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  1. Thank You autumnwalker, hope to see u soon
  2. ThanksĀ sar4X4 for the welcome. I am certain there are a lot of great people on tbeĀ site an some none so great. That is life. Once we are there and settled I will probably get more involved with the site and users. We are here for a good time and community spirit is part of that. Looking forward to the outdoors as that is what it is all about to us. Nova Scotia has it all.

    Greg & Nancy

  3. Hi All I am Greg (Nancy) I am a Caper @ Heart and coming home after 40 years. We just purchased a 2020 4Runner Off Road and looking forward to getting out to start with some light off roading. Coming to the Halifax area end of March. Looking for some people who share our the outdoors and community. Se ya all soon.
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