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Hi everyone, my wife and I are new members here and drive a bronco sport on road and several vehicles off road.

my you tube channel is “ low range in Nova Scotia”

can’t wait to meet up and do some runs.👍

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Welcome!  I’ll have to check out your YouTube channel sometime.  I was working on my ‘79 Scout ‘go for ice cream’ rig today.  And looked longingly at my off road rig.

You can also check ‘Backcountry 4x4 club (or something like that name 🤪) on Facebook.  We just had a run a week ago and are tentatively planning another one soon.



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On 3/26/2023 at 10:54 AM, autumnwalker said:

Welcome! What sort of off road rigs are you driving??

Besides the bronco sport, we have a 91 ranger called “stumpy swamp donkey” with welded diffs and 35’s and an exoskeleton, a 06 ranger called “Boots” with welded diff on 33’s. My wife’s rig is a 02 explorer (called “Dora”) on 33’s.

sometimes I take my f150 where I shouldn’t because it’s 2wd. It’s called “backpack”.

Heres me abusing it🤣


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