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  1. It gets everybody. Everybodies time will come.
  2. And I knew about it, on Monday.
  3. I know ill be there, maybe rob- s
  4. My buddy woke me up at 730 to get parts off me :( I need coffee.
  5. Does she ever work, makes mine feel like a overloaded big rig up hill.No problem, I work for cheezeburgers.
  6. Throw out bearing is for the clutch, but if the main shaft bearings for the transmission is going. You'll get a gurrrrrrrrr noise, when its in idle.
  7. That or the main shaft bearings..Grinding noise when let off the clutch?
  8. Oh we did, but because the panhead too short, its lifting the whole pass side. And its sitting too high in front. I'm parking it till I get all the parts, got drunken truck syndrom bad.
  9. All depends when we haul the 4runner out of the Garage.. If I'll be out.
  10. So Osborne? I got a surprise.
  11. Just added more parts to the pile of will be installed someday. 57.80 for 2 rear backing plates for the Toyota. Toyota dropped the prices of them by 80% Something I don't run. I have no CEL on.
  12. Why sell something and have a new project with new problems, when yours is already paid off.
  13. I'm guessing you don't got a gas tank door lock. If so would kinda defeat the purpose of keyless entry.
  14. Sitting at Tim Hortons in Petawawa Ontario having a coffee. Should come out here lol
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