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Dodge Raider


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Sadly selling my dodge raider project. Zero rust and great condition. Stored inside

The bad it needs an engine. 

The good is it has a complete parts rig with it. The pic of the raider in the driveway is the good one, Pic of the raider on the towtruck is the parts rig. Asking $6250 for them, and some extras not mentioned to be included. Located in Ardoise,  902-329-3440. THANKSreceived_224886352850952.thumb.jpeg.ddf746242c7d264f4c1240ce9f8e70e5.jpegreceived_227995235992238.thumb.jpeg.12f150ae237ab8daf63e7d8f7313c881.jpegreceived_343546673987557.thumb.jpeg.47dcf50694a3ce1fa063c3742d3f6b0e.jpegreceived_1211098492700925.thumb.jpeg.68fed6d5698afe565a55e330b98479c9.jpeg

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On 10/5/2021 at 9:34 PM, autumnwalker said:

I never knew such a thing existed! That is cool as ****!

They are a pretty awesome little rig. They are re badged Mitsubishi Montero / Pajero / Shogun imported for dodge. Doesn't actually say dodge anywhere on it other than a Raider Ram badge on the fender, and a "Imported by Dodge" emblem on the rear door handle. 

Extensive racing history with wins and top ten finishes in the early 80's Dakar Rally Race. The Dakar rally race was a 9884km race through the desert and jungles with no rest days. Out of all entry's,  only 32% got to the finish line. 

The first race for the Mitsubishi Montero was a basically stock Montero, 2.6L gas and only safety modifications in 1983. 

Pics below are of 1983, 1984 and 1985  Dakar races. 

I used to have every years race on vhs from 1983 thru 1986 but not sure where they are now. The creator of the race died on course of the race in a helicopter crash in the desert mid race. The race went on, but atmosphere had changed. 






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Yeah, the Paris - Dakar Rally.  I used to watch it every January!  Then even after it moved to South America.  The USA doesn’t own claim everything big.  The Baja 1000 is impressive, but big winners from it didn’t do so well in the Dakar…. 🤷‍♂️

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