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  1. I know ill be there, maybe rob- s
  2. My buddy woke me up at 730 to get parts off me :( I need coffee.
  3. All depends when we haul the 4runner out of the Garage.. If I'll be out.
  4. So Osborne? I got a surprise.
  5. Sitting at Tim Hortons in Petawawa Ontario having a coffee. Should come out here lol
  6. That one been closed for 2 years. Only TH on it is the small one in the esso.
  7. Why you think at coffee meets and meetings all ya see is my VW.
  8. Agreed... I rather have it at Osborne TH.
  9. But always got time for Tim Hortons
  10. http://www.ucwrg.com/ Making more then grips now. Started off with airsoft reps of the guns in the games, people started to actually make and design parts to make real firearms look like the ones in the games.
  11. I shocked the wife when I brought in my CD collection ( over 100 CDs of classical, piano and violin music ) and my vast knowledge of classical music, I collected since I was a kid. Looks can be deceiving. Scott I'm only kidding about the sophistication and not knowing. Steve my wife only knows about the song from the game. She has every resident evil game and shes making me order/pickup the umbrella corp pistol grip that came out for the AR15 rifle.
  12. Nope Correct. Always found him to be a inspirational composer, he started to lose his hearing in 1800 at 30 years old. By the last 10 when he was 47 till 57 years of his life he was completely deaf and amazed at the music he composed.
  13. Without googling this...Name the composer of the song. I'll buy them a coffee. NO I'm not playing a trick where I don't know the answer and googled something, I have a background in this...
  14. I know. You used it, you tell us?
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