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Apologies for the recent spike in personal message spam. Two users managed to register / bypass spam defence and took the unique approach of spamming personal messages.

The forum saw a spike of over 700 PMs sent in the span of minutes. "Circuit breakers" tripped and notified me of the anomaly and I shut it down.

Unfortunately I cannot see or clean up your PMs - I had a couple of reports so I know they are unsavoury. I do apologise. If I see more registrations I'll take more drastic measures to curb the occurrences.

In an effort to reduce damage on a future occurrence I have capped the number of personal messages that any user can create in a given period of time and set a maximum number of messages that can be created in a day. This only applies to personal messages, not forum posts! This is a public forum after all, want to encourage posting!

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