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  1. Looks pretty good and should be a nice addition. The Ford is also a great addition
  2. Honestly for myself a 16 foot would do plenty, other than hauling the F150 lol
  3. Figured someone may be interested in this. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cargo-utility-trailer/bedford/heavy-duty-trailer/1614089740?undefined
  4. I have seen some on Marketplace but they needed a bit of work. Best thing I have seen is new trailers, as in reality they arent too bad. https://www.shaytrailers.com/default.asp?page=xNewInventoryDetail&id=11178622&p=1&vc=car hauler&s=Year&d=D&t=new&fr=xNewInventory $7600 for a brand new 18' hauler.
  5. Was an awesome vid! That new rig of Adams is working well.
  6. Thats gonna be sweet in the Ramcharger! Nice to have what you were looking for/wanted.
  7. TomWood


    I picked one of the ones up from Jay and it works pretty well. We didnt have any issues when running the trails at Fox Mountain.
  8. How was the coffee meet?
  9. Jeep looks good! Always fun to get out and around.
  10. Here is the scout for sale ad
  11. That is a badass VW! I had a Focus ST I was planning some big mods for but life changed and ended up in a new Ranger. I was quite lucky I never got pulled over in the two years I had it lol.
  12. Welcome to the forum! We dont share any locations online but if you go to a coffee meet you will find we are quite friendly and willing to share
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