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  1. Looks to be the same design as a arb snorkel I had on my xj
  2. Nice to get back out and see everyone tonight and I even made it to Bedford and home with 0 engine codes!!!!!! :D things are looking up LOL
  3. I'm gonna try and be there who else is going
  4. Make sure the hole is lined up ;) I hate that style with the roll pin that's what the Dana 30 has too there a huge pita
  5. Plugs/wires/coil/cap and rotor on the jeep today have a issue with one of them or some sensor it's eating the fuel up hard and puking lots of black soot!! And soon 2 ball joints, having a jeep again is fun
  6. Civic come out as 7.63L/100 on a online calculator :D
  7. Little diff protection since the cover is already off zapped a chunk of 3/16 on er
  8. Yeah I did James in mt uniacke a dana 35 with LSD
  9. Started installing a straight rear axle lol !
  10. Toms old liberty had that too
  11. rear shocks,rear upper control arms and the exhaust tail pipe was replaced because of the accident, used a hydraulic ram to shove the drivers side of the frame back in place and plated it up with 1/8" plate and patched a spot in the wheel well (thanks for the help Clarence) it didn't drive the best on the way home got checking around and found the rear axle is bent so im waiting for a Dana 44A to be removed and that will get installed ,got a lot of the bunt out dash lights fixed 4wd shifter linkage loosened up and adjusted the other day and that'll be about it for this jeep maybe a winch and cb and lights added later on but who knows
  12. Yea doesn't make a huge difference
  13. Yeah total crap! It's like 40$ to the airport and back
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