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Please help me in finding trails


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Good evening Everyone,

I am Nidhin and I love to do off-roading. please help me to find some off-roading trails in Nova Scotia. I love driving a lot and I am interested to buy a 4cross4 vehicle to do off-roading. And I am thinking to a rent a 4cross to try off-roading first. Also I have a 2wd drive car now to try some off road graded dirt road. Please let me any graded dirt road to do 2wd offloading and some trails here to try 4cross off-roading in Nova Scotia.




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Hi @4cross4, welcome to the site! There are a lot of "fire roads" in the Bowater area that are open to public that might suit your car. Make sure you have a good survival / recovery kit with you in case you do get stuck, broken, stranded. Also make sure you have some form of reliable communication - depending on how far back you get you may not have cellular signal to call for help. 

If you can you are always advised to go with another vehicle - the chances of both of you being stuck is lower than one vehicle getting stuck on its own. With two vehicles the 2nd vehicle can pull the 1st stuck vehicle free and potentially avoid being stranded.

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Sure - "Bowater" is how it's known locally. The name of the company that used to own the land (paper mill) sold it to the Province years ago as part of bankruptcy proceedings. It's now known as "Western Crown Land". You can find all the details at the link below as well as maps, ecologically sensitive areas (i.e. stay away from them), and access points.


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