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  1. Is it the TSB about "shudder at tip in" (attached)? Mine does this shudder thing all day every day. I feel like they wrote this TSB for my truck. MC-10214124-0001.pdf
  2. Deets on the ****? Mine is also ****. Compare notes? For funsies - my brand new currently 8,000 km truck has been in the shop for two weeks now while they repair body damage from mis-aligned body panels and replace the transmission (although they are saying it may be the PCM, not the trans now). Total time in shop now is well over a month since I bought it in January.
  3. oof - they just announced a $7,000 USD price increase for the 2023 order books. Maybe I'll stick with fossil fuels.
  4. Sweet! I continue to enjoy the custom work you're doing on this thing. No aftermarket required and now it has some Mercedes / BMW in it . One of them owns Mini, don't they?
  5. Actually - I just read a review from MotorTrend that towing an 8,000 lb trailer the Lightning could only go about 90 miles. That's WELL under what was being reported when it was first being tested. It was suggested 400+ KM with a trailer and 600+ unloaded IIRC. I will bide my time lol.
  6. Sweet!! If I wasn't having such a bad experience with Ford right now that would be my next truck. I figure in a couple of years they will 1) be more affordable and 2) be more available. The new Silverado EV looks like an Avalanche (which I'm not a fan of) and the RAM they have been teasing looks like an El Cameno or some truck / car thing. I just want a normal pickup truck with electric motors.
  7. You get it! I'm 6'3". No chance.
  8. Perfect @SQRLPWR! Are you getting out much on the trails these days? I need some motivation to order parts and fix the Heep. lol
  9. Cool. The word you were looking for was "cool".
  10. Quick update on this for anyone who's interested. I have a test server up and running in the homelab for the forum. I have the forum software loaded (and I'm troubleshooting the image rotation issue). I also converted the entire main website (everything except the forum) to a set of static HTML pages and have them deployed to CloudFlare Pages (a serverless platform). I've even figured out how to keep our random image banner working (javascript) and our contact form using a CloudFlare Pages Function. The actual live website has not changed yet - I'm doing all the above stuff to test and prove out my plan. I'm pretty comfortable with how it's all working so next will be to start doing migrations to the new infrastructure for realsies.
  11. The Miata looks great! Sometimes I miss mine ... and then I remember that I didn't really fit in it.
  12. Jesus @TomWood I read this as one thought ... I was about to call you to see if you are ok!
  13. Happy birthday @Eastcoastcam!
  14. I might have figured out what is causing this ... working with vendor (again) for root cause / next steps.
  15. Sounds like a great spot @sar4x4! Lots and lots of work. Is it on property you own? Sounds like it vs. a campground!
  16. Jesus @TomWood that looks like quite the rig! Congrats.
  17. Looking at changing the URL from "backcountry4x4club.ca/forums" to "forums.backcountry4x4club.ca". This will allow me to host the main site on an edge provider (e.g. Cloudflare) and the forum from the server in my basement. I've been paying to have the site hosted for the last two years (since I moved) with a cloud service provider and I'm looking to move it back to my own infrastructure and eliminate that monthly cost. With this change, if I need to reboot the server in my basement the forum will be down, but the main site will be up. If I have to do some sort of extended maintenance on the server we can put a notice on backcountry4x4club.ca to alert visitors vs. the entire site being unavailable. Not entirely sure when I'll make the change, but I'll setup a redirect so that when users visit the old URL they are redirected to the new URL.
  18. Seems like a lot of places are out of stock or the prices are all over the map. Listing is cheap at one location with no stock and the same tire is 2x the cost at another place that has stock. Yeesh.
  19. Where are folks buying tires these days? The Jeep is going to need new wheels / tires so I'm in the market for a 37" MT.
  20. ... might need to hire / borrow your truck in the relatively near future.
  21. That thing looks sick! Need more pics Can you put sides on it and use it as a dump truck for around the house type stuff (e.g. soil, mulch, stone)?
  22. Take a look at this recall from Schneider Electric / Square D. Various Square D Plug on Neutral (PON) Loadcentres by Schneider Electric recalled due to potential fire hazard - Canada.ca Product Safety Alert: QO™ Plug-on-Neutral Load Centers | Schneider Electric USA (se.com) How to tell is confusing and some of the labels are inside your panel - don't remove your panel cover unless you are a qualified electrician! This link gives you some things to check including a good set of clues by simply opening the door and checking the labels above your "directory label". https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Doc_Ref=PRB-236759-FAQs
  23. Wow! I have never seen metal just crumble like that. Is that common?
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