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Kingswood, The Flu, Raindeer and TJs


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Today we ran Kingswood, The Flu, Raindeer and TJs.

One TJ blew a freeze plug on the way home.

A few JK fender flares were liberated.

And a passenger front side window blew out on a tree.

Oh, and my steering knuckle wore a hole in a coolant hose ....bad PO repair, but made it all day with a leak lol

But a pretty awesome day was had by all.




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1 hour ago, 72LandRover88 said:

How did reindeer and tj's go?! I think I made the right call heading home but... still a bit bummed to have missed out!

We boogied through it pretty quicky with only 4 rigs, and were out by 4pm.

Just 1 spot that was tricky where the trail splits into an atv trail, or you can go straight on through a long water hole with thick unbroken ice.  I didnt feel like being ice breaker, so we elected for the atv trail ...it was tight off-camber fun 😃 

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