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New to the site, old to wheeling... :)

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Hey fellas just saying aloha for the first time. New member from Beaver Bank, been wheeling trucks, 4 wheelers, and dirtbikes for 30+ years but only recently got back in a rig after a 10-15 year hiatus and noticed I've forgotten a lot of the trails locally in Middle Sackville/Brushy Hill/North Beaver Bank areas. If anyone could help me out with some rudimentary trail maps or at least directions to get to trailheads/landmarks I would be eternally grateful, possibly bubbly about it... 😁

Running a 1994 YJ Wrangler wallet-destroyer, 33's, 2" shackle lift, 2" body lift. SYE kit, 8000lb winch and zero f**ks. 

Liking the site so far, except the lack of some sort of trail maps, which would be outstanding for someone like me who's forgotten more stuff than I learned in the last 20 years in the last 5 🤣

My Heap:


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Welcome to the site, nice Heep,  there is a wealth of knowledge of the land and trails in here, however it's not openly posted on public to protect the land and land owners,  come check out a meet on Thursday evenings, or a club run, and go from there. Sometimes a few club members will post some exploration dates , not an official run, but rather a small group of 2 or 3 rigs go and check some less traveled areas or visit some of the traditional wheeling locations. Usually every weekend there is some kind of activity. See ya out there,....as soon as I get a wheeling rig back together lol. 

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