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  1. Still no power here not excpected unti Wednesday . Cell service is spotty at best . Had none until this morning . Only damage is lost one of the shades off outside light on garage .
  2. I probably have aa second gen one kicking around
  3. I do the jack for all cars on my trailor
  4. With a deck over you can forget about hauliing cars . To much breakover at the ramps . I have that problem with low cars on my trailer
  5. Have we been hacked alot ? I stayed logged in on my phone . I have no clue what my password is lol
  6. Your choice . Not sure why you need to annouce it
  7. I am running them on my zuk aswell
  8. Breaks it up a bit . I like it
  9. Ya it was . That was the first time I ever went up it
  10. Just threw that excact mount out on Friday
  11. Jay they were 7 degree bushings that came with Guy's axle
  12. I think we may be able to help you there
  13. Yup superduty swap on the old Bronco
  14. Get that thing together so we can go wheeling
  15. Hey Matt check your messages on Facebook
  16. Shouldn't be a problem he is heading west on Sunday and won't be back until october but I can hook you up with them
  17. Ok well Guy would take $100 for housing and axles he just want the 3rd member it is 31 spline
  18. I might have an axle for you there is a 9 sitting on my shop floor right now . It isnt mine but he might be interested letting parts go off it
  19. Jay you should run out to my shop and look through my driveshaft pile and see if anything will work
  20. I can't make coffee night but I would like to get them from you maybe the next coffee night that is closer to town lol
  21. I wouldnt mind trying theme out but I think the back spacing would be wrong
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