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  1. I'd bet 90% of shops wouldn't notice. But I'm sure someone here would know of a shop that does modified cars.
  2. Nice! Should do the job well.
  3. Brunet-Hemi


    I used a torch but this seems to work too
  4. Brunet-Hemi


    I put the same ones in the front end of the dakota. Went in really easy and seem to work well.
  5. Budget? And type of trails you want to run? Makes a big difference in recemondations.
  6. Brunet-Hemi


  7. Brunet-Hemi


    To be replaced by another 4x4 I hope.
  8. Just double checked. They are running it Sunday
  9. Also I think the yota guys are running drill rd that day. Not saying to change the date or anything but that could be an option.
  10. Brunet-Hemi


    What trade? I'm a WEng tech on the Halifax. We have a few other sailors in the club as well.
  11. Brunet-Hemi


    Welcome! Where abouts are you posted?
  12. I'm swapping the full wiring harness so that I can use the 8 speed so all that will have to come with it.
  13. All of those items listed are spoken for. By me lol :D
  14. Picked up a parts truck today. Body is totalled, but the engine runs and the interior is 90% good. Plan is to throw this motor and trans into my truck. It only has 68000km and it's an 8 speed trans which has much better gearing that my current 5 speed. I'll have to basically re wire the truck to do this but at least I'll have a complete harness to do it. And I'll get a few upgrades like fancier gauges and a touch screen with backup camera oh and heated leather seats. Then I can refresh the one out of my truck and I'll have all the extra parts I need to put it in Jessy's jeep. Oh and I'll be selling off all the parts I don't need so if anybody wants some 20" rims or any other ram parts let me know.
  15. Should be able to get one from the dealer probably pretty pricey. You could try Kenny U-pull. Might get lucky there. The only places I know after that are in Halifax. I wentto Strictly Hydraulics and they made me up a line for Dakota power steering.
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