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  1. Any plans on weekend coffee nights around sackville? I'm off fri and sat nights and would be cool to maybe meet up with a few guys and take an impromptu run one if these weekends
  2. Right?? Or at least a good excuse to replace my back glass quicker
  3. U need the zinc to break in a flat tappet cam but shouldn't need it after the break in cycle is completed. They have zinc additives made specifically for flat tappet cam break in, after that a good synthetic should do.. Far as mixing oil goes, if its an older high mileage engine id throw anything in. I've thrown 75w90 gear oil in mine in a pinch, any lubrication is better than no lubrication, but a newer engine id follow specs from the manufacturer. Some engines with VVT setups or cam phasers like the new Ford engines can wind up with expensive repairs due to incorrect oil... something about how they sludge up I believe...
  4. No back window atm and backed up over top of the stump and pulled away with it inside the corner of the tub. Peeled er like a pop can lol visibility out the back without the rear glass sux
  5. Search for new fishing spots led to some impromptu wheeling. Like I really need an excuse though...
  6. So I need to replace my rear carrier thanks to a spontaneous explosion of my pinion bearings, and I've been offered free axles from an early 90'sish XJ. Will the 3.55 gears and carriers out of the XJ front and rear diffs fit in the YJ dana 30/35s or is the carrier different. I can't seem to find any solid info on compatibility but the 3.55s would be a bit of an upgrade from my stock 3.07s so if it's possible I'm thinking its a great stopgap measure running my 33's til I can afford better axles. Thoughts?
  7. Just a couple pics from the Enfield end of Renfrew after I ran it from beaverbank on sat.
  8. Quite a bit back there i didn't even know existed but I think I've explored most of it now. Wouldn't mind some company if you're bored on a weekend sometime and wanna come out and get dirty PM me. I keep harassing Bill to come out but he's always too busy lol Have a few things back there I wanna try but want someone else with me just in case I dive in over my head hehehe
  9. As suspected... CAD collar was not engaged and I've been running in 2WD for the last while. Any wonder I needed a winch out of a few spots.... Collar is permanently locked in now (properly) and I ran Lucasville last night to the Sackville substation then out to the dead end at Sandy Lake Park, turned around and intended to just come out to the 102 and because I'm a cocky MF, I turned back toward Lucasville and went all the way back through to the end at Lucasville again. Under 3 hrs to do it all and wasn't really moving as quick as I could, just enjoying the night. Never winched, never got stuck, never broke anything. In the spirit of trying harder to f*** myself I went back there again today, from Savoy Ave entrance up to where it turns off toward Kingswood, went all the way through past Marsh Lake and Sandy Lake behind Farmers, then back to the substation and out to the highway. Tackled everything without breaking a sweat. Rocks, mud, hillclimbs, just point and shoot and it goes over/through it. I see a lot of fun coming this summer... Any club runs coming up on a weekend soon? I need something a little more challenging now...
  10. I seem to recall a much easier route but I don't remember the fence for the range being there but again its been 20+ years since I was back there last. My old Ford Exploder made it back all the way thru with no winch and 31" ETS Trailmaster remoulds lol. I have a suspicion something is wrong with my front axle engagement cause with 4xhigh the Heap should have climbed that hill without breaking a sweat but no dice... winch for the win!
  11. Thats what I bought her for She's a cantankerous old girl but goes through damn near everything lol
  12. Little trip up to north Beaver Bank on Saturday afternoon to make Granddaddy Hill my *****.... Ended my day with a torn off shock but fun nonetheless
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