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  1. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/cobra-26-km-2-way-radio-3-pk-0698049p.html these guys? Do they work outside of the "three pack"? like ... could I buy a pack and my pack talk to your pack?
  2. That tiny Scout rolled over at UA2020, didn't it?
  3. oo! Can you post a link? I see a dewalt GMRS on sale, but I don't see a three pack.
  4. Trying to wait patiently ..........
  5. Glad to hear you finally have it back! Hopefully your good going over doesn't turn up anything.
  6. It looks like you could fit all the plywood in that thing.
  7. The perspective of the truck makes it look longer! Similar size bed to a modern full size / 1.5 cab I guess?
  8. Looks great! Is that an 8' bed?
  9. ummm ... ok, I have to ask ... what happened? The SASterra is no more?
  10. Congratulations @Powerram! A big step for sure. Best of luck!!
  11. I assumed they were so I put that address in the calendar.
  12. Really? I'm surprised it would provide that granular level of detail.
  13. Looking forward to seeing this!
  14. Decided to drive this truck for awhile and to that end might as well do a few things I always wanted / wished it had. To start, I picked up a Customtronix Jailbreaker Enzo which is a little box that sits inline with the head unit and the rest of the harness in the truck to intercept signal and inject stuff based on how it's configured. I'm using it to add the front camera signal and to do the conversion between the new CarPlay head unit and the old BCM and gauge cluster in my truck. It also adds a feature called "park pro" where the front camera will automatically come on under 12 km/h an
  15. Added these back to the calendar! Are the Woodside ones actually at the terminal or are they at the Timmy's across Pleasant Street?
  16. Hopefully nothing too serious hidden on the danger Ranger!
  17. Respect to whoever is filming the video. Love me some Supertramp!
  18. Love it! Almost rust free is something in these parts. I love the S10's.
  19. Wow ... this is nearly a complete overhaul! Was any of this disclosed by the previous owner? At what point do you abandon?
  20. Super cool @SQRLPWR! It's like a beefed up version of what the FJ's used to have that everyone wanted. Where'd you get it?
  21. Doh! I was thinking this was your thread about the tow truck ... that you were putting this cab on the tow truck instead. My bad!
  22. Two great upgrades! I'd like to build an external mount for my jack / Jeep.
  23. Merry Christmas! Hope Santa was good to everyone.
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