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  1. Oh and I replaced a pulley bearing.. So no more supercharger/powersteering sounding noise :) happy and sad moments.
  2. Put new pads and calipers on the Taco yesterday and adjusted the rear brakes. Both calipers had seized, one of the front pad backs had turned purple from heat lol I can finally make it up hills with some sort of ease and I can finally stop! AND I don't have a wheel shake anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Taco is officially at 100% once again.
  3. I'm at porters lake tims now! Who all is planning on showing up?
  4. During the summer it will be! Kind of. I don't plan on driving it during the winter, it's RWD and has more power than my truck.. I can only see myself getting stuck everywhere! I just have two projects on the go now.. soon the truck will be under the knife, I need two front wheel bearings (since apparently they're a wearable item now) a ball joint and a pulley bearing. Thankfully having two cars saves on parts though! I'll be able to take the tentioner off and get the bearing from a bearing place rather than have to buy a whole tentioner! I'm collecting parts to swap the IS300 to manual, too so the truck will see lots of road use then!
  5. I finished the bod work on the car! Just super impressed with how it turned out and I wanted to share :) What I started with: 20150820_151132 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr 20150823_114502 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr Cut out the soft stuff 20150823_131533 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr 400 tri[s to the vice and we have a patch plate! 20150823_143613 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr Patch welded in! I also welded the back wheel well portion, but I don't have any real pictures of that. 20150823_170416 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr Yes, this took many many layers of bondo and metric **** loads of sanding to get even close to okay! 20150826_210808 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr Primed: 20150829_162641 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr Final product: 20150831_163613 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr
  6. I hate night shift because I can't make coffee nights :(
  7. There is a noticeable difference above 3 grand for sure! I was looking for more low end torque, but over all I'm happy. I think there's an exhaust leak where the header meets the rest of the exhaust, I've just been too lazy/sunburnt to crawl under and check! It doesn't sound any different in the cab until you get to the higher rpms though!
  8. This was Saturday, but it still counts right? New header for the Taco! The little 2.7 needs some help turning them 285's up hills! 20150711_095140 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr 20150711_103240 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr
  9. If you leave now you'll make it!
  10. If you were at the coffee meet you would have known craig.. jeesh
  11. I'll stop by my dads and pick up something special I just got in the mail ;)
  12. I'll be a little late, (off at 7pm) but I'll be there!
  13. I'll be a little late, (off at 7pm) but I'll be there!
  14. Awesome! I got the rest of my CB in and I want to find out if it works!
  15. Anyone planning on going to coffee tonight?
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