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5 hours ago, sar4x4 said:

I won’t re-visit the Dana 30 and 44 discussions….. Lol

Here's what I'm reading...not based on real world experience 😉

'Without a doubt, the Dana 44 ring and pinion will be stronger, but how many Dana 30 ring and pinion gears do you see break? From what I understand, most breakage occurs at the U-joint/axle ears, which are the same on both axles.
The HP Dana 30 will get your front axle shaft up out of the rocks and will allow you to have your driveshaft at a better angle."

Maybe chromoly shafts or RCVs would be a more appropriate upgrade?

There is a set of Rubicon take-offs on Marketplace, but the $3200 price tag is not appealing.

Jeep is antique-able next year, so I might look at Tons. But for now, I don't really plan of bouncing it up rocks, but I do need something I can drive....a LOT....that is my therapy 🙂

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I didn’t know the U-Joint / ears situation as stated.

The Burb is notably heavier, and I was having breakage type issues with the GM 10-bolt (Dana 44 sized) front axle.  I haven’t wheeled her that hard once I put the Dana 60 (king pin) axle under her, and I don’t expect to!  But that axle will stand up to my use.

Of course I have the Dana 60 equivalent under the rear, the venerable GM 14  Bolt behemoth.  🤪


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