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  1. Tuned the WK with the Superchips Flashpaq tuner for fuel economy and so far, in the past couple of tanks, it's gone from a best of 19.3mpg to 21.9mpg (mixed but mostly highway). I'll be tracking this more closely but the only differences I notice are the shifts feel more pronounced and at 100kph, I'm revving just a hair over 1500 vs 1750 before. One feature I really like is the TPMS can be disabled for Off-Road, which I did yesterday on the P.O.R.N./NSJC North Nova run. Regrettably, I left it off on the drive home, and just a few kms before my exit on the 101, a car pulled up beside me to warn
  2. It's like the Magic School Bus :king:
  3. The guy I borrowed the small trailer from, has a new Cherokee with a V6 and said his mileage was around 40 litres/100km when he towed it. I'm thinking that the Superchips will pay for itself in the first year if it improves my gas consumption by 1+mpg.
  4. After making several (5 so far) round trips from Canning to Weymouth towing a cargo trailer, and seeing how bad my gas mileage was, I ordered a Superchips Flashpaq from one of the dealers on JeepForum. On the first two loads of furniture, I was using a 7'x 14' tandem axle cargo trailer that was loaded to the hilt and got 25 litres/100km full and 30.5 empty. For the next three trips, I've borrowed a friends 5'x 10' cargo and yesterday, with just Debbie's motorcycle on-board, I got a respectable 18.4 litres on the trip from Weymouth. I'm hoping the Flashpaq will get me an improvement on regular
  5. I was thinking of it like an HVAC system, the diameter and the length of run have an impact on duct diameter for air flow.
  6. Jay, what size pipe did you use and do you know if the airflow over the longer distance will compare to the stock setup?
  7. I've done much the same on mine, Jay. I put Monroe Load Levellers for a Ford F-150 on the rear, removed both sway bars and my WK actually has some articulation now. The LLs were longer than stock and raised my rear about 1.5" so now my rake is level. The travel is much greater than the stock shocks which had about 184K kms on them. The ride is still decent. The dust boots will be nice, unless you get into mud. I've been told that if mud gets inside the boot, it can cause problems for your shocks. :king:
  8. Been doing some maintenance on mine, last week I replaced the Crankshaft and Camshaft Position Sensors and this week I took the Platinum plugs out and went back to Champion Coppers. Apparently, the 05 Hemi doesn't care for Platinum. I also replaced the original wires (186K) with Taylor Shorties. The factory setup had 1 cylinder firing one plug on compression and a different plug on exhaust simultaneously. It was called a 'Wasted Spark' system. So now the Shorties fire both sparkplugs per cylinder at the same time (16 plugs). It seems to be running better and I'm hoping my gas mileage will come
  9. I've driven locally and the 101 without the sway bars and really haven't seen a big difference in stability. At very low speeds, and it may be all imaginary, but I picture it being wobbly. It worked fine on a trail last weekend, now I'll see how the load levellers work come Jam.
  10. Removed front and rear sway bars and installed a pair of Monroe Load Levellers for an F-150 on the rear of the WK. Gained about 1" more lift in the back. Now it sits pretty level, and it still rides decent. :king:
  11. Oooo....electrified frame....Zombie (and Vandal) protection :king:
  12. Abandoned it at the early stage of clearing Johnson Settlement trail in prep for Jamboree. Actually, it looks like I blew a seal in my PS pump, fluid all over, overheated, and no steering. Came back at the end of the day and managed to drive it out, but I did kiss the big tree with my roof at the top of my doors. Wish I still had the headliner out, I could probably push out that barely noticeable concave part before Debbie notices it ;) Picked up a buch of fluid at CTC in Greenwood, took 3 bottles to get me home. The surprising part was the price that CTC quoted for a reconditioned one, was on
  13. Measured my rear tires to find out how badly bent my rear housing is. My rear tires have been wearing quite noticeably on the outer edges for a while. So toady, at a family BBQ, I asked my B-I-L, who has worked his whole life at a local collision repair shop if it's possible my rear housing is bent. We measured across the front of the tires and then rotated them a half revolution and measured across the rear of the tires. It was .25" more at the rear than at the front. A crude way to do it, but definitely an eye opener. He said that they could straighten it but it might be just as simple to ge
  14. I've had a water leak dripping from the A pillar, and once even from the dome lights, since a trail run in November. Based on all the info I could find, it is a common issue with WKs. Mud blocks the drainage tubes that run from the sunroof, down the A pillars and out through the floor. I followed all the steps and couldn't find any blockage. So today, I took it to Peck's to see if it might be the windshield seal. The floor on the driver's side has started to rust so out came the carpet (it's a one piece setup) and the seats. Down came the headliner thinking that a mouse could have buil
  15. I bought the Wilson flex antenna (The Source) because you can bend it in half. It's very flexible and only about half the diameter of the Firestik ones. I'm hoping this will reduce stress on the mount.
  16. Installed a Cobra 75WXST in the WK. Not many places for a CB in my Jeep. The mic is still reachable from the driver's seat. It's a tiny CB and fits nicely in this hinge down panel below the steering column. Tucked the coax under the door sills and along the side of the rear storage floor. Had to drill a hole beside the weather stripping. The Firestik adjustable mount is pretty nice, and sturdy. A little nothch at the corner of the tailight. The tailgate closes with no issues. A Wilson 3' flex antenna.
  17. This type of deflator is not intended to be left on the valve stem, but some are. These work really well when your tires have normal street pressure (30ish psi). The ones I have take the pressure down fairly quickly to about 12 psi, it's definaitely a lot faster and more convenient than doing one tire at a time and constantly checking with a gauge. And if you are going to use a gauge, use a reliable one. This article from FourWheeler does a comparison (but you have to subscribe to get past page 1). http://www.fourwheeler.com/how-to/wheels-tires/129-1212-the-great-tire-deflator-shootout/
  18. They look like the SmittyBilt ones I got at Peck's. Once you get them calibrated, they will make airing down so much simpler.
  19. I must be on a theme lately, lighting. I put new LED reverse lights in a few days ago and then I picked up new Hella Optilux bulbs to replace my stock headlights. I think they are comparable to 80W and 100W instead of the 55W and 65W that were in it. Nice and white, not blue. And today, I starting replacing my interior lights with LEDs that I got on eBay. I bought the 10 pack for my WK, I think they were around $15 or $20US. The first pic is the map lights overhead, left bulb is standard and a new LED in the right side. Then the interior shot from outside, looking in through the window, earlie
  20. Here's the Snap-on thread: http://nsjc.proboards.com/thread/46315/snap-on-10-000lb-winch#page=1 It might be a decent winch? After all the test comparisons I've read about winches, I'll stick with the Warn due to the overall level of reliability. Besides, the price of the VR series at Peck's is a pretty hard one to pass up. Their everyday price is usually better than the PA sale prices. FYI
  21. I finally found a thread (actually, a lot of threads) on JeepForum.com with a perfect way to mount a winch on my WK. I have bookmarked so many threads on this site now and have a ton of ideas and 'want to dos'. http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f67/omelets-hidden-winch-build-1225413/ So I called Jason today, at Peck's to order me a winch. They have a Warn VR-10000 in stock but I want it with the synthetic rope, so it'll be early next week before it's ready. Then I have to see when Alan J. can do the fab work for me.
  22. I got some new LED bulbs for my reverse lights in the WK. It seems that ever since manufacturers starting tinting rear windows in vehicles, the rear visibility at night sucks. I read about these on JeepForum, they're a 7w CREE bulb with a projector. They are brighter to look at, but do they really throw more light? I'll know soon whther they are really any better than the regular 3157 bulbs that I took out. Here is a comparison between the 2 types of bulbs, a shot of just my Jeep with reverse lights on and a comparison with my wife's PT Cruiser (3157 bulbs).
  23. Mine takes the 3157 bulb and these are made to replace them. There seems to be many to choose from but these were the highest lumens I've seen listed. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/151203640558?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  24. I think I'll try the kit. Also, ever since vehicles started tinting the rear window, I've had a real disappointment with backup lights. I read, on a build thread on the JeepForum, about a 7W Cree LED with a projector lens that throws an amazing amount of light. I found some today on eBay that put out 650 lm. I think I'll try a set.
  25. Derek, did you see the full kits? Here's one for the WK. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/10x-Bright-White-LED-Lights-Interior-Package-Kit-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-2005-2010-/200962251334?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AGrand%20Cherokee%7CMake%3AJeep&hash=item2eca489a46&vxp=mtr&_uhb=1
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