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What did you do to your rig today?


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It will be getting a 6” lift and 37” tires, because we already have the tires, but the rest isn’t set in stone. Needs a large amount of body work so it will be slow going but it’s not going to be a show truck or a wheeler. More of a mild build that is just fun to drive places!

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Today I got to practice my limited welding skills on somebody else's junk - capped of a pre-made notch in Eugene's Scout roll bar.

Not the prettiest of welding jobs, I think my heat was up too much and my helmet needs replacing as the lens is all scratched up (excuses excuses), but MAN I do love my new welder 🙂 






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Say what?  My Scout is junk?  Tell it like it is perhaps..  Lol. I hadn’t even thought about the little welding job.

We’re busy working on our shed.  Insulation and vapour barrier completed, sheathing on inside walls almost completed..

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15 hours ago, ovrlndr said:

Hehe I use junk as a friendly dysphemism 🙂

I'll bring the roll bar to coffee if you want

We're going to be away this Thursday night. (Glad we made it to the last couple coffee nights!)  If you are available (Tue or Wed afternoon perhaps), let me know and I will drop by and pick it up!  Thanks!


After much delay (weeks...!), the siding is being installed on our shed today.  I've got carpal tunnel and tennis(?) elbow, and too many other things on the go....  Contractor will have it completed in short order!

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