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  1. Jawritch

    Whats up?

    I'm hoping the forum doesn't die off. Even with all the activity over on the FB page. I'm hoping that it picks up a bit as the warmer weather approaches and we feel more of an urge to be outside wheeling/sharing stories.
  2. We have very different definitions of complete..
  3. Liberty's we're also pretty hard on front driveshafts from my experience.
  4. @Colin C I think you need to be a paid member to access the trail info. Speaking of that I never got switched either.
  5. I have it for the PS4, it's fun though I don't think any "mods" have been released yet
  6. Jawritch


    Windshield frame doesn't look as bad as I thought it would reading.
  7. When you turn the vehicle to the "run" or "on" position does the check engine light come on at all?
  8. Eugene, does your rogue have the intelligent key fob/push button start? If so is it possible that the vehicle isn't finding the key fob? Batteries could be weak/ dead or possibly the keyless module in the vehicle is no good?
  9. Guess I'm camping overnight
  10. It's working late season for me, I'll make it to every second. Be there tomorrow
  11. Jawritch


    I have that same kit haha. Also have a gas machine for some serious clean
  12. Looks like a good day! Trust me I had a great day working....
  13. So do I! It's my weekend to work. And we're booked 3 weeks in advance so I couldn't take the day off
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