If you are interested in becoming a member of the Backcountry 4×4 Club please see the requirements list below:

  • To join the club, an applicant must fill out an application for membership and pay a non-refundable fee, the amount to be set by the executive of the club.
  • Applicants for membership must attend two (2) meetings (preferably the Annual General Meeting and one regular meeting), two (2) club trail rides within a twelve (12) month period before they are eligible to be voted upon for membership. A trail ride consists of any off road excursion attended be no less than three club members.
  • After an applicant has applied for current member status, a vote will be taken among the members who witnessed the applicant during meetings and trail rides as to whether the applicant should be made a current member or not.

If you feel that you have met all membership requirements please reach out to us for a membership application. Your membership will be voted on at the next club meeting (which you must attend). Details will be provided in response to your application.