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K5 Jimmy


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Projects come and go, I finish some and move some along. This beast just landed in my lap, yes it needs alot of work lol. Specs are 1980 K5 Jimmy 4x4, with 350cid , th350 trans, np205 transfercase, 10bolt gm front diff, 12 bolt gm rear diff. Been wanting one forever, no plan description, will update as progress takes place. I did get it running and seems to run ok, haven't tried moving it yet. It has no brakes right now. 


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So this happened,  couldn't pass it up , it came home with me. It's a 1986 Jimmy, lifted, 35" tires, 350cid,700r4 and a transfercase?  Sitting for a bit, originally from the west, very minimal rust. I'll fix this one because it's much better Condition, and use the 1980 as a parts truck. It has a hidden winch in the front bumper, stainless braided flex hoses on the brakes, all spring lift , no blocks, real nice rig, but needs some mechanical repairs, more to come on that




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8 hours ago, sar4x4 said:

I can see the 205 TCase from the ‘80 possibly being fitted on this!  🤪

Haha, might be a np 205 going in it, along with an nv4500 transmission 

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14 hours ago, sar4x4 said:

I looked at the pics again, DROOL!  It’s beautiful!  👍🤪

Interior pic as well, it's a real solid blue  but the flash makes it look grey


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Alright, this build has some direction, iv had a chance to give it a good onceover it and see what's what. I purchased it without much history or information. Tcase is np208. The transmission, 700r4 is only "sitting" in place, only two bell bolts in, and not tight, starter hanging by the wires, flexplate has a bolt into the convertor, no exhaust other than rotten headers. 350 Engine and engine bay look complete and intact. 

Body wise it will need rocker sills, and a couple minor spots in the quarter panels along with 2 spots on the jimmy tub. Overall very happy with body condition. Another positive is the front winch mount, there is a 9000lb magnum brand winch with a fairlead through the front bumper. Iv also acquired a chrome front bumper to replace the rusty painted one. 

Onto the suspension , it looks like a quality full spring lift kit in the range of 6", with a  raised steering arm, and beefy 1ton tierod and ends. The brake flex lines are all stainless braided lines, and proper securing clips, axles are corporate 10 bolt diffs front and rear, I haven't checked gear ratio out yet, wheels are factory rally wheels with 35x12.5r15 bfg rubber. 

My plans and reasoning lol:

There is a questionable history on the transmission that's only partly installed,  possibly confused with time. So rather than take chances on that, I have in my possession a nv4500 5speed(still currently installed in a newer bodystyle truck behind a 6.2gm diesel). I have a np205 round pattern 32 spline transfercase iv been holding onto for probably 13 years, that will mate to the nv4500. Found the clutch and brake pedals from a guy in the valley that removed them from a parts truck he had, and it's for the hydraulic clutch setup. 

Planning(hoping) to leave the 350 as is, just tune up and get running, and do the required body work. And get that winch working. This Will be a  daily driver/wheeler 

One other mod is a spare tire mount. I'm thinking the swing out style bumper mounted tire carrier will be the solution to that.  Now that there is direction, I'll keep progress updated. The black 1980 jimmy that started this thread will now be used as a parts truck for this one. 20211116_124028.thumb.jpg.1addd96ab2359601f7e495c41a67fa6f.jpg


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