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  1. Well it’s been a while since I’ve been around here. Finally got a working rig again. I never liked red phuckin’ Jeeps, but one managed to find its way to my house. I may have helped guide it here… Damn, I have missed wheeling
  2. So much for that new rad I put in the TJ last week... the fan broke off the end and took it out on the highway last night... f**k!
  3. Well the radiator in the TJ blew up on Cameron the other night. I went and towed it home with a strap and the Overland. Got the new radiator today (thank you @82Yota !) and new hoses and coolant. Got it all done today and all seems well again after a test drive !
  4. What was the solenoid you picked up for your winch? I believe ones for a f**d starter are a direct (and cheap) replacement. I will ask Shaun Hill and/or Brian Palmer which it is for sure, as they both have replaced them and will know for sure...
  5. I will try to make it out if I can
  6. I ran my 33s on 2" coil spacers, never had a problem. I am running the 36s on around 4"-4.5"...
  7. I only paid $40 for my RC ones, but that was back when the exchange rate was at par or better...
  8. These pictures show absolutely no difference in height... But he did eliminate the spacers there in the front... The only change is the angle and distance it was taken from... For the tie rod, you are better off buying new, with new end and adjuster sleeve. They are not overly expensive, mine was $85 before tax and shipping when I ordered it from autopartsway for all 3 pieces. I added a blower resistor to it to bring it up in total to get the cheap shipping...
  9. I spent many a weekend afternoon there... The most entertaining thing about the place was "all you can carry for $29" days that happened twice a year, lol! I got a fiberglass raised roof for my old Dodge Tradesman camper van. I was poking around looking for something else and saw it and was in perfect condition. I called to find out how much and they said $80... I figured that was good for its condition, so I grabbed the father in law's truck and a buddy and off we went. 4.5 hours later we were pushing it up the yard on 2 carts from the far reaches of "Dodge Land" up to he building... Got there and couldn't get it through to the checkouts, so had to go around where they bring in the cars... Go in and pay and the checkout girl said $36... SCORE!!! That includes a $10 core charge, and I had all the trim... We rushed it out and got it into the truck as fast as possible... The next weekend we cut out the roof of my van and installed the fiberglass. The next day I took the cutout back in to get my core back... They rather looked at me funny and questioned it, but I got my $10 back...
  10. I can just about guarantee you will never find a Wrangler there... And if you do, there will be virtually nothing left of it...
  11. They were 5.5" backspace, I believe... If I hadn't traded them away already I would have give them to you...
  12. Go with 33"x10.5"s. They will fit fine with no rubbing with a couple minor changes... Bumpstop extensions and a washer or 2 on the steering stops is all. You can disconnect and everything... And 15" TJ rims are cheap and plentiful...
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