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  1. Still no power here not excpected unti Wednesday . Cell service is spotty at best . Had none until this morning . Only damage is lost one of the shades off outside light on garage .
  2. I probably have aa second gen one kicking around
  3. I do the jack for all cars on my trailor
  4. With a deck over you can forget about hauliing cars . To much breakover at the ramps . I have that problem with low cars on my trailer
  5. Have we been hacked alot ? I stayed logged in on my phone . I have no clue what my password is lol
  6. Your choice . Not sure why you need to annouce it
  7. I am running them on my zuk aswell
  8. Breaks it up a bit . I like it
  9. Ya it was . That was the first time I ever went up it
  10. It is on a 40 amp . I put it in to run a plasma cutter originally before I got the welder
  11. I have 100 amp panel in the house and a 200 amp in the shop
  12. Smittybuilt is what I have works awesome . Mine is a 9500lb with synthetic line but is available with cable . Got it from Northshore offroad real good prices
  13. Just threw that excact mount out on Friday
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