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  1. DM = direct message. PM = private message. Same thing.
  2. Hi Folks, Our new sponsor Extreme Terrain (www.extremeterrain.com) has provided me with a few coupons to use with orders on their site. If you're making an order DM me and I can provide you with one. I'll update this thread when they're gone. I just received some new door seals and front inner fenders for my Jeep - shipped quickly and prices were good! They even have open box deals which you might be able to take advantage of.
  3. Pulled next week's from the calendar as well since we're in lock down.
  4. Pulled this week's coffee night from calendar. Assume with current COVID restrictions nobody is going out.
  5. With the announcement of 38 new COVID cases this morning I'm going to bow out of tonight - fam going back to hermit mode.
  6. Removed tonight's coffee night and added this event to the calendar.
  7. The club is now doing "trail exploration nights" in lieu of some coffee nights. Check out the Trail Rides and Events forum for latest details - https://www.backcountry4x4club.ca/forums/forum/8-trail-rides-events/
  8. I was actually thinking about splitting these into individual threads and putting them in trail runs / events. Some folks likely subscribe to that forum and get notification when posts are made there.
  9. On sale until April 25. https://www.princessauto.com/en/10000-lb-12v-dc-winch/product/PA0008890659
  10. Free if anyone wants it ... otherwise it's going to the dump at next opportunity.
  11. Apologies for the recent spike in personal message spam. Two users managed to register / bypass spam defence and took the unique approach of spamming personal messages. The forum saw a spike of over 700 PMs sent in the span of minutes. "Circuit breakers" tripped and notified me of the anomaly and I shut it down. Unfortunately I cannot see or clean up your PMs - I had a couple of reports so I know they are unsavoury. I do apologise. If I see more registrations I'll take more drastic measures to curb the occurrences. In an effort to reduce damage on a future occurrence I have capp
  12. Hey @4cross4, did you get a new vehicle? I see you updated your profile to "Outlander 4wd".
  13. I was thinking about doing exactly this - these are the lower orange turn signal bulbs on the front grill as well - they are exposed to water, salt, etc. dielectric should help with all of it.
  14. Before heading out on the trail last night I decided to do a quick diagnosis / repair on the Heep. The right front turn signal bulb kept "burning out" (according to the Jeep computer / dash). When the Jeep was first started the turn signal would work for up to three "blinks" of the right turn signal and then would start doing a quick flash and indicate the RF bulb was out. Likely not an issue with the bulb. I pulled the socket out and noticed that the contacts on the bulb were black - indication of arc / poor connection. I noticed that the bulb would "click" into the socket, but it w
  15. @SQRLPWR did you hardwire your mirror? Appears there is a kit for it.
  16. thanks @SQRLPWR! I was impressed with this thing in person last night. Going to do a bit of research and might pick up a couple for the fleet. I've been meaning to get a dashcam for the truck.
  17. Had a lot of fun last night - thanks for the invite @littlered! @SQRLPWR should I remove coffee nights from the calendar?
  18. Wow! Lots of home improvement going on. The new sink / faucet looks great. Big post-covid party on the new deck? Looks like it can support the weight!
  19. FYI - these are on sale again (ending today!). Picked up a set for the Heep ... will be good for the fam too if we're out doing things I guess.
  20. Very cool! Thank you for the info.
  21. Fiberglass? Was that factory or a kit or something?
  22. Sure - "Bowater" is how it's known locally. The name of the company that used to own the land (paper mill) sold it to the Province years ago as part of bankruptcy proceedings. It's now known as "Western Crown Land". You can find all the details at the link below as well as maps, ecologically sensitive areas (i.e. stay away from them), and access points. https://novascotia.ca/natr/land/western-land/access.asp
  23. Great wedding photo I replied to your other thread in "first posts" - we don't post trail locations publicly. Someone might catch this though and be a trail guide. Most of us here are closer to Halifax - not closer to NB / PEI. I've lost touch with many of the folks up that way unfortunately!
  24. Hi @TWJPEI, welcome to the site! Great looking Jeep! Keep your eye on the forum for trail runs, if you are interested. We do not publicly post trail locations, but we do allow guests to join our runs. Not sure when the next run will be with the current COVID situation - best bet is to keep your eye here. Give us a heads up when you're planning to come by, maybe someone will be heading into the woods and be a trail guide for you.
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