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Popeye!! Was at coffee with treats

Can't complain

Great turnout tonight, we had James, Tara (His wife), Robbie, Ron, Jay, Mitch, Myself, Julie (My Wife), and Eugene. Great seeing everyone out!

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Thats very true lol, will have to head over after the gym. Will try the jeep again today.

If you be a good boy, and ask nicely...Julie might let you use her car ! hahahahha

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Hahahahahaha I have the car here at work today, I drive her in and keep it for the day. Drives really nice compared to the jeep lol, especially right now.

Don't be fooled, she allows this because it is easier for HER, not you. She's no dummie ;) !!!

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You make a valid point James lol, at least im closer to getting the Jeep back, starts and moves, just not moving great. Added more clutch fluid but no change.

We need to clean the clutch surface and the crap out of the bell housing...

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seems to me .....if i remember correctly i had the same prob a few yrs back with a clutch issue ....there was a bunch of eel grass and such wrapped up in and around my springs of the pressure plate keepin it from engaugeing and causing mega slippage ......as for coffee meet ill be there .....who would turn down a timmies night :)

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