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  1. Eastcoastcam


    good thing I am short, eh? ... But good luck seeing past Lewis when he's in your passenger seat...
  2. So much for that new rad I put in the TJ last week... the fan broke off the end and took it out on the highway last night... f**k!
  3. Well the radiator in the TJ blew up on Cameron the other night. I went and towed it home with a strap and the Overland. Got the new radiator today (thank you @82Yota !) and new hoses and coolant. Got it all done today and all seems well again after a test drive !
  4. Eastcoastcam


    Jay... what sealed beam lights are they? If they are the standard round 7" ones like my Jeep, I have 2 you can have for spares...
  5. What was the solenoid you picked up for your winch? I believe ones for a f**d starter are a direct (and cheap) replacement. I will ask Shaun Hill and/or Brian Palmer which it is for sure, as they both have replaced them and will know for sure...
  6. Eastcoastcam


    Well that escalated quickly...
  7. I will try to make it out if I can
  8. Two words... frame stiffeners... Or a full cage... Darren Pineo made a cage in the old Cherokee Chief, and never had a problem with the doors or tailgate again... he used to have to strap it shut because when the Jeep would get all twisted up it would pop open. After the cage, it never popped open again. He had it for sale a long time ago, so it is probably long gone, seeing how the old Chief was parted out in 2012 or 13...
  9. Yup, and he had rocker rails on his too...
  10. I ran my 33s on 2" coil spacers, never had a problem. I am running the 36s on around 4"-4.5"...
  11. I only paid $40 for my RC ones, but that was back when the exchange rate was at par or better...
  12. Haha! Cheap Champion or NGK coppers for my 4.0L! Tune up costs me less than $30 taxes in ! That is less than the before tax amount on one single Nissan spark plug
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