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  1. You can restrict the flow with smaller diameter exhaust pipes. This could also be a good excuse for a custom header. It is a flowmaster Super 44 as well.
  2. My skids are a completely different design from Jon's. His are very square and straight looking. Mine have lots of angles and extended mounting pieces.
  3. Mine are currently off the truck sittin in the yard waiting for a paint job. If you want to take measurements Sam.
  4. Sackville drive? Somewhere with a lot to look at.
  5. I'm in for coffee. Where to?
  6. The guy in the Nissan was very friendly. He might come out for the run on Saturday.
  7. I'm here. There are about 20 cop cars and a very muddy Nissan Titan. I will try to look friendly and see if anyone talks to me.
  8. Where at tonight? Bedford Commons?
  9. The last picture tells me that someone is pulling off their hub assembly to replace a seal on the outside of the front axle and they are scared the bolts for the hub are in really bad shape.
  10. Sam, I put a Flowmaster 50 series on it and it sounds perfect. It's quiet on the highway but sounds super mean accelerating.
  11. I have a flowmaster Super44 that I will let you have for $60. It has maybe 1000km on it. It was a bit too loud on my beefy toyota V8. It would probably make your little 6 cyl sound cute.
  12. I buffed out my pin stripes last weekend James.
  13. Even at 15 mins, just put them on and head into the trail.
  14. Costco usually sells quality products. If you don't like it they will take it back. No questions asked.
  15. Bedford? Bayers Lake? Spryfield?
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