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My adventures of getting and KEEPING a wheeler


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Another update, I traded the red 24v cummins diesel 4x4 and a ford ranger for 2 dodge trucks. A 12v cummins powered 2wd truck and a gas powered 4wd truck. This gets me closer to where I want to be for a diesel truck. Good old full mechanical injected non computer controlled rig and I kept my tires/wheel assy. 

The 2 tone 2wd 2500 truck is a fully stock unmolested, un modified 1996 12v cummins automatic truck, it's getting soft in the backend. Box is shot. But from the cab forward it's almost perfect for a 500,000km truck.  Runs perfect, I had to put an alternator on it. Going to drive it as is for now. 

 The second truck(orange) , 2001 is a pretty neat rig, it is a gas 5.9(360 v8) 5 speed (nv4500) 4x4 . Being a 2001, the transmission is the same as one mated to a cummins with exception to the input shaft and bellhousing. 

The cab is pretty rotten, the front clip is rough, the frame is pretty good and the box is good. The running gear is great, 

Going to combine the 2 trucks together,  using the 2 tone cab, front clip, and 12v cummins engine, into the orange chassis, mated to the 5 speed trans. 

End result I'll have a 12v cummins,  5 speed 4x4 long box ext cab truck. And a 360 magnum engine for the ramcharger.  



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On 3/7/2022 at 3:07 PM, TomWood said:

Thats gonna be sweet in the Ramcharger! Nice to have what you were looking for/wanted.

Yep, took a while, but got the rigs I want. Looking forward to getting everything together 

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A little progress, Getting things prepped on the 2500 to remove the cab.

Warmed up the Ramcharger from her winter hibernation,  got her fluids circulating,  checked the 4x4 operation lol. It currently has all season tires and very open diffs. The yard is also very soggy



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These dam trucks are multiplying,  here is one I picked up last night for a good deal, drove it home and here it's now. The green colour is going to work perfectly,  just need to add my silver for the two tone. It's a 1996 1500 2wd, I bought it specifically for the body panels



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2 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

I find typical of this lot.

Yep , indeed . 

I got pretty well everything I want off the cab and forward sheetmetal, so I reassembled (stuck it together with far less bolts than what I removed) so it at least looks like a truck,only thing left to pull off is the bed assembly and reinstall the orange bed.




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Well , that's quite the transformation,  it went from a pretty little truck to some kinda Frankenstein,  here is some pics of today's progress.  The 2wd is now ready to find a new home. And the 4x4 chassis is getting closer to being completely stripped. 







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NGot the 2wd 1/2ton now multicolored donor truck sold, 

On 3/28/2022 at 9:10 AM, autumnwalker said:

You work fast!

I'm very motivated lol. 

Some upgrade parts showed up in the mail. The NV4500 transmission is prone to 5th gear failures behind a cummins, the retaining nut backs off causing 5th gear to fall off the output shaft. This upgrade nut has set screws and brass plugs to tighten up inside the nut on the threads, and has a cage that is splined to the output shaft and will encapsulate the nut virtually "locking" it to the output shaft. Along with some Blue thread lock on everything to do with 5th gear . It also came with a new tool for tightening the nut as well. 


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