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  1. Taking bets for how long until thread update "ramcharger sold, new plans" lol
  2. Everybody ready for this one? Calling for up to 40 cm of snow and / or up to 50 mm of rain / freezing rain and winds up to 100 km/h. I picked up a generator to keep a few items going if we lose power.
  3. Very cool! This truck could actually get into deep water situations - most people with a snorkel think they're golden ... joke's on them.
  4. Jesus backflipping Christ that thing looks sick. Converting it to a rollback?
  5. Happy New Year all! May your 2022 be prosperous and full of good trails.
  6. Merry Christmas all! Hope you had a great day / having a great holiday!
  7. Looking good @sar4x4! I keep thinking about a toolbox for the RAM, but I really like my tonneau cover.
  8. Well - you have it now. I replaced my air gun due to a broken quick connect fitting which I found out after I had replaced the air gun ... quick connects are wonderful, awful things.
  9. Are you plowing or just photographing the jerks?
  10. Why a quick connect? Does the tank come out?
  11. I used the Jeep as an "artificial sun" to light up my driveway while I was using the snow blower last night ... otherwise not that much fun.
  12. Ah - those are some OCD pleasing switches. Much order, much consistency. lol
  13. I thought this rig had OBA and lockers!
  14. Looks good! The OCD in my is struggling with compressor, front, rear locker switches not being on the same row. lol
  15. This is my thought / assumption / hope. I tried the good ole days trick and nearly ended up in the ditch
  16. Shed nearing completion at the "new" house ... actually starting to reclaim floor space in garage so I can haul this pig in and get working on it. From sitting it has developed a brake issue - pulls hard to passenger side under braking. Gotta sort that out. Need to go through suspension and check torque, replace worn out parts, etc. Want to fix water leaks ... Jeep thing?
  17. What's the latest on coffee nights? Should I just remove them from calendar?
  18. Narrow and water was DEEP that day. I suspect similar conditions today. lol
  19. So good! I've wanted one of these for a long time. I love the big SUV's from the 70's / 80's.
  20. Welcome back James! Looking forward to hitting the trails with you soon.
  21. Not sure either. I've done some really lazy research and nothing obvious comes up. There are e-brake conversion kits which use a 2nd calliper which I've thought about ... but they are generic kits, not specific to the vehicle.
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