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December 12, 2020 club run - Ellershouse to Tantallon

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For our December club run we'll be heading to Ellershouse where we will be doing some trail (re)exploration.
The target trail has been run once before by the club in Nov 2018, which starts with a long steep decline into big rocks, and continues on through tight and technical sections.

It's a challenge so 33's and a lift is preferred. A locking device and winch would help!
It's full size doable, but it's tight so expect some damage.
Hope for the best and expect the worst.

Usual club rules apply.

Photos from the last run are here

Leaving at 09:30am - Tim Hortons, Middle Sackville - 1624 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8

Leaving at 10:00am - Carpool parking lot by the highway 101 (Exit 4) Rocks Rd, West Hants, NS B0N

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2 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best?

we're expecting the worst 😛 

It's my polite way of saying a stock rig on A/Ts isn't going to cut it



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It's a good run, I backed out of the entrance with my Nissan truck over the summer, it was beyond the little Nissan's comfort zone, but I did have the Xterra through both ways(winching involved on the return trip)  in the dead of winter and led the group with the Ford. 

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