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Trail Recommendations for Summer Visitor

Greg P

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My wife and I are visiting Nova Scotia this August for 4-5 days from Virginia, as part of a longer trip to Newfoundland.  We're wheeling a '22 Ford Bronco, and interested in trail recommendations, from easy up to perhaps your rating of 2.5 or 3.   As we'll be a long way from home, I don't want to risk damage.   The Bronco is a 2 door on 35's, with lockers both ends. 

Like (I assume) many tourists, we're arriving on the boat in Yarmouth and departing North Sydney, and currently keeping our options open regarding the best areas to wheel.    Scenery is more important than the technical attributes of the trail.... just hoping to see some of your beautiful province off the tarmac.

Thank you very much in advance for any recommendations,

Greg and Kim


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Hello Greg P, from Eugene P. 🤪

Thanks for reaching out!  A few folks will post some ‘bucket list’ ideas / venues, including myself.

Also consider checking our Fb page of a similar name, it garners more activity these days.

After a record breaking warm January (basically above freezing the whole month), we are being invaded by a Polar cold front.  The temperature just dropped 12 degrees Centigrade in the last 6 hours….. from above freezing to 0 Fahrenheit…..

Come visit in the summer!  Lol



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Hey Greg - your best bet is to keep an eye out here / FB for a "group run".

We won't post details of trails publically as some of them are on private land, etc. 

That said - you're more than welcome to join us on a group run / club run. I'd like to see that Bronco in the dirt!

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