in the cabinet since last June... Got the skid plate out, and undid the transmission mount from the belly pan, then dropped the belly pan. Only managed to snap one skid plate bolt on the belly pan and 2 on the transmission mount, lol! Detuned Tom's Jeep for the run to Sackville for bolts and then he almost cried... The difference was THAT noticeable, even from the passenger seat... Got the nuts and bolts needed and got it all installed. Boy does my Jeep sound nice now ! Tom has video of the first fire up that I am sure he'll post up.. The "new" mount all installed .
  14. I know I have at least one sleeve you can have. I'll look for the other one(s) that should be in one of the tool boxes too...
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