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  1. It is on a 40 amp . I put it in to run a plasma cutter originally before I got the welder
  2. I have 100 amp panel in the house and a 200 amp in the shop
  3. Smittybuilt is what I have works awesome . Mine is a 9500lb with synthetic line but is available with cable . Got it from Northshore offroad real good prices
  4. Just threw that excact mount out on Friday
  5. Jay they were 7 degree bushings that came with Guy's axle
  6. I think we may be able to help you there
  7. I knew the jeep right away his daughter is in chior with mine
  8. Are you looking to have oem replacement done or rock sliders
  9. Yup superduty swap on the old Bronco
  10. I have a friend who is in his third year of egineering at Dal . He is in the car scene and we have been discussing this very thing . He is considering it
  11. Yup just need an engineer willing to take responsibilty for our builds
  12. Oh ya quite busy mostly post on facebook nowadays just easier to post pics lol
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