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  1. Still have the 86, its just sitting out back at the moment. We also picked up a 28 foot camper to haul with the Ranger.
  2. Well havent been around here much but have gone through a couple of vehicles. Also figured where we are vehicle/off road enthusiasts its a good chance to have a picture thread of your rides Picked up a 2011 Wrangler Rubicon for my wife, have had it a few months and it works some good. Also got rid of the Focus ST and picked up a 2021 Ranger XLT FX4, use it for towing the travel trailer and a daily. Rubicon has a 4.5" lift on 35s, ARB Rear Locker factory front locker, Chromoly shafts all around, and all kinds of goodies. Ranger has a 2.5" level kit in the front, the rest is bone stock. So far loving the Ranger, and the Rubicon (As some saw at the event) works amazing! Happy to be back into the 4x4s.
  3. Damn thats a nice tool box!
  4. Have been busy as hell, hoping to make a coffee soon. Gone from single dude to full 4 person family in a year
  5. Its the right colour for the school bus too lol
  6. Cant wait to run this trail in the big truck!
  7. Im in once the truck is done lol
  8. Coffee Night! Thursday the 11th Bayers Lake Tim hortons 5 Lakelands Blvd. Max group size of 10
  9. Should be able to just unplug the wire in the Jeep then get it fed into the door and add a grommet and done! Been a while since I had a Jeep though lol
  10. Heard it may be going in the shop this week to start the work, excited to get it back!
  11. Truck has made it to the shop to get work done. Having the Brakes, Throwout Bearing, slave cylinder, starter, main power cable, transfer case and the driveshafts done along with the drivers side floor repaired. Should be good for a bit after this as long as I keep my right foot out of it.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Great looking Taco
  13. Thats awesome man! That Speedo is probably moving faster than it ever has
  14. Quick note here, where restaurants are closing their seating areas including Tim Hortons the coffee nights will be postponed until further notice. We will be working on ways to gather and meet though :)
  15. Awesome! We will definitely require pics of that beast!
  16. I know the withdrawal feeling, wish it was warming year round here lol
  17. Welcome to the forum! Love a good RAM
  18. Awesome! Very much planning on getting out to a few events this year.
  19. Bowater land area would be one that should get you into the woods quite a way and have some fun.
  20. Thanks Jay for keeping these going! I know I have been a bit slack
  21. I stared at it from the window thinking of how glorious it will be when fixed lol
  22. Coming together nicely dude!
  23. Glad to see you are back in a wheeler! There were so many options and it looks like you got the right one Now try to get to a coffee and show it off lol
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