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  1. T-Bar auto shift almost like the old schools. Its comfy as a shifter lol
  2. Well the Ranger is no more, it was traded in along with the Rubicon for a family rig. 2022 Durango R/T Hurst with the 5.7 Hemi. Talk about a fun family rig.
  3. The wind wasnt too bad here in the valley, shook a bit but not enough to have me worried lol. PEI was hit some hard with multiple trailers blown onto their sides.
  4. No issues at the house or camper. Stayed in the Camper through the storm and it was awesome. Lost power at the house but was back on same day.
  5. I was impressed with the Bronco, considering where he put it for a brand new rig it did well. Just one snapped CV climbing the same side Hill that Jay has the video of his going up. I sheared a valve stem trying to climb that hill lol
  6. As prepared as possible. Have to take some time tomorrow to run to the house and get it ready for the hurricane. Then tie down the stuff at the camper lol
  7. Badlands with 3" level/lift with 37s
  8. Was awesome watching you and the zuk hit all the obstacles. Was a great day!
  9. Oh definitely will be others, but as this word gets out then some venues will be less likely to agree to the meets or have higher costs imo. Hopefully not though
  10. Its going to be difficult to get permission to have any kind of meet anywhere with this, and how publicized it is. It really sucks that a few people ****** it up for the rest of us.
  11. Yup the infamous 10R80, seems to be a thing with them lol
  12. That was what they did last time, reset the trans ECM and hope for the best. Now its gasket replacements and other. I am guessing when they pull the pan it will be very shiny fluid
  13. Mine has been in the shop 5 months of the past year. Currently transmission issues like yours, they have done the PCM reset and now there is a TSB that will be completed. Tabs brand new mustang with 19000km has scalloped tires and they say nothing is wrong with the car, so we have to buy new tires.....something sketchy there. I have some misaligned panels but nothing big like that at the moment.
  14. Will be wicked once its done! Keeping the same colour scheme?
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