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Fireball Towing Offroad Recovery pics/vids


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Iv been getting a few calls for offroad Recovery now, and as a company I have accepted these calls, from mildy  stuck to buried in swamps and the last one I called in some assistance from Bill and his jeep. 

Everyone loves pics to go with a story, and they love video even more than pics. Hooking up rigging and using equipment doesn't leave me much time or ability to do the documentation of the Recovery. Is there anyone who would like participate in some off road work that would be in charge of filming and picture taking, and here is the kicker, possibly be available for short notice. I understand everyone has jobs and commitments and life, and not asking for you to be on standby,  but if you are available when the call comes in be willing to come do some film/ photos? You don't need to nessairly have an off road rig, but be able to at least meet at a trail head and jump in our vehicle .  And of course some compensation for time/costs. The goal is to get enough film and photage to be able to make a video just over 10 minutes to be displayed on the Fireball Towing & Recovery  youtube Chanel. My few test videos are pretty dry and uninteresting. All the "good" stuff I'm in the moment and never document

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@Powerram  Hi Matt:  You can put me on your speed dial.  I’m retired, and not scared of going out at the wee hours of the night nor am I scared of getting dirty.  I was in Search and Rescue and have some off-road ‘Cred’ as you well know.  👌.

I’ve discussed it with my honey and she is fine with me heading out w/o her. (She may stage a stuck to get me out of her hair, lol.)




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5 minutes ago, sar4x4 said:

Oh, I have an iPhone, if that’s good enough.  You can reply via Messenger, etc. if desired.

Ok awesome! Thanks, And yes I know you know your way around the bush, can probably teach me a thing or two. If it's easier for you,  you can txt or call me at 902-329-3440 anytime.  

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