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  1. Guess I'm camping overnight
  2. It's working late season for me, I'll make it to every second. Be there tomorrow
  3. This weeks coffee (September 14) will be at Bedford commons. Fairly close to you. The following week (September 21) will be Middle Sackville. Also quite close.
  4. Sold the Slacker this morning. Probably took a bit of a loss since I left my 31's on it. Anyway more money for Jeep parts? No. Transmission rebuild kit for the old dodge is on the way.
  5. Awesome I'll be there. Anyone wanna bring me a decal?
  6. And I'll have to take the hood off while I'm at it, because roadkill
  7. I agree middle Sackville would probably be better. Fall River is way to crowded with this weather
  8. Oh yeah I made it home no problems. The hand brake in the thing will lock the rear tires in a second.
  9. So anyone who was at coffee tonight may have heard me talking about how the slacker is always broken. It's kind of like the rotsun from roadkill, never fails to fail. Well it blew a brake line leaving the parking lot in fall river. Back to the Jeep for now
  10. You gonna be there @TomWood? I'll have a form and cash for ya
  11. I won't make it this week, or every second week for that matter. Tire season is upon us so I'm working 7-9's
  12. I would also like to convert to cross over. Though that requires a different knuckle on the passenger side which costs about a million dollars.
  13. Went out to check out a new spot off of hard n soft. It's definitely a new trail, the only visible tracks were from a skidder logging rig and they were pretty grown over. Anyway an area loaded with stumps got the best of my tie rod. Luckily I had a spare and had it changed out in a few minutes. we chose to turn back before we ran into anymore trouble and until we could come back with a saw and clear the trail a bit.
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