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Fargo D600 - Restoration


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I am working out some details on getting this truck back to the house and will be starting to rebuild it. 



This was my Grandfathers farm truck and it has been passed down to me, he bought it new in Woodstock and has been the only owner. The body is rough but everything works on it. Has a 16 foot dump bed and is a 318 Wide Block (I believe) with a manual trans. 

I cannot wait to get started on this as its one of the most important vehicles i have ever owned. 

Plans are to use it for shows and carting around any 4x4s I have as needed lol.

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‘Noice’!  I used to drive a ~’74 model similar when in the Reserves back during high school.  Luved driving it and the 1 1/4 ton Dodge Power Wagons with a similar engine and transmission.  🤪

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4 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

That thing looks sick! Need more pics 🙂

Can you put sides on it and use it as a dump truck for around the house type stuff (e.g. soil, mulch, stone)?

Yup! They had sides on it while working the fields too. It will be a great multi use vehicle but not much for commuting lol


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