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  1. This is going to be great
  2. ronin


    No , you don't have to weld the holes up . They will be fine .
  3. this thread is a year old but I just saw this on Pirate and had to share
  4. ronin


    Holy $#!T , there is enough there to build another one .
  5. finished up with the tire carrier I was working on . updated the build on NSJC to see details
  6. winch plate is on the bottom of the frame , tucking it in nicely . as for the grill , it's aluminum flashing left over from a job and I cut it out . If you look close you can see where I widened the ends out for the Samurai front marker/turn signal lights .
  7. no relays on Samurais but on the list
  8. fixed up the front bumper on the Sammy . I didn't like the "Stubby" look and it didn't offer any protection to the lower front . Before and after pics
  9. ronin


    Jay ,in this pic I trimmed the floor,firewall area back to the body mount to fit the 33's no more rubbing . always liked the look but as you know , I cant leave well enough alone
  10. Jay , the rotor is from a full kit I bought years ago from Spidertrax , they no longer make it . I bought a new caliper from Princess Auto as it was the same as the one in the kit . everything else is custom . http://www.lowrangeoffroad.com/suzuki-off-road-parts/samurai/brakes/suzuki-samurai-transfer-case-mounted-e-brake-kit-sb-ebk-lr.html this is the only one I found , the same as the one I bought except the rotor is different but its almost 3 times what I paid about 7 years ago
  11. got the e brake fabbed up and a cross member made for the Samurai and updated my thread on NSJC
  12. ronin


    any stamp collectors here ?
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