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Coffee Night


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Tom....just cut what you are doin short. Also, after hours there will be plenty of parking outside the dockyard proper. Im guessing it will be easier for us to walk everyone in than drive. Not sure on that.

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Probably going to pass on this at this time, but for those interested it is well worth it! I've been on the Fredericton, for an awards ceremony. We had a really interesting search one time, and saved the life of a member of the Fredericton, and we were shown appreciation at a ceremony and tour on the ship, and we received a ships emblem/plaque/'colors' which is displayed at the SAR training base. 'Bosse' I believe was the name of the gentleman, and I think he had a double leg amputation because of frost bite.

Boy, it seems I tell a lot of stories around SAR, but I am 55 and I've been at SAR for over twenty years! I also used to work in Emergency Preparedness and have been involved with SwissAir both for work and SAR, the Kosovo refugees, been to the Shearwater SwissAir hangar, in the 'Pink Palace' at the dockyard many times, Greenwood, etc etc.

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As long as they are old enough to safely move around the ship I am ok with it. The ladders are rather steep. I will be in the vicinity of the gate at 7pm in the Silver 4Runner with the BackCountry 4x4 sticker. We can head in to the ship shortly after 730.

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